The Human's Art Endeavors

The Menagerie Mom here. Some of you may have seen my art I've shared here on our blog. I've always liked to dabble in drawing and other various arts and crafts, very often with animals as the subject matter (of course!). So, just in case anyone is interested in perusing a selection of it, I thought I'd create a page to share some of my favorite random doodles. All of the drawings below have been shared on our blog at some point, as we do share daily doodles.

Without further ado, here are some of my random doodles. You've been forewarned.


  1. Lovin' all your whimsical and charming art! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Mario's M here: Your art work is adorable, and you do a great job with it. My husband dabbles in oils (or did before his Parkinson's became too bad to draw anymore). You are so right about supplies being costly. Now we are in a situation of what will we do with a house full of framed pictures when we have to move - which is in the very near future. He has sold a few pieces, but there are still many many more to go.

  3. The last one really made me smile! That is me! lol Such great art and as Ann says, it's whimsical and charming! Caro :-)

  4. Do you have an email address? I cannot locate one. Hugs!

    1. Hello, Annie! My email address is This reminds me that I need to put some contact info somewhere on my blog. Have a blessed day!

  5. LOVE your artwork! It's adorable and clever and makes me wish that I hadn't packed away all my art supplies some years ago!

    Hugs, Pam

  6. Kat on thee Wall iss purriceless!!!
    An Easter Kat....all yur art iss berry kewl...
    **nose rubsss** Siddhartha Henry xxxx