Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Woof Woof Wednesday

Pup Astrid has been helping me take care of all the kitties in the family while my parents and sister are out of town this week. This pup is downright exhausted from all the hard work.

Astrid hopes you all have a restful Wednesday! Now, excuse her while she takes a nap.

Flashback Doodle of the Day

We have yet another flashback doodle that we shared during the Thanksgiving season last year.

Truth be told, I'm not all that fond of this doodle. Though I know the furbabies are all peeking and therefore not much of their bodies are showing, it really bothers me nowadays when I don't include tails for my doodled kitties and pups. That might sound weird, but it's the truth. The above flashback doodle has six kitties and one pup, all without tails, and that makes me cringe a bit. That being said, I've already planned out a sort of recreation to this doodle to share in the next week, and all the furbabies will indeed have tails in the new version.

Tip of the Day

Do you know what holiday food we haven't yet mentioned in this Thanksgiving series? Cranberries! This here human loves cranberries, but are they safe for our kitties and pups? In moderation, plain cranberries can be given as a small treat to a dog or cat who enjoys them. That being said, it is best to steer clear of cranberry sauces and juices, as those contain excess amounts of sugar and other potential additives that might not be the best for your furbaby. Also be careful with special cranberry dishes, in case they contain not only excess sugar but potentially also toxic ingredients such as alcohol. As always, when in doubt, simply don't offer it to your furbaby.

Since we're on the topic of fruits, we'll go ahead and run through a couple of other fruity treat options for your kitty or pup. If fed in moderation, berries such as blueberries and strawberries are healthy for cats and dogs, as are bananas. Apples are also generally a healthy treat option, but only if you are careful to refrain from feeding your furbaby the seeds. That being said, keep in mind that when fruits like apples are made into pies, added ingredients such as sugar are not so healthy for your furbaby. Of course, also remember that fruits like grapes and raisins are toxic to cats and dogs, so never feed those. Even cherries can be dangerous, especially if consumed in large quantities, as cyanide poisoning can result due to the contents of the stem, pit, and even leaves. So, to be safe, don't feed your furbaby cherries, cherry pie, and most certainly not chocolate-covered cherries this holiday season. Ultimately, if you are not certain that a particular fruit or other food is safe for your furbaby, simply don't feed it as a treat.


Pam and Teddy said...

So nice of Astrid to help out BUT it is a lot of work - all caretakers whether pup or peeps need a rest I'm sure!

Hugs, Teddy and Pam

The Island Cats said...

That's a whole lotta cats to keep in line, Astrid! We hope you get extra treats.

Eastside Cats said...

We all live and learn...your doodle cat tails is just one upgrade or update or change that you've accomplished. We love your doodles!

Timmy Tomcat said...

Hi Astrid you are looking fine today

Tama-Chan, Benny, Vidock, Violette, Ollie, Heloise, Momo, Ryu said...

That's a very cute nose, Astrid!


Melissa, Mudpie and Angel Truffles (Mochas, Mysteries and Meows) said...

I'm sure Astrid is working very hard!

pilch92 said...

Nice shot of Astrid. I like the drawing even without tails. Great tips too.

messymimi said...

Astrid, i can tell you've been working your paws to the bone, i hope you get a chance to rest soon!

meowmeowmans said...

Good job helping, Astrid! Enjoy your very well-deserved nap! XO