Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Toesies Tuesday

My furbabies got together and decided to give me some shots of their toesies recently. So, today will be Toesies Tuesday around here.
Astrid snoozing, while asking for a handout.
Two sets of toesies from Evan...
...and Thimble!
At that point I had three out of four successful toesies shots from my furbabies. So I went searching for Eddy and...ended up with a nice series of outtakes:
Sit still for just a second, Eddy. Please? No?
Not even half a second?
So close. Sort of.
Well, I guess you get points for the creative pose, Eddy. And you get points for the photobomb, Evan.
Well, Eddy may not have been up for sitting still, but housemate Toby did allow me a quick shot of his furry little slippers:
Is there a paw under all that fur?
Happy Toesies Tuesday! Does anybuddy else have toesies to share today?


Hannah and Lucy said...

What wonderful toesies and paw pads.
Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

Annie Bear said...

LOL! I knew Eddy would be a blur. I love Evan's photobomb! What adorable toesies everyone has!

The Island Cats said...

All those toesies need tickling!

meowmeowmans said...

So cute! Everybuddy has sweet toesies at your house. We had a feeling Eddy's jellybean toesies would be in motion. :)


Marg said...

Those sure are some nice toesies. Nice big paws. The last ones were just plain fun.