Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Food Snobs Strike Again (#ChewyInfluencer)

The kitties in our humble abode are at it again. They're doing a food review, despite their tendency to be food snobs. This human is determined, though, to find as many kinds of moist food as she can that her kitties will actually ingest. (Remember, domesticated kitties on a more dry diet are susceptible to urinary issues, and so moisture is a good thing!)

That being said, as part of this month's Chewy.com Blogger Outreach Program, I chose for my kitties a moist food that I really hoped they would like. That food is the I and Love and You® wet cat food variety pack.

As is typical, this food made the cut for me in large part because the first and primary ingredient is a real protein source. For this variety pack, that is either poultry in the form of chicken (aka, Chicken Me Out™, but which is listed as Chicken Lickin' Good™ on the box) or turkey (aka, Purrky Turkey™), or fish (aka, Oh My Cod!™). I and Love and You® food also contains real fruits and vegetables, with natural vitamins and minerals and taurine. There are no fillers or by-products meals, no corn, wheat, soy, or rice. There are also no artificial preservatives, flavors, or colors. It is grain free, gluten free, and made in our very own USA.

All of that being the case, I really wanted my kitties to like this food. So far, there are exactly two kinds of moist food that my kitties are willing to eat religiously. I would love to add more variety to this, so that they don't get bored of the same old thing. So, how did my kitties rate this I and Love and You® food? Let's get to that now.

Given that my kitties tend to lean toward a chicken preference, out of the three flavor choices, I selected the Chicken Me Out ™ recipe to break the ice.

The food is a nice pate, soft and smooth, which is always my kitties' preference. It also smelled like, well, like something that a kitty would really enjoy. So I divvied some out.

Thimble came to the kitchen right away. I'll be honest, I've learned that the girl doesn't always have the best nose, so the fact that she came in with her sniffer up in the air seemed like a great sign. And how did she like it? Well, she gave it a quick sniff, and then walked away.

As I've noted in previous reviews, this is not atypical of Thimble. She loves to beg for food, and then not eat it. It's sort of her thing. What can I say? She's a tease.

Next up was Evan, who immediately followed Thimble into the kitchen. He is not much of a food beggar, so I again thought I had a good sign in his apparent interest. And what did he do? He sniffed the goods.

But then he also walked away.

My third kitty, as you might know, is Eddy. But, who remembers what I've said about Eddy in the past? Well, she simply doesn't eat moist food. She ate it as a kitten, and then one day, she simply ate it no more. She absolutely, tremendously, and endlessly adores dry food. And that's it. So, I guess she doesn't get a vote here.

But, fear not! All hope was not lost. Housemate Toby (you know him, the fuzzy black fellow whose human mom is my sister) meandered over. And you know what? He took one whiff of the I and Love and You® chicken recipe and started scarfing it down like there was no tomorrow.

So, the I and Love and You® chicken recipe was certainly a hit with Toby. With my kitties, not so much, but so it goes with food snobs. I have also since tried the turkey recipe (Purrky Turkey™), with very similar results.

(I have not yet tried the fish recipe (Oh My Cod!™), in large part because I, personally, am not a fan of feeding my kitties food of the fish sort. I know, that sounds ridiculous given that they are, indeed, cats. But, I always worry about the salt content in fish, especially given cats' preexisting susceptibility to kidney and other urinary issues. This may or may not be a completely ludicrous thought based on nothing but paranoia, but so it goes. And there's also the fact that fishy food tends to give my kitties less than ideal litter habits.)

The long and short of this review is that, after being offered the chicken and turkey recipes, my little food snobs are, it would seem, not fans of the I and Love and You® wet cat food variety pack. Our housemate Toby, on the other hand, is quite taken with it. This natural, protein-rich food could be a great addition to your own kitty's diet, so if it sounds like something your kitty might enjoy, head on over to Chewy.com and give it a try!

Happy Tuesday, everybuddy!

Disclaimer: As members of the Chewy.com Blogger Outreach Program, we received the I and Love and You® wet cat food variety pack in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are our own. We only review products that we believe will be of interest to our readers, and we never recommend a product that we do not believe in.

Our Tip of the Day:
Salt intake can affect our cats and dogs just like it can affect us. Salt in the diet is necessary for our furbabies, as it affects the electrolyte balance and the overall health of the cells in the body. But, too much salt can be very dangerous. Salt toxicity can occur in the event of excessive intake of salt, in which case you might see vomiting, diarrhea, stumbling, excessive thirst, and even seizures. Therefore, if your furbaby has a tendency to eat or steal scraps of your food, always keep in mind the salt content. Also keep in mind that salt is not only present in food, but can also be consumed by your furbaby from sources such as salt water aquariums and rock salt used to melt ice. If you have any concern that your furbaby might have consumed too much salt, consult a veterinarian immediately.


  1. Well, I am glad Toby liked the food! That's so funny that the other three weren't interested. Our cats always gobble down wet food - any kind. When I showed this post, they were shocked that any kitty would turn down free wet food. LOL

  2. That is too bad that the majority of the cats didn't like the food. It does sound like good food. But that was a great review of it. I am sure most of the cats here would put their noses up at the food too. You all have a wonderful day.

  3. Sounds like our house. Truffle will usually eat anything, while Brulee is the "walk away sniffer."

  4. Your cats crack me up, I wish mine were food snobs, but sometimes I think I have pet piggies instead of cats :) I am glad Toby liked it, most of mine liked the chicken too. I have only been giving it to Snowball since the taste test because she prefers pate.
    Great tip, I never thought about salt and cats.

  5. We have a food snob in our house too. I'm glad that at least housemate Toby enjoyed it.

  6. Four paws up for Toby!!! I totally cracked up at that picture of Thimble walking away...that is *so* Mudpie!

  7. Wow, they must really be snobs. We liked this food.

  8. TW doesn't give up if I walk away from a new food. She'll chase me around the condo until I decide to take a bite. If that fails, she'll put some on my nose. I'm very picky about wet food. Like Thimble I love kibble but TW says it's bad for me and will only give me a quarter of a cup per week.

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