Saturday, November 30, 2019

Christmas Chaos Caturday Art

Yesterday we decked the halls at our house. That's how we spend every Black Friday. We pull out the bins with our Christmas trees and all of our Christmas decor, and we make it look like Christmas vomited all over our house. As you can probably imagine, this here human gets lots and lots of help from the furry ones. That's why I decided that today's Caturday Art doodle should more or less represent the type of Christmas help I get from the furbabies around here.

Though this doodle was inspired by real life events, it's also a tad bit of a liar. For example, despite what this doodle might indicate, I have not hung ornaments on a Christmas tree in years. This is for obvious reasons. At our house, Christmas ornaments are hung on garland that is strung high on the wall. A cat has only managed to reach that garland once ever, and measures have been taken to hopefully prevent that from happening again.

We hope you have a merry sort of day!

Tip of the Day

Our last tip for Pet Diabetes Awareness Month is to schedule regular checkups with your veterinarian. Even if a furbaby's diabetes has been under control for a prolonged period of time, or even in a potential case of diabetic remission, it is still wise to schedule regular vet visits. Regardless of how long a cat or dog has been living with diabetes, regular bloodwork and urinalyses, for example, are very important for monitoring their overall health and status. Bloodwork in the form of frucotsamine checks can help reveal if blood sugar has indeed been staying steady over a longer period of time, as a fructosamine test can indicate the average blood glucose level over the span of the past 2 or 3 weeks. This is beneficial as it gives a broader view of diabetes regulation, far more so than just a single-moment blood glucose check. In addition, regular urinalyses can help check for glucose or ketones in the urine, or for signs of UTI, which are sometimes common in diabetic cats and dogs. As always, it is better to be safe than sorry, so never forget the importance of regular vet visits.

Friday, November 29, 2019

Photo Fails on Friday

We hope all of our US friends had a blessed Thanksgiving yesterday! We hope your stomachs and hearts are full. We of course also hope that our friends outside of the US had an equally blessed day.

Friday is usually the day of the Friendly Fill-Ins challenge, co-hosted by Ellen of 15andmeowing. This week we're taking a short break from filling in fill-ins, however. The Friendly Fill-Ins will resume next week.

Fear not, though, because this Friday still has fun things in store. After all, it's the day of the Pet Photo Fails! Blog Hop, hosted by Mudpie and Melissa of Melissa's Mochas, Mysteries, & Meows.

Many of you probably already know which kitty around here will be starring in today's bloopers. If you guessed Eddy, you know Eddy well and are correct.

This series of bloopers started with me trying to get shots of Eddy from some semblance of a unique angle.

I thought standing beneath Eddy as she stood at the top of her cat tree would result in some cute photos of this girl. Instead, all I got was a bunch of bloopers of a kitty who refused to look at the camera or cooperate in any way.

Do you think my attempt at getting shots of Eddy from a fun angle worked? No? Yeah, me neither. This failed photo shoot did provide us with plenty of shots for today's Pet Photo Fails! Blog Hop, though!

Happy Friday, friends!

Doodle of the Day: Flashback Friday

Today's flashback doodle comes from last Christmas season, 2018. Ever since I was a child, it's been tradition to put my Christmas tree and other Christmas decorations up the day after Thanksgiving. It's been a real struggle to wait this long, especially since Thanksgiving was so late this year. Anyway, given that I'll be decorating for Christmas today, and that I'll be getting lots of help from the kitties in the house, the following is the flashback doodle I chose to share today.

I've mentioned before that I typically don't enjoy seeing flashback doodles of mine in which I failed to give tails to all the doodled kitties or pups. Nowadays, any kitty or pup in my sketchbook is considered incomplete to me until they have their tail. That being said, the above doodle indeed stars a few kitties without tails, but I'll admit that this time I don't mind. I remember when I was first sketching out this doodle last year. I tried to give all the kitties tails, but adding tails kept warping the imagery of the kitty Christmas tree. So, the majority of the kitties have their tails hidden away in this doodle, but in this particular instance I can live with that and actually don't mind.

Tip of the Day

It's still Pet Diabetes Awareness Month, and so we have another tip today for those who might know a diabetic kitty or pup. We recently mentioned the importance of diet for a diabetic furbaby, and today we're mentioning how exercise is also significant for keeping diabetes regulated. Just as with humans, a proper activity level can help to keep diabetes under control, this especially being the case for a diabetic kitty or pup who is overweight and in need of losing weight. That being said, though, exercise and activity level also can affect blood glucose levels. For this reason, talk to your veterinarian regarding a healthy level of exercise for your diabetic furbaby, and how to best monitor their activity level, weight, and diabetic status.

Thursday, November 28, 2019

Happy Thanksgiving!

To our friends in the USA, HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

To our friends in the rest of the world, HAPPY THURSDAY!

On this day of thanks, and on every day of the year, we truly have so much for which to be grateful. We are grateful for our family, those still with us and those who watch over us. We are also grateful for our health, for the roof over our heads, and for the food on our table.

We are also beyond thankful for this wonderful community of friends. Without all of you, we would be lost. Thank you for helping give us so much for which to be thankful, friends! Wishing you all many blessings, today and every day!


Typically, on Thursday we share the fill-in statements for Friday's Friendly Fill-Ins challenge. This week, though, we are taking a short break from the Friendly Fill-Ins. This is because my co-host Ellen of 15andmeowing is taking a much-deserved break after saying an unexpected goodbye to her dear cat KaTwo this past weekend. It's also because we're sure most of you will be enjoying this time with family and friends during the Thanksgiving holiday. The Friendly Fill-Ins challenge will resume next week.

We also usually share our weekly poem on Thursday as part of Angel Sammy's Thoroughly Poetic Thursday challenge. I shared this week's poem in yesterday's post, though. It does have a Thanksgiving sort of vibe, so if you'd like to read it, just click here.

Tip of the Day

We're finally ready to give our final Thanksgiving tip, on this very day of Thanksgiving. This final Thanksgiving tip is one we've mentioned in the past and is one we're sure you all already know, and it's to be aware of your furbaby's safety if you are having a holiday gathering at your home. Open doors and foot traffic of course increase when guests arrive, which can put your kitty or pup in peril for more reasons than one. Begin by keeping your furbaby away from the door as guests arrive, such as to avoid potential escapes and the danger of getting stepped on. To best protect your kitty or pup, you might simply want to consider setting up a safe and quiet room where your furbaby can spend the majority of the holiday gathering. This is especially important if your kitty or pup is afraid of strangers, if he or she is instead social and might get underfoot and injured, or if you think your guests might unwittingly give your furbaby dangerous scraps from the table. It's of course nice to think of your furbaby joining in on holiday festivities, but keep their safety in mind first and foremost.

This seems like a good time to remind you that you can also consider giving your furbaby safe nibbles of the festive feast. Not all foods are safe, of course, as we've mentioned. However, tastes of safe meats and veggies, as long as you're certain they're safe, can allow your furry family member to participate in the festivities. You can even use safe nibbles of food to coax your kitty or pup to a safe area where they'll be waiting out a gathering, or as a reward for their good, safe behavior during the holiday festivities.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Woof Woof Wednesday with a Rhyme on the Side

If I'm remembering correctly, it's been a couple weeks since Astrid has shared one of her typical shots of her pouting in the window. Obviously, she had to remedy that.

There you go. If you were missing that pouty face gazing poutily out the window, Astrid says you're welcome. She surely has plenty more shots like that planned for the future.


The above would usually be the bulk of our Wednesday post. However, tomorrow is Thanksgiving here in the US, and we want our post tomorrow to be quick and to the point regarding our giving of thanks. For that reason, we're going to share our weekly Thursday poem for the Thoroughly Poetic Thursday challenge today, a day early. We hope our host, Angel Sammy, doesn't mind.

Our host always shares a photo prompt to guide our poetic endeavors. This week's prompt is this adorable image here:

I felt compelled to scribble up a poem in honor of the Thanksgiving holiday. The adorable image above does play a part in my poem, but I did admittedly take a couple liberties with it. If you're curious what I mean, and if you're curious how I ended up with a Thanksgiving poem, feel free to read on. 


The big day had finally come.
It was time for turkey and pie and festive fun.
After all, it was none other than Thanksgiving Day,
Which meant delicious food and then a grand parade.

This day of feasting and fun was young Henry's favorite of them all.
It was also the favorite of his best friend, Freddy the dog.
Henry and Freddy always shared what the day had in store.
Henry even gave Freddy nibbles of turkey and pies galore.

It was what came after the feast, though, that the two enjoyed the most.
When they could not even stuff in their stomachs a piece of toast,
Henry bundled up and asked Freddy,
"Come now, boy, are you ready?"
The boy's best friend let out a chipper woof,
And the two soon stood beneath the sun instead of the roof.

Outside, through the window could be seen the family cat.
Henry tapped on the glass and asked,
"Do you want to come along this year, Jack?"
The cat squinted up at the icy blue sky.
Then it yawned and went back to sleep with a hefty sigh.
Henry shrugged and said, "Suit yourself, Jack. Bye!"

And so the boy and the dog continued on their way,
Excited for what was to come not much later on that very day.
"Isn't this the most wonderful time of the year, Freddy?"
Henry clapped as he opened the garage and got the wagon ready.
"If we get to the parade fast, we'll get a front row seat."
Wagging his tail, Freddy danced on his big ol' feet.

Ten years was the age of the boy Henry,
And for all those years he'd enjoyed the parade with Freddy.
It had become tradition for Henry to hop into his favorite red wagon,
And Freddy would pull him to the parade with his happy tail wagging.

And so, as usual, Henry hopped into the wagon and took his seat.
Then he watched Freddy move in front of it on his big ol' feet.
That's when Henry noticed something for perhaps the first time.
Freddy's fur was speckled with grey, no longer in its prime.
The dog stood wagging and ready to go,
But Henry had to admit that these days his best friend's pace was a tad bit slow.

"Wait a second, Freddy," Henry said.
The boy hopped out of his wagon and patted his pup on the head.
"Freddy, it's well past your turn to hop in for the ride.
I can't believe you've never enjoyed the parade from the wagon's other side."

The boy's best friend looked at the wagon and tilted his head.
Henry smiled, "You deserve it, Henry. Go ahead!
You've pulled me to the parade for ten whole years.
If I didn't give you your turns, I'd deserve to be jeered."

Just like that, the dog let out a happy woof and, with Henry's help, hopped on in.
On his hound of a face was a great big slobbery grin.
At first Henry almost felt sad to think of Freddy growing old and grey,
Until he realized there was no shame in that, not on any day.
That simply meant Freddy was wise beyond his years, quite sage!

Freddy grinned and looked at the sights as Henry pulled him in the wagon.
The dog's tail just was wagging, wagging, and then still wagging.
They made it to the parade in time for a prime spot.
It was like getting the best parking space in the lot.

Henry and Freddy could feel winter coming on that Thanksgiving Day,
But to them that was honestly more than okay.
After all, they had each other.
Despite their differences, the two were like brothers.

By each other's sides, Henry and Freddy enjoyed all the festive sights and sounds.
There was so much thanksgiving to be had all around.
How really, truly perfect was that Thanksgiving Day,
Right down to jolly Santa Claus floating down the street in the parade.

Happy Wednesday!

Tip of the Day

Today's Pet Diabetes Awareness Month tip is to make sure that you have your diabetic furbaby on a diet suited to them and their health. Many veterinarians will put a diabetic cat or dog on a high protein, high fiber, low fat diet. It is important to balance nutrients in a way to keep blood glucose as normal as possible, and also to help the diabetic furbaby maintain a healthy weight. Of course, when it comes to feeding a diabetic furbaby, do discuss this with your veterinarian. They can help point you to healthy food options, whether they be prescription diets or not. The veterinarian may also calculate the calories your diabetic furbaby will need in a day to stay healthy and fit, so that their diabetes can better remain under control. And, as always, be sure to let your veterinarian know of any concerns you have regarding your furbaby's diabetes and diet.

Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Nurse Tonks to the Rescue

I recently came down with a cold ('tis the season, huh?), and I've been napping it away the best I can. During one such nap, I woke up to a certain nurse of mine keeping me company.

That there was certainly a welcome sight to wake up to. Tonks loves nothing more than to snooze on my legs while I nap. I won't complain about that one bit.

Happy Tuesday to all!

Doodle of the Day

Today's Thanksgiving doodle is another one starring my angel Rosie.

Tip of the Day

Today's Pet Diabetes Awareness Month tip is to know and understand symptoms of and potential treatments for diabetic complications such as hypoglycemia (low blood sugar). As we mentioned yesterday, hypoglycemia might result from a cat or dog failing to eat, and especially if they are still given insulin even when not eating, their blood sugar can drop dangerously. Hypoglycemia can result in any number of symptoms, which might include increased appetite, vomiting, rapid breathing, lethargy, and difficulty walking.

One quick trick to potentially help a hypoglycemic cat or dog in an emergency is to have honey, maple syrup, corn syrup, or some form of sugar syrup available. Rubbing a sugary substance such as one of these on a hypoglycemic animal's gum line or in their cheeks can help to raise their glucose to a safer level. Of course, discuss with your veterinarian any questions you have regarding hypoglycemia and reversing it. Also alert your veterinarian of any hypoglycemic events your furbaby has, so that better diabetes management can be achieved. What's more, get a hypoglycemic furbaby to the vet as soon as possible, if needed.

Monday, November 25, 2019

Mancat Monday

I want to begin today's post by sending our purrs, woofs, and prayers to Ellen of 15andmeowing. Her sweet KaTwo left for the Rainbow Bridge quite suddenly over the weekend.

KaTwo ~ Forever

Ellen has said goodbye to three kitties this year, and our hearts go out to her.


Today is Mancat Monday. Evan decided he needed a day off, so he recruited the only other mancat around to star in today's post. Who might we be talking about? Our handsome housemate Toby!

Toby knows he has some impressive whiskers, and he will show them off every chance he gets. The camera sure loves them, too, because it focused on those whiskers in every photo I took during this photo shoot.

Happy Monday!

Doodle of the Day

For today's Thanksgiving doodle, I wanted to express my gratitude for my angels, such as my Rosie and her brother Sammy.

Tip of the Day

Today's Pet Diabetes Awareness Month tip is to make sure you understand the factors that can affect blood glucose, especially if your furbaby has diabetes. For example, as you certainly know, food intake largely affects blood glucose levels. If your furbaby has a decreased appetite and is not eating, administering insulin can potentially lead to hypoglycemia. This is because an animal gets glucose from their food. If your furbaby is not eating and is therefore not taking in food as a source of glucose, then administering insulin, which lowers blood glucose, can lead to even lower levels of glucose. So, be sure to discuss all such factors with your veterinarian, and be sure to hold off on administering insulin if your furbaby is not eating so that hypoglycemia does not result. At the same time, also be aware of other factors that could potentially affect a diabetic cat or dog's blood glucose levels, such as vomiting and diarrhea, or even dental or other issues. Again, discuss any such concerns with your veterinarian as needed.

Sunday, November 24, 2019

Guest Sunday Selfies

We've been using Sundays to slowly introduce to you my parents' 12 kitties. I've been introducing their kitties in the order that my parents adopted them. Going with this order of things, I've reached a certain kitty we've already recently introduced. Of course, though, I simply couldn't skip over him.

Who remembers Foggy? He essentially always greets me in the window when I arrive at my parents' house.

A few weeks ago, I shared Foggy's origin story. If you'd like to read the post with the story of how Foggy joined the family, just click here.

As one last view of Foggy today, I'll share an animation Google created for me using photos of him that I uploaded to my online photo storage. It zoomed in on his face real close, and so this is a grainy animation. Honestly, though, he's downright adorable even when grainy.

Happy Sunday to all!

Flashback Doodle of the Day

Today we're sharing our final Thanksgiving flashback doodle from last year. This is actually the doodle we shared on Thanksgiving Day itself last year. It stars angel Rosie and a special guest enjoying a feast, with some semblance of a Santa-infused Thanksgiving Day parade going on outside the window behind them. See?

Tip of the Day

We're still in the midst of our National Pet Diabetes Awareness Month tips. On this topic, yesterday we discussed observing your furbaby and knowing visible signs of illness. In addition to this, if your furbaby has been diagnosed with diabetes, consider monitoring their blood glucose at home. This is of course not always an option, depending on the furbaby and the situation. But, if it is possible, do discuss this with your veterinarian. Your veterinarian can help you learn how to safely check your kitty or pup’s glucose at home, which can be done simply using a vein in your kitty or pup's ear and the same type of glucometer a human would use. If nothing else, of course it is advisable to take a diabetic furbaby to the vet for regular glucose and/or fructosamine checks, as well as frequent urinalyses, especially in the early stages of their diabetes treatment.

Saturday, November 23, 2019

Caturday Art

This past Wednesday, I shared a flashback doodle that I admitted I was not fully fond of for this reason and that (to see that post and the flashback doodle it contains, just click here). The flashback doodle of which I speak involves some details that no longer really match my current style of doodling. I therefore mentioned that I would like to recreate that doodle in a way, and so that 's exactly what I did today for Athena's Caturday Art Blog Hop.

Fun fact? The giant, brown spoons and forks hanging from the walls in the above doodle were inspired by a giant wooden spoon and fork I have hanging in my kitchen. I found them years ago at a garage sale that benefited my local animal shelter, and I'm really quite fond of them.

We hope you enjoy today's recreation of a doodle! And we hope you find yourself some tasty pie to eat!

Tip of the Day

Continuing on with our tips for National Pet Diabetes Awareness Month, today we're here to say that, of course, always administer a diabetic cat or dog's insulin and other treatments as discussed with your veterinarian. The amount, frequency, and sometimes even timing of insulin administered to a diabetic furbaby is very important for getting blood glucose under control. For this reason, be sure that you understand how to administer the insulin, which is injected beneath the skin, and have your veterinarian give explanations and demonstrations as needed. Also make sure that you understand the proper storage and preparation of insulin. In most cases, insulin needs to be refrigerated, and before administration it is often suggested that the bottle of insulin be rolled between the hands in order to prepare it for administration. Then there is also the important step of pulling up the insulin into the syringe for administration. If you have any questions or concerns with any of these steps, never hesitate to ask your veterinarian. And, of course, immediately let your veterinarian know if you notice any changes in behavior that might indicate that an adjustment to the insulin dosage is needed. Keep a close eye on your diabetic kitty or pup's water intake, eating habits, bathroom habits, activity level, and other such factors, as all of these can be affected by either high or low blood glucose levels. You know your furbaby best and spend the most time with them, so do be sure to keep a close eye on them and inform your veterinarian of any concerns you have.

Friday, November 22, 2019

Friendly Fill-Ins

Happy Friday, friends! Who's ready to fill in some fill-ins? In case you missed the Friendly Fill-Ins challenge preparations yesterday, we'll share the fill-in statements again below. Ellen of 15andmeowing came up with the first two, and I came up with the second two.

1. I can't wait to sink my teeth into _________ on Thanksgiving.

2. I will pass on _________ on Thanksgiving.

3. I wish _________ was served at holiday gatherings.

4. I will always be thankful for _________.

Here's how I filled these in:

1. I can't wait to sink my teeth into cranberries on Thanksgiving.
(Am I the only person who craves the cranberries more than the turkey and other main courses? I also love sweet potato casserole, but I eat sweet potatoes on a regular basis, so it's not really as special of a dish for me. For some reason, though, I pretty much only eat cranberries during the holidays. I can't wait.)

2. I will pass on the stuffing on Thanksgiving.
(I've never enjoyed stuffing. I think it's largely the texture of stuffing that deters me, because I don't find the flavor itself all that bothersome. I have weird issues with the textures of certain foods, and stuffing is apparently one of them.)

3. I wish fresh fruit was served at holiday gatherings.
(This probably sounds so silly when talking about holidays that are all about eating yourself stuffed full of special dishes. Honestly, though, I really love fruit. Even as a kid I loved fruit. Perhaps that's why I look so forward to cranberries, the one and only fruit certain to be at my family's holiday gatherings. I would be extra happy to find more fresh fruit dishes at holiday gatherings. Bring on the grapes, strawberries, watermelon, and all that fruity jazz.)

4. I will always be thankful for my family.
(I'm talking both human and furry family, of course. My human and furry family who are living and those who have moved on, they've all played significant roles in my life. I'm also grateful for human and furry friends like all of you.)

Now it's your turn!
To add your link to the Friendly Fill-Ins Linky list, just click HERE!
You can also click on the badge below to add your link.

You are also welcome to complete the fill-ins in the comments below,
or in the comments on Ellen's blog, 15andmeowing.


Who's ready for an Eddy fix? How about a couple shots from a special sort of angle? Yes? Okay, here it goes.

These shots are not really all that clear and focused. Then again, this is Eddy we're talking about, so what's new?

Wishing you a wonderful day!

Doodle of the Day: Flashback Friday

Today's flashback doodle from last November is in honor of the fact that I really need get all the leaves out of my yard, if it ever stops raining.

Tip of the Day

I made some errors in scheduling our tips for November. I accidentally posted the series of tips out of order, and that means our Thanksgiving tips won't last until Thanksgiving next week as originally planned. That being said, we are going to save our final Thanksgiving tip for Thanksgiving Day, which means today we're moving on to our next series of tips. Yet again, this series is a repeat from this time last year, but it's regarding a topic that we think doesn't hurt to repeat.

November is National Pet Diabetes Awareness Month. That's why during the end of this month we'll be giving tips related to this disease. To begin, we'll start with a tip that you all certainly already know. This tip is to be very vigilant with regard to your furbaby's behavior and appearance, keeping an eye out for signs of diabetes, and of course for signs of any disease. How often is your kitty or pup drinking? How often are they urinating? What is the volume of their urine? The color of it? Has their appetite increased? Has it decreased? Does their fur look dry and dull? Are they less active than usual? Have any of these things changed recently? How recently? These are just some of the questions that, as a pet parent, you have to ask yourself on a regular basis. Regularly observe and check your kitty or pup for any changes in their behavior and appearance. What's more, as always, if you have any concerns, consult your veterinarian. 

Thursday, November 21, 2019

Thoroughly Poetic Thankful Thimble Thursday

Happy Thursday! As we do every penultimate day of the workweek, we've done some rhyming for today. After all, it's time for Angel Sammy's Thoroughly Poetic Thursday challenge.

Our host always helps us out by sharing a photo prompt. This week's poetic prompt is this fun image here:

When I first saw that there image, I'll be honest and admit that the first thing that came to my mind was Bobby Pickett's song "Monster Mash". Halloween, as you probably know, was not that long ago. During that frightfully festive season, I always listen to and watch music that is all shades of spooktacular. Some of the videos that kept popping up on my Halloween playlist were Bobby Pickett's "Monster Mash" series of songs, and those wonderfully old-fashioned videos were filled with black and white scenes of monsterly dancing. I guess that's why "Monster Mash" popped up in my mind when I saw the lively image above.

Anyway, I decided to go along with that first thought that came to my mind when I saw the photo prompt for today. That being said, as much as I love me some Halloween, I didn't want to leave out the upcoming holidays from today's poem. So, I did a sort of holiday mashup and ended up with this silly little rhyme and equally strange doodle below:

The Monster Mash

Jack and Sally were the best of friends.
They spent their days together when classes did end.
When school was out for the holiday season,
The two friends sought something to give their days meaning.

They considered doing this and they considered doing that.
Ultimately, Jack and Sally decided on taking none other than a dance class.
Sally could not wait and she did a great deal of research.
If she found just the right class, she'd be willing to splurge.

Sally settled on a class she believed both Jack and herself would deem fun.
She signed them both up and in a happy circle she spun.
The two friends found themselves some fancy dancing attire.
When the night of the class arrived, they needed no reminder.

That night, Jack and Sally scurried and skipped to the studio.
How to dance was something they both longed to know.
They entered the building and felt great excitement.
That is, until the others in the dance studio came into sight.

What on earth is going on? Jack and Sally both thought.
"Welcome to the class!" someone said in a voice rumbling and soft.
Jack and Sally turned to the voice and their eyes grew wide.
The speaker purred, "I'll be your dance teacher on this very night!"

The teacher was just as confusing as the others they had seen.
Something about this whole scenario seemed a tad bit obscene.
The teacher was not only a cat, but also had a carved pumpkin for a head.
The other dancers in the class spurred equal feelings of confusion and dread.

There was a walking, talking scarecrow moseying about,
As well as a skeletal sort of man with a black suit and black hat he did tout.
Then there was the fuzzy fellow with eyes of gold and fur of green.
He sulked and frowned and honestly looked meaner than mean.
Jack and Sally could not bring themselves to approach the green man, no.
They decided they shouldn't touch him with a thirty-nine-and-a-half foot pole.

Before they could flee and run out the door,
They were shuffled to the center of that terrifying dance floor.
The moves they learned were just as strange as the rest of the situation.
There were wild and chaotic twists and rotations.
Jack and Sally were pulled this way and that,
The entire dizzying dance led by the pumpkin-headed cat.

In between two particularly nauseating moves, Jack asked,
"Sally, why on earth did you pick this crazy dance class?"
Sally yelped, shrugged, and groaned.
She said, "The details were something I did not know.
It was at a reduced price as a holiday special, this class.
I never should've signed us up for something called the Monster Mash!"


What's up next? Oh, that's right. Thimble!

Today being Brian's Thankful Thursday Blog Hop, Thimble of course wants to express her gratitude for her adorable toesies and all they allow her to do. This mom of Thimble's is also so very thankful for toe beans like these.

We're also of course thankful for all of you! Thank you for making this blogging community the wonderful place it is!


And now we have the fill-in statements for tomorrow's Friendly Fill-Ins challenge. Ellen of 15andmeowing crafted up the first two, and I came up with the second two.

1. I can't wait to sink my teeth into _________ on Thanksgiving.

2. I will pass on _________ on Thanksgiving.

3. I wish _________ was served at holiday gatherings.

4. I will always be thankful for _________.

We'll see you tomorrow, friends!

Tip of the Day

We've been discussing foods that may or may not be safe to share with your furbaby on Thanksgiving. Keep in mind, though, that food safety isn't just related to food preparation and eating. Safety precautions should continue even after you've finished your meal. What are we getting at? We're reminding you to be aware of dishes in the sink and food scraps or wrappers in the trash. Illness and emergencies can result if your furbaby licks off of plates in the sink that contain remnants of dangerous foods, or if they find their way into the trashcan where scraps or bones reside. So, be aware and take precautions to keep your pup or kitty safe from dangerous foods even after the feast is over. Immediately rinse or wash plates and keep the sink clear of dangerous food debris. Also take out the trash if it contains dangerous food items, or keep it securely hidden away from your furbaby.

Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Woof Woof Wednesday

Pup Astrid has been helping me take care of all the kitties in the family while my parents and sister are out of town this week. This pup is downright exhausted from all the hard work.

Astrid hopes you all have a restful Wednesday! Now, excuse her while she takes a nap.

Flashback Doodle of the Day

We have yet another flashback doodle that we shared during the Thanksgiving season last year.

Truth be told, I'm not all that fond of this doodle. Though I know the furbabies are all peeking and therefore not much of their bodies are showing, it really bothers me nowadays when I don't include tails for my doodled kitties and pups. That might sound weird, but it's the truth. The above flashback doodle has six kitties and one pup, all without tails, and that makes me cringe a bit. That being said, I've already planned out a sort of recreation to this doodle to share in the next week, and all the furbabies will indeed have tails in the new version.

Tip of the Day

Do you know what holiday food we haven't yet mentioned in this Thanksgiving series? Cranberries! This here human loves cranberries, but are they safe for our kitties and pups? In moderation, plain cranberries can be given as a small treat to a dog or cat who enjoys them. That being said, it is best to steer clear of cranberry sauces and juices, as those contain excess amounts of sugar and other potential additives that might not be the best for your furbaby. Also be careful with special cranberry dishes, in case they contain not only excess sugar but potentially also toxic ingredients such as alcohol. As always, when in doubt, simply don't offer it to your furbaby.

Since we're on the topic of fruits, we'll go ahead and run through a couple of other fruity treat options for your kitty or pup. If fed in moderation, berries such as blueberries and strawberries are healthy for cats and dogs, as are bananas. Apples are also generally a healthy treat option, but only if you are careful to refrain from feeding your furbaby the seeds. That being said, keep in mind that when fruits like apples are made into pies, added ingredients such as sugar are not so healthy for your furbaby. Of course, also remember that fruits like grapes and raisins are toxic to cats and dogs, so never feed those. Even cherries can be dangerous, especially if consumed in large quantities, as cyanide poisoning can result due to the contents of the stem, pit, and even leaves. So, to be safe, don't feed your furbaby cherries, cherry pie, and most certainly not chocolate-covered cherries this holiday season. Ultimately, if you are not certain that a particular fruit or other food is safe for your furbaby, simply don't feed it as a treat.

Tuesday, November 19, 2019

All Bagged Up

Tonks loves to get into things. Sometimes she gets into trouble. Other times she gets into paper bags.

I have learned that if I can't find Tonks, I need to look inside anything and everything that would fit her like a glove. She's a petite and flexible girl, so I have found this ornery calico hiding in some tiny spaces. In fact, do you remember the photo below from yesterday?

You can probably tell that the box Evan is lying on is one of those long albeit flat shipping boxes. It's roughly 2 inches in height, and yet Tonks can fit inside that thing. She just flattens herself out and wiggles on in. Don't worry, though, she wasn't inside the box when Evan decided to take a nap on top of it.

Happy Tuesday to all!

Flashback Doodle of the Day

One of our Thanksgiving doodles from last year starred Tonks and a certain pup named Astrid.

I find this doodle even more fitting this year than it was last year. Tonks has really started to take to Astrid more than she used to. She's always tolerated her pretty well, but at Tonks's request, she and the pup always had a long distance relationship. That is, until recently. These days, Tonks enjoys chasing Astrid as well as rolling in Astrid's leash, and sometimes even rolling around directly on the pup's feet.

Tip of the Day

We've previously mentioned sweet potatoes and green beans, and how these vegetables are safe when fed plain, but are best left out of your furbaby's diet if prepared in a casserole or with other added ingredients. Today, we're here to remind you of some of the other vegetables that could make for nice Thanksgiving treats for your pup or kitty, of course as long as they are fed plain. One common and nutritious vegetable is carrots. This orange vegetable can provide a large variety of beneficial nutrients, such as beta-carotene, vitamin C, vitamin K, potassium, and others. Other veggies that are generally safe as a snack for a kitty or pup include broccoli, celery, cucumbers, spinach, and peas. So, if you're pup or kitty wants to be included in the Thanksgiving feast, go for a safe and healthy option, such as a plain vegetables. Of course, though, even when it comes to veggies, it is still best to feed them to your kitty or pup in moderation. And, as you've heard us say many times now, always be aware of any ingredients that are added to foods prior to feeding them to your furbaby. If a veggie dish has been topped with onion, garlic, excess salt, or other similar seasonings, then it is no longer an ideal or safe treat for your kitty or pup.

Monday, November 18, 2019

What's wrong with this picture?

Without a cat bed in sight, Evan had to settle for a dilapidated box. Obviously.

Happy Monday to all!

Flashback Doodle of the Day

As we mentioned yesterday, we're sharing mostly flashback doodles this week. This is because I'm looking after my parents' 12 cats while they're out of town this entire week, and so I'll be spending the majority of my spare time cuddling and coddling kitties. That means I'll have far less time to work in my sketchbook, but that's okay, because my parents' kitties are pretty darn awesome. My usual art schedule will resume later this week.

So, what did we go for with today's flashback doodle? We went for yet another one of our Thanksgiving doodles from last year.

A vast majority of our doodles this week and next week will be in honor of the upcoming US holiday that is Thanksgiving. Truth be told, I'm all ready for Christmas, and of course that means I'm all ready to start scribbling up Christmas doodles. That being said, I always try to give Thanksgiving its just due, and so Thanksgiving doodles it is.

Tip of the Day

Surely I'm not the only one who always feasts on some green bean casserole for the holidays? If green bean casserole is on your Thanksgiving table, keep in mind what all ingredients are used to make it before you let your furbaby try some. A lot of green bean casseroles involve potentially dangerous ingredients, especially after you add the classic mushroom soup and onions on top. The onions themselves are of course a hazard, as are added sodium and other ingredients that sneak their way in there. For this reason, it is likely best to hold off on sharing green bean casserole with your kitty or pup. That being said, though, if you have plain green beans to serve, those can make a great and nutritious treat for that furbaby in your life!

Sunday, November 17, 2019

Guest Sunday Selfies

We've been sharing guest selfies every Sunday for the past couple of weeks. We're doing this as a way to introduce you to all 12 of my parents' kitties. We of course have more guest selfies for you today, and these selfies star a little lady named Gilly.

Isn't Gilly one fuzzy gal? Don't worry, Gilly knows exactly how cute she is. If I'm being honest, though, I do wish that Gilly had been a bit more willing to pose for the camera during this photo shoot. She is an incredibly photogenic girl, but she really wasn't into this particular photo shoot.

Now, the story of how Gilly found her way to my parents' home is actually a rather simple one. In short, in the spring of 2016, my twin uncles had a friend who had a cat who had kittens. This friend was trying to find a home for these kittens, and he ended up bringing one of the kittens to my uncles' house. My uncles were not able to home a kitten at that time, though. But that's okay, because my dad saw a picture of the kitten, fell in love with the fluffy little calico, and brought her home literally hours after seeing her photo.

Gilly is by far the fuzziest cat in the entire family. Our housemate Toby is one fluffy boy, but his fur is nothing compared to Gilly's. I'm especially fond of Gilly's stunning tail. So is Gilly.

That photo really does no justice to Gilly's tail. I can't believe I failed to capture a better shot of it for this post. I will most definitely work at getting a shot of Gilly's tail that actually does it justice, so that you all can truly see the fuzzy masterpiece that it is.

I always try to share some fun facts about my parents' cats as we introduce them, so I'll share some tidbits about Gilly now. First, as innocent and sweet as she looks, Gilly is known to stalk the other cats in the family. If you see Gilly sitting all cute and sweet while staring at the couch, that means she has someone cornered behind it.

Another little fact about her is that she is deceptively small. All of that fur on Gilly's body makes her look like a decently sized cat. When you pick her up, though, she feels as light as a feather. Even her veterinarian has commented on how petite Gilly really is, though her layers of fur betray that fact.

Oh, and Gilly talks to lights. If the sun hits your phone or anything else shiny, she'll have a prolonged conversation with the resulting lights that dance on the ceiling or wall. The only other time Gilly really talks is when she's playing with toys, especially if she brings you one and wants you to acknowledge her gift.

We hope you all enjoyed getting to know Gilly today! She is a sweet little lady! Except for when she corners other cats behind couches, that is.

Happy Sunday to all!

 Flashback Doodle of the Day

I'm going to go against my norm this week and share flashback doodles for most of the next few days. I will most definitely share a new doodle to go with our poem on Thursday, and I'll also have a new doodle for this week's Caturday Art Blog Hop. The rest of the days this week will be flashback doodles, though, and there is one primary reason for this.

My sister and parents are all out of town this week, and I'm taking care of all of their furabies. My sister's cats (Toby and Winky) already live with me, so taking care of them is nothing all that new. But, as I mentioned above in this post, my parents have 12 cats. These kitties are all very well loved and well cared for, and so they're of course used to lots of cuddles, food, and litter scoopings each day. I'll be spending lots of time not only with my furbabies this week, therefore, but also with my parents' kitties. My dad also has nearly a dozen fish aquariums, with more fish than I can even count, and so I'll also be trying to make sure I feed the right fish the food this week. So, since my schedule will be a bit different and perhaps slightly hectic this week, I'm very temporarily cutting back my art time and will therefore be sharing more flashback doodles than usual. Our usual schedule of doodles will resume next week, or more like this upcoming Saturday.

All of the above rambling being said, today's flashback doodle is one that I chose in honor of the fact that I've recently been trying to work through my to-read list. This list is terrifyingly long, but challenges can be fun, right? There's also the fact that crisp autumn days are the purrfect time to read.

Our Tip of the Day:

We've been discussing the safety of our furbabies when it comes to common Thanksgiving foods. This topic would feel incomplete without a mention of none other than stuffing. Is this Thanksgiving staple safe for your furbaby? More than likely, it is best that you simply avoid feeding any of that stuffing to your kitty or pup. Why? Because many stuffings include ingredients such as onion, garlic, salt, butter (which could especially be a problem for furbabies with lactose intolerance), and other components that could have uncomfortable or dangerous side effects. If the stuffing is plain, without any potentially dangerous ingredients, then a small taste might be fine for your furbaby. But, more than likely, that Thanksgiving stuffing will contain some ingredients that are best avoided in your cat or dog's diet.