Our Family and Friends

This blog wouldn't be complete without all of our family and friends! So, this page is dedicated to all of the other pawesome furbabies in our life, many of whom make appearances on this very blog of ours.

Toby is one of my girl Thimble's three biological brothers. His human mother is my sister, and both she and Toby live with me. In a nutshell, Toby is one chilled boy with occasional bursts of frenzied fun and happy-go-lucky goofiness. He loves showing off his fuzzy tail, and he has his cat walk down pat.

Another of my girl Thimble's biological brothers, Talon is my parents' cat. His nickname is Batman, and not just because of his handsome mask. He is a very friendly, social, happy-go-lucky, and just plain and simply one cool cat. He knows no stranger, and is happy to greet anyone who comes in the door.

The third of Thimble's biological brothers is Trapper, the big boy of the bunch. He is my parents' cat, like his brother Talon. He is a handsome mancat with a smoldering gaze, and he is one chill cat with a knack for keeping the couch warm. Although occasionally playful, he's most content when sitting back and supervising.

(Photo courtesy of my grandmother, who had far more luck than me at getting Gemma to sit still AND look at the camera.)
Gemma is another of my parents' cats, adopted in July 2015. She is a sweet calico girl, although this little lady can be a tad bit skittish and is not the most keen on being held. She loves her big brothers, moist food, using shoes (with feet in them!) as scatchers, and batting at all sorts of fun thing that move.

(Photo courtesy of my grandmother, who yet again had far more luck than me at getting Freya to sit still AND look at the camera.)
Freya is Gemma's sister, also adopted by my parents in July 2015. She is a very pretty torbie, although she is also skittish and not keen on being held, even more so than her sister. Like her sister, Freya loves her big brothers and sassing for moist food, and she loves to steal and run off with anything she can put in her mouth.

Our Outdoor Friends
There are also a couple outdoor kitties in our neighborhood that we want to give shout-outs to, as all of the furbabies in the house love when these guys come around to visit.

One of these outdoor kitties is actually an indoor-outdoor cat who belongs to a family in the neighborhood. I'm told he is about 7 years old, and the social little guy loves hanging out in our yard. I'm sure this is in large part because I feed him when he comes around, as did the previous owner of my house. This little buddy of ours is very talkative, and has a perfectly enunciated "meow". He also loves to let me know when he's in the back yard by springing up and latching on to the window screen, like this:

The other primary outdoor kitty is, I believe, a stray or a feral. He is not well socialized, although over time he has gotten more used to me and now actually allows me to get within a few feet of him rather than running away from me now. My sister and I call this little guy Hicks, although we don't know whether he has another name. This little guy is, to put it bluntly, obviously an unneutered male. I'll make a shot in the dark and guess that he is roughly 7-10 years old. Our buddy Hicks has a wonky leg and some occasional cuts and scratches that display his outdoor life, and I can't help but give this guy all the food and distant interaction I can when he comes around. I hope to get a picture of Hicks sometime soon, if he allows me to.

In the past few months there have also been two sightings of a brown tabby in my back yard. This kitty seems to have a nice coat and appears well cared for, so my belief is that it is an indoor-outdoor kitty who only makes rare appearances.

Our Blogging Buddies
And, of course, everybuddy out there reading this are our friends, too! We love interacting with all of you, visiting your blogs, and hearing from you on ours. Thank you to all our pals out there for making this community so pawesome!

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