Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Window Art on Woof Woof Wednesday

Astrid wanted to show off some of the window art she creates on a daily basis. It's quite abstract and a tad bit snotty.

Astrid hopes you all enjoy this view of her artwork. Painting on glass is one of her favorite pastimes, and her nose is her favorite artistic tool. Who else creates nose art? Surely Astrid's not alone.

Happy Wednesday, friends!

Doodle of the Day

I was going to say that today is our last Harry Potter-esque doodle for the time being, but then I realized I haven't given housemates Toby and Winky a turn to star in one. So, I'll probably do one or so more. I might try to mash them together in an unsurprisingly wacky mishmash doodle for our Caturday Art post. Moving on, though, for today's Harry Potter-esque doodle I'll give the very basic explanation that this magical series of books contains a certain character who uses a pink umbrella as a magical wand. With that weirdness in mind, here you go:

Did you know?
Did you know that there are glass cleaners on the market specifically designed to be safe for pets? Though not necessarily lethally toxic, certain cleaners, including typical glass cleaners, might potentially contain chemicals that could be caustic or otherwise dangerous to our furbabies. For this reason, it never hurts to do some research on pet-safe options. These days, there are often pet-safe versions of various cleaners on the market, and this indeed includes glass cleaners and other general purpose cleaners. I myself did just a quick search for pet-safe glass and general cleaners, and I found that a variety of companies create some that are intended to be safe around pets. This means that if you need to wipe away that nose art to give your furbaby a fresh surface for their masterpieces, you could do so with their health and safety more soundly in mind. If nothing else, this can also simply be done with plain ol' water and pet-safe soap. Of course, though, do your research, always read labels, and if you ever have any concerns or doubts, consult a veterinarian regarding the safety of cleaning products used near your kitty or pup.

Tuesday, July 30, 2019

The Tuesday Troublemaker

Can anyone guess who today's troublemaker is? Are any of the furbabies here really troublemakers, though? Surely not!

If we were absolutely forced to showcase a potential troublemaker today, it would perhaps be a certain little calico named Tonks.

I haven't given an update on the whole Tonks vs. Eddy rivalry in quite some time. The truth of the matter is that Eddy still very, very, very much prefers if she gets my bedroom all to herself. The primary reason for this is that, to put it simply, Tonks is a great big bully to Eddy. Eddy is the only cat in the house that Tonks bullies, and Tonks is relentless about it. Tonks chases Eddy, corners Eddy, makes Eddy scream, hiss, growl, spit, and all that catty jazz. Eddy is a very skittish, high-strung cat by nature. These days, the only way she won't hide beneath my bed 100% of the time is if there is a baby gate up in my bedroom doorway, so that, you know, Tonks doesn't stalk and chase her. So, there is very often a baby gate up in my bedroom doorway. When that baby gate is up, Eddy is as happy as happy can be. Take the baby gate down, and she's back beneath the bed and you won't see her.

All of the above is not to say I'm not still going to continue with heavily supervised meet-and-greets, though. I have hopes that one day the baby gate can come down and everyone can come to some sort of compromise. Perhaps one day that will happen. Maybe. Hopefully. I won't stop trying.

In the meantime, Tonks loves to catch glimpses of Eddy through the baby gate that separates them. She can see through the baby, as well as over it when she picks certain seats in the house. I'm glad the baby gate allows Eddy to still see and hear everything that goes on in the house from her happy safe haven, but that also means it gives ornery Tonks an easy view of her. Tonks loves to stalk Eddy from her side of the gate. Isn't that so sweet?

That there is a photo of Tonks trying to catch a glimpse of Eddy over the gate. Eddy is a loud little lady who likes to announce when she's playing, so Tonks always gets into place to watch her when she hears her. I wish that Tonks could turn that interest in Eddy into a playful attitude, but when I let her in my room with Eddy, she chases and corners her beneath my bed with something that is most certainly not a playful attitude. My sweet, ornery calico, could you perhaps stop bullying anxious Eddy? Please?

How about a little story to make this rambling post even longer? I'll try to make it quick. Though the baby gate in my doorway is usually heeded well by all cats in the house, the other day someone somehow managed to move it right on out of the doorway. Some kitty did this when I wasn't home, and I was quite honestly gone for the entire day. I have no idea how long Tonks was in my bedroom with Eddy that day, but let me tell you, Tonks was in full stalking mode and Eddy was not a happy girl when I got home. Though no one was injured in any way, it took me an hour to coax Eddy out from under my bed. What's more, ever since that day, whenever she sees Tonks on the other side of the baby gate, she lets out terrifyingly impressive hisses and growls, and then often runs away and hides. This always gets Tonks going.

One big happy family, huh? I find it quite intriguing that cats are much like humans in the sense that some personality types simply clash. Every cat in the house has a different relationship with every other cat in the house, and the relationship between Eddy and Tonks is still one of rivalry.

I guess I'll stop rambling now. We hope you're all having a day filled with happiness, peace, and quiet!

Doodle of the Day: Throwback Tuesday

Today's flashback doodle is actually one of the first ones I ever scribbled up of my calico girl Tonks. Tonks came to her forever home here on the 1st of June last year, 2018, and I drew this roughly 3 weeks later. I had already drawn a couple other doodles of her by then, but one day I found myself in a magical sort of mood, and so I scribbled this up for her:

Did you know?
Did you know that the calico is the state cat of Maryland? This has been the case since October 1, 2001. Maryland chose the calico as their official state cat because the tricolor kitty resembles the coloring of the state bird and the state insect, those being the Baltimore oriole and the Baltimore checkerspot butterfly, respectively.

Monday, July 29, 2019

A Sunny Mancat Monday

I'm not sure anyone enjoys a good sun puddle more than Evan.

Evan apologizes if he seems less than loquacious and sociable right now. He's a bit busy, you know, basking in the sun.

Wishing you all a Monday as sunny as Evan's!

Doodle of the Day:

That there doodle is one of the last couple in my current series inspired by the weird, wacky, whimsical world of Harry Potter. If you're in need of an explanation for this weird doodle, it's based on a scene in Harry Potter. In this scene, Harry Potter and his friend Ron make the poor decision to take a flying car to their magical school. Ultimately, their drive in the sky is brought to a rough end by a moody willow tree. Makes perfect sense, right?

Did you know?
Did you know that your dog or cat can be belted in for safe travels in the car? When it comes to what the market has to offer, there are far more options when it comes to seat belts for dogs when compared to cats. For dogs, for example, various companies have manufactured seat belts in the form of safety harnesses that secure the dog into their seat. There are also simple yet beneficial dog seat belts that click into the car's belt at one end and snap onto the dog's collar on the other end. Those are just a couple of examples, and research can reveal a variety of other options.

When it comes to cats, though the options might seem more limited, it is still very possible to secure your kitty into their seat. First, for cats and even small dogs, it is best to keep them in a carrier and to secure the carrier in place in the car. There are some options on the market for this, such as straps that extend around carriers and snap into place. You can also secure the carrier in place without the use of straps you buy, though. One simple way is to wrap the seat belt around the carrier and snap it into place. If possible, you can also pull the seat belt through the handle of the carrier and then snap it into place. You can even use bungee cords to secure a carrier in the car, as long as you can find a safe place for the cords attach to the interior of the car in a way that they won't snap out of place and cause harm. You buckle yourself into the car, right? Do the same for your furbabies!

Sunday, July 28, 2019

Sunday Selfie

As we've mentioned on more occasions than one, Eddy is our resident blooper queen. In fact, as per usual, she was our star in the Pet Photo Fails! Blog Hop on Friday. However, sometimes Eddy actually can sit still for more than half a second. Sometimes, she even manages a clear, focused selfie. She did just that for today, though this here human assistant of hers didn't quite set up the zoom properly. As a result, Eddy lost her ears and chin.

I love the color of Eddy's eyes (then again, I love the color of all cats' eyes). On certain days, in certain lighting, and all that jazz, Eddy's eyes are almost like an exceedingly pastel aquamarine. She has the palest eyes of any cat in the family, and I think they're beautiful.

Of course, Eddy snapped this selfie for the Sunday Selfies Blog Hop, hosted by the Kitties Blue over at The Cat on My Head.

Happy Sunday, friends!

Doodle of the Day:

As I've mentioned over the past couple of days, lately I've been feeling inspired to scribble up doodles of a more magical sort. In particular, I've been sketching up some Harry Potter-esque doodles, but with cat-centric subject matter. Today's doodle of this sort looks somewhat similar to yesterday's, and that's because I created them simultaneously and indecisively.

Did you know?
Did you know that, because a cat's eyes are disproportionately large compared to their body, a cat can't see anything less than roughly a foot in front of them? This would explain why a cat can focus in on prey from a distance, but can't manage to find the treat you just placed right in front of their face. The size and resulting composition of a cat's eyes is in large part why they simply can't see or focus on something placed directly in front of them. To help your kitty find a nearby treat or toy they can't locate, try putting it in motion or moving it to a farther distance.

Saturday, July 27, 2019

Hairy Pawter and the Caturday Art

Yesterday, I shared a flashback doodle that I originally scribbled up over 3 years ago (click here to visit yesterday's post that contains said flashback doodle). Because I've admittedly always been a tad bit weird, the aforementioned flashback doodle was a wacky one inspired by the Harry Potter series. I was a kid when the Harry Potter books first came out, and I indeed read them ravenously. But that's beside the point.

I've been craving doodling up something sort of magical, and I ultimately decided on recreating elements of the flashback doodle I shared yesterday. As a preface, though I have always enjoyed the Harry Potter series, I do have at least one particular qualm with it. The Harry Potter series includes wonderful things like magic, owls, castles, and books. What it doesn't have enough of, though, are cats. Where are all of the cats? It's a story about witches and wizards, so where are all the magical cats? It's okay, though, because I'll happily add some cats.

Strange doodle, huh? Sorry. I just can't help myself.

Wishing you all a magical day!

Did you know?
Did you know that cat eyes are roughly 6 times more sensitive to light than human eyes, and owl eyes are roughly 100 times more sensitive to light than human eyes? This is why both animals see far better in the dark than humans. A number of ocular characteristics affect the level of an animal's night vision. For example, having large eyes and pupils compared to the size of the body, as is the case for both cats and owls, can lead to better night vision. The number and sensitivity of rod cells in the eyes also affects night vision, and both cats and owls have rod cells that make their night vision superior to that of humans.

Additionally, cats and owls, and even a number of other animals that do not include humans, also have a tapetum lucidum. The tapetum lucidum, sometimes shortened to just tapetum, is a reflective layer at the back of the eye. It more or less serves as a mirror that allows cats' eyes and owls' eyes to gather in as much light from the environment as possible. This tapetum is also largely the reason why the eyes of cats, owls, and even dogs appear to glow when light hits them. We can thank the tapetum lucidum for our kitties' laser beam eyes.

Friday, July 26, 2019

Friendly Fill-Ins and Photo Fails

Welcome to one of the seven best days of the week! Friday! We'll start off with the Friendly Fill-Ins challenge. In case you missed the fill-in statements yesterday, I'll share them again here. Ellen of 15andmeowing came up with the first two, and I came up with the second two.

1. If I had _________, I would _________.

2. _________ sparks my creativity.

3. _________ keeps me up at night.

4. I only just recently learned _________.

My answers are in bold below. They're all about the furbabies!

1. If I had a hefty sum of money, I would try to help as many homeless animals as possible.
(I'm sure all of you animal-loving friends of mine would do the same.)

2. The animal kingdom sparks my creativity.
(I don't know if anything inspires me more than my family of furbabies, my angel Rosie, all of my furry and feathered childhood angels, wildlife, and essentially all the creatures and critters who make this world a better place. You've all probably noticed that my doodles pretty much always star something furry. A great many of the tales of fiction I'm in the fun process of penning also, of course, have their fair share of furry stars. This is because they inspire me more than I could ever explain.)

3. Eddy keeps me up at night.
(Not all cats are truly nocturnal, but this girl is. She thinks sleeping is for losers. Her favorite nighttime game is running around my bedroom, playing, and loudly announcing that she's running and playing.)

4. I only just recently learned that Tonks turns into a statue at the vet.
(Tonks went in for her first annual exam as an adult cat this week. This calico of mine is usually an active little lady known to quite literally bounce off of walls. At the vet, though, she turned right to stone. Thankfully, the poor, petrified girl passed her exam with flying colors.)

Now it's your turn!
To add your link to the Friendly Fill-Ins Linky list, just click HERE!
You can also click on the badge below to add your link.

You are also welcome to complete the fill-ins in the comments below,
or in the comments on Ellen's blog, 15andmeowing.


It's that time of the month when everything falls into place perfectly. What I mean is, Friday is the day when you all get your fix of Eddy, our resident blooper queen. What's so perfect about this is that the last Friday of every month is the Pet Photo Fails! Blog Hop, hosted by Melissa's Mochas, Mysteries, & Meows.

Of course, Eddy is more than ready with some bloopers for you all. These photo fails were all snapped during the same photo shoot from which we've been sharing surprisingly non-blurry photos of Eddy. The first couple bloopers below were snapped after I gave Eddy some treats in hopes of distracting her.

I don't know what came over me, thinking that giving Eddy her favorite treats would result in clear, non-blooper photos.

When I realized that the treats weren't going to give me any non-blurry Eddy shots, I opened the window in hopes of distracting her that way. Though that did result in some clear shots, which we've been sharing over the past couple of weeks, other shots look more classically like Eddy. You know, like this:

I think the dirty state of that window is another blooper in itself. Yikes.

Wishing you all a fantastic Friday!

Doodle of the Day: Flashback Friday

I was honestly quite hesitant to rehash today's flashback doodle. There are various reasons for this. For one, it's one of my especially weird and wacky doodles. Aren't all of my doodles weird and wacky, though? Anyway, in particular, this doodle is based on the Harry Potter series. I know Harry Potter isn't everyone's thing, and I'll readily admit that many of its elements really are quite eccentric. But, I grew up with a father who instilled in me a love for reading, most especially when it comes to the fantasy genre. That's why, as I've mentioned here before, when the Harry Potter series came out when I was a kid, it hooked me in real good.

What's more, I created today's flashback doodle over three years ago, way back in April of 2016. Since those many moons ago, my style as well as my preferred art supplies have changed quite a bit. Back when I created today's flashback doodle, I was still using fineliner pens to draw my animals and other main subject matter, and I was using ink pads to create my doodles' backgrounds. Nowadays, I use actual art markers, such as those with brush tips, to create my doodles.

I guess the above statements are sort of forewarnings. In summary, today's flashback doodle is one you haven't seen in three years, it's got some real weirdness going on, and it was created using styles and art supplies I no longer employ. That being said, here it is:

Despite my reservations, there's a reason I chose this doodle as my flashback for today, and it's because I've decided I want to do a more current a series of doodles that more or less recreate this old one. Lately, I've been trying to create doodles inspired by summer, since it is, after all, summer. But, if I'm being honest, I don't feel all that inspired by summertime. Summer is not even remotely my favorite time of the year (I'd like me some autumn, please), and trying to create doodles reminiscent of summer usually results in me feeling less than creative. I realized recently that, rather than summer doodles, I'm simply in the mood to create something more magical and whimsical (honestly, I'm just trying to tide myself over until I can finally start going hog-wild with autumn doodles). I recalled this old doodle of mine, and decided I'd go with recreating it.

I apologize to anyone who is not a fan of things like Harry Potter. However, the reality is that I've reached a point in my creative life where I've learned that I have to create what I feel inspired to create or I won't feel inspired at all. Don't worry, though, because of course the wacky doodles I'll be sharing over the next few days will still indeed star furbabies. I hope you can enjoy them in that regard, if nothing else.

Oh my goodness, how do I get so long-winded when merely talking about an old drawing? My apologies. You'd never guess that I'm not a very talkative or social person when you meet me in real life.

Did you know?
Did you know that the papillae on a cat's tongue are not just for removing dead hair and other dirt and debris from their coat? The papillae are the backward-facing barbs on a cat's tongue, and for a cat in the wild they also serve the purpose of removing as much meat as possible from the bones of the cat's prey. These barbs on a cat's tongue, therefore, serve some very significant purposes. That being said, these papillae can also make things such as yarn and tinsel especially dangerous for cats. This is because, since the papillae are barb-like and face backwards, removing string-like material from their mouth is not something a cat can easily do. So, keep that yarn and tinsel away from your kitty, because the papillae on their tongue might very well direct it straight down their throat.

Thursday, July 25, 2019

Thoroughly Poetic Thankful Thimble Thursday

Happy Christmas in July, friends! It is, after all, July 25th. And you know what? That sort of (but also sort of doesn't) have a lot to do with our rhyme for the day.

Indeed, today is Angel Sammy's Thoroughly Poetic Thursday challenge. And, as always, our host shared a photo prompt to guide us.

Given that today is July 25th and I've been scribbling up all sorts of festive summer doodles, I indeed had Christmas in July on my mind when I saw that there image above. I asked myself how I could use that image to scribble up some sort of rhyme that was reminiscent of, of course, Christmas in July. Then I realized how laden the photo prompt was with the Coca Cola memorabilia. Does Coca Cola automatically make anyone else immediately think of those festive polar bears who so often advertise for Coca Cola? Because that's what I always think of, and so that's where I tried to go with my poem. I don't know how well I succeeded, but here it is nonetheless:

The Polar Pop Shop

Cole is a big, white, bear of a soul,
And he loves living where it is colder than cold.
In case we're not making it clear about Cole,
He's a polar bear living in the great North Pole.

On one fine summer day Cole strolled outside.
The temperature out there was a great big surprise.
Usually it didn't rise above 32 Fahrenheit in degrees,
But today the degrees counted a whopping 33!

Cole worried and fretted and drove himself nuts.
What if this heat wave melted his icy little hut?
Cole felt like he himself might, in fact, be melting.
He needed to find something else on which to be dwelling.

Cole had a bright idea to help himself cool down.
All he had to do was make the short walk into town.
A cold drink surely would do the trick,
And so Cole put on a scarf and headed out quicker than quick.

Just outside of town, Mr. Fox emerged from his cold home.
He nodded to Cole and greeted him with, "Shalom."
"Isn't it downright sweltering out here?" Cole did say.
"I fear we're all going to melt into puddles today."

Mr. Fox shrugged and replied, "I hadn't noticed.
It's as cold as cold can be, or my name's not Otis."
"But your name isn't Otis," Cole reminded him.
Mr. Fox shrugged with the opposite of a grin.

"Well," Cole said, "I'm off to the Polar Pop Shop.
At least there I can get a cold drink and cool off."
Mr. Fox shook his head as he said, "Polar Pop.
What a ridiculous name for a shop.
Does no one know the stuff is called soda?
That's like calling coffee something as silly as mocha."

With that, Cole wished Mr. Fox a good day.
And then to the Polar Pop Shop he went on his way.
He took a seat at the little shop's bar,
Where he was served pop, or perhaps soda, in a wonderfully cold jar.

Cole spoke for hours to the little shop's owner,
That being an equally white bear of a soul named Homer.
They both drank pop, or soda, or whatever, out of bottles,
Wondering if outside it was growing hot, and then hotter.

When the top of the bar was filled with their glass bottle dregs,
It was the Polar Pop Shop's owner Homer who said,
"You know, I have a thermometer just right over there.
Let's see if the temperature on it will give us a scare."

Preparing himself by drinking one final pop,
To the thermometer Cole's eyes then did hop.
It told him the degrees had lowered back to a glorious 32.
When it then fell to 31 and 30, Cole thought a great big, WHEW!

Cole and Homer celebrated with another round of pop.
Or with another round of soda, if you prefer that thought.
The two bears of white made it a habit after that day,
To share a round of drinks to keep the high degrees away.


Now we're on to Thimble and her Thankfuls.

Thimble is obviously so very grateful for those warm sun puddles.

This little ladycat almost said that she was grateful that her shadow revealed her to be the new Batman, or more like Catwoman. But, then we all remembered that a straight up kitty is way better than either of those. So, Thimble is grateful to be a stunning little tabby lady with a stunning little shadow.

We are also, of course, beyond thankful for all of you. And thank you to Brian of Brian's Home for hosting none other than Brian's Thankful Thursday Blog Hop!


Last but not least, how about we share the fill-in statements for tomorrow's Friendly Fill-Ins challenge? Ellen of 15andmeowing came up with the first two, and I came up with the second two.

1. If I had _________, I would _________.

2. _________ sparks my creativity.

3. _________ keeps me up at night.

4. I only just recently learned _________.

We'll see you tomorrow, friends!

Did you know?
Did you know that polar bears are found in the North Pole, and penguins live in the South Pole? This means that, though the two species are often displayed together in various forms of art, they literally live on opposite poles of the world as each other. The North Pole has a decent amount of connected land within a reasonable distance. For this reason, it is more conducive to habitation by land animals, such as polar bears, Arctic foxes, Arctic wolves, and of course reindeer. The South Pole, on the other hand, is largely surrounded by significantly long stretches of freezing cold water. This is why it is more heavily inhabited by animals who are capable of living and swimming in such conditions, and those animals include penguins, seals, and whales.

Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Woof Woof Wednesday

How about another pouty puppy showing off that snout of hers?

Don't mind the purple reflection on Astrid's nose. It's from the light in the terrarium this here human's sister keeps. Astrid happens to think she looks good in purple, so she doesn't mind one bit.

Happy Wednesday, friends!

Doodle of the Day

I wanted one of my Christmas in July doodles this week to include a bit of snow, but at the same time to also still have those summertime vibes. I had to brainstorm a bit on how to achieve this. Ultimately, I went for a watermelon-infused picnic scene with a side of snow-capped mountains.

Did you know?
Did you know that watermelon can make for a sweet, healthy snack for a furbaby, but that it also poses a couple of dangers? Let's begin by saying that the fruit itself, the actual pink portion of a watermelon, is in large part very healthy for our pups and kitties. Watermelon contains nutrients such as vitamin A and potassium. It is also over 90% water in content, meaning it can make for a very hydrating treat.

The above being said, there are two components of a watermelon that can pose risks, and those are the seeds and the skin, or the rind. The seeds can cause intestinal blockages, especially in small dogs and cats, whose intestinal tract are small and might not be able to easily pass seeds. When it comes to the skin of a watermelon, that part is largely indigestible for our furbabies, and so consuming it could cause issues such as gastrointestinal upset. So, while the tasty pink fruit of a watermelon can make for a tasty and healthy treat for a pup or kitty, do be sure to buy seedless watermelon, remove any rogue seeds, and keep the fruit's skin out of the mix.

Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Tonks vs. Tabby Toes

Tonks has an impressive sniffer. She can smell tuna from a mile away. She can also smell what may or may not be stinky toesies.

Ew! Is that what boy paws smell like? Tonks is so disgusted by the odor of Evan's boy toes that she couldn't manage anything but blurry, poorly lit bloopers.

Tonks was curious if the front toesies smelled as bad and boyish as the back ones.

Yep. Tonks said those are indeed stinky boy toesies all around.

Tonks and all of us here hope you have a happy Tuesday! Tonks also recommends you steer clear of boy toesies. This here mom to Tonks thinks she might be a tad bit wrong, because all furbaby toesies are far too cute to smell.

Doodle of the Day:

I scribbled up another Christmas in July doodle for today. As I mentioned yesterday, I'm not doing the same beachy Christmas in July theme I did last year. Instead, I'm doing what I hope is a more quaint and cozy version of Christmas in July. And that led me to this strange little doodle:

Did you know?
Did you know that on an 85°F day, concrete can reach a temperature of 105°F, and asphalt can reach 130°F? When it's 90°F outside, concrete can reach 125°F and asphalt 140°F. What's more, studies have shown that, though it might take up to 20 minutes, an egg can indeed fry on concrete or asphalt that's at 130°F. Can you imagine poor cat or dog paw pads walking on a ground that could fry an egg? Paw pads can indeed suffer burns, potentially severe ones, from walking on concrete or asphalt that is too hot.

Needless to say, be aware of the temperature outside as well as the temperature of the ground before taking a pup or kitty outside to walk on said ground. You can test concrete or asphalt by placing your own hand on it. If you can't comfortably or safely keep your hand on the ground for 7 to 10 seconds, then it is too hot for a cat or dog's paws. If an outdoor bathroom break is required for a kitty or pup when the temperature outside results in dangerously hot concrete or asphalt, then stick to the grass, try to find shade, and make the time outdoors as quick as possible. There are also options such as booties to protect those furry feet, if the cat or dog at hand will tolerate it.

Monday, July 22, 2019

A Magnificent Mancat on Monday

Evan is beyond glad that our 90°F days mean that he can bask in the sun. In fact, he can do more than just bask in the sun. He can pose in that blinding orb in the sky!

Can you even see Evan through all that sunshine? We're thinking you can probably at least see those whiskers. Aren't they magnificent?

We hope you're all staying safe and cool in this sunny summer heat!

Doodle of the Day:

Are you ready for a Christmas in July doodle? As I mentioned and showed yesterday, last year I went for a beachy sort of theme for Christmas in July. This time around, though, I was feeling a different sort of theme. Those of you who visit us often have probably noticed that I've gotten in the habit of drawing certain cozy, quaint indoor scenes lately. I decided to extend this current style of mine to my Christmas in July doodles, which led to images like this:

Did you know?
Did you know studies have shown that a vehicle's interior temperature can rise 34°F above the outdoor temperature after just 30 minutes of being shut off? After 60 minutes, the interior of a car can rise 43°F higher than the temperature outside. To give some examples, on a mere 70°F day, the interior of a parked car can rise to 104°F after 30 minutes, and it can rise to 113°F after 60 minutes. On an 80°F day, that equates to an interior vehicle temperature of 114°F after 30 minutes and 123°F after 60 minutes. And on days where the temperature outside rises to 90°F, the interior of a parked car can reach a scorching 124°F after 30 minutes and 133°F after 60 minutes. Obviously, these conditions are neither safe nor livable. Needless to say, and as you all certainly already know, don't leave your furbabies in a hot car!

Sunday, July 21, 2019

Sunday Selfies

Evan recruited the help of his mom here to snap his selfies this week. After all, the resident orange boy was super busy snoopervising the neighbors out the back door, so why not put his mom to good use while he kept an eye on the neighborhood?

Evan quickly came to regret allowing this mom lady here to help with his selfies, though. You see, not only did he soon find his ear cut slightly off in the above photo, but in the next one pretty much his entire ear was cut off. Not to mention, his paws also wanted to be in the selfie, but his mom's camera skills cut them right on out too.

Evan hopes all of you kitty friends of his have a way better photography assistant than him. You just can't find good help these days, can you?

Happy Sunday to all!

Doodle of the Day: Flashback Sunday

Though I typically plan on sharing flashback doodles on Tuesdays and Fridays, I'm going to swap this week's Tuesday with Sunday. One reasons for this is because I want to kick off this week's Christmas in July doodles with one of my favorite Christmas in July doodles from last year. So, here's festive flashback doodle.

If I'm being honest, doodling up beach scenes like the one above is not one of my most favorite ways to pass my daily art time. I'm simply not a beach sort of person. I'm not too keen on sand, or salt water, or bodies of water in general, or just plain beaches. I'm thinking that's one reason why this year's Christmas in July doodles are in a completely different style than last year's. That, and I didn't want to just recreate all of last July's festive fun. There are still elements of Christmas in this year's summer festivities, and there still are elements of warm weather such as that common to July, but so far it doesn't look like there will be any new Christmas in July beach scenes this time around. I think you'll see what I mean when I share tomorrow's festive summer doodle.

Did you know?
Did you know that Japan has more than one island known for its cat residents? One Japanese island is even known as "Cat Island", with the official name of Aoshima. This island is inhabited by roughly a dozen humans but at least 120 cats. The residents of the human sort feed and generally care for the cats. Another cat island in Japan is called Toshiro-jima, and it contains roughly 100 human residents but over 100 cat residents. Again, the human residents of course feed the kitties. It is also reported that Toshiro-jima does not allow dogs, for the cats' sake. Yet another Japanese island known to be a cat-centric island is Manabeshima, with a decent population of friendly cats who frequently greet visitors. These Japanese cat islands first acquired their feline inhabitants for a variety of reasons, such as reducing the rodent population, and for good luck that the Japanese inhabitants often believe cats can bring about.

Saturday, July 20, 2019


Boy oh boy, do I have a weird doodle for you today. Doesn't that sound promising? Yeah, I didn't think so.

I'll preface this further by saying that this upcoming week contains the date of July 25th, for those who might not have noticed. That date is what some call the true Christmas in July. In honor of this summer festivity, in the upcoming days I'll be sharing some doodles inspired by Christmas in July. However, before that, I couldn't leave out another of my favorite holidays. That is, Halloween. There's a Christmas in July, so why not a Halloween in July? Indeed, I tried my hand at a Halloween in July doodle. The result was, well, strange. See?

Happy Caturday, friends!

Did you know?
Did you know that bats are a mammal, and that they're the only mammal that can truly fly? Did you know that a full-grown bat can potentially weigh less than 1 oz.? And did you know that bats have tiny teeth that sometimes leave little to no evidence that they've bestowed a bite? What's more, bats are also somewhat of a contradiction when it comes to rabies. One truth of the matter is that bats are one of the primary animals known to carry and transmit rabies. On the other hand, the CDC has also reported that most bats don't, in fact, carry rabies. A study even showed that of bats who were captured, and even presented as sick, only 6% proved to have rabies.

All of the above being said, do be aware of your kitty or pup's health and safety when anywhere that might be frequented or inhabited by bats. Such areas might include tree-heavy regions, especially at or near nighttime. Also be aware in or near buildings with attics or other rooms into which bats might find a way and take up residence. As indicated earlier, bats are small creatures with tiny teeth that leave little to no marks. For this reason, it might difficult or impossible to know that your kitty or pup, or even yourself, has been bitten. This can be especially dangerous in the case that you do come across a bat that has rabies. Signs of rabies in a bat might include the bat flying around during the daytime, the bat being spotted in an especially uncharacteristic location, the bat being easily approached or caught, or a bat that simply acting sick or weak. Bats may be an intriguing species, but don't forget that they can pose a potential danger to your furbabies and yourself. Should you have a concerning bat encounter, contact your local animal control or other responsible authorities.

Friday, July 19, 2019

Friendly Fill-Ins

Happy Friday! Are you ready for the Friendly Fill-Ins? In case you missed the fill-in statements yesterday, I'll share them again here. Ellen of 15andmeowing came up with the first two, and I came up with the second two.

1. I have been contemplating _________.

2. I want to _________ a _________ about _________.

3. People should worry less about _________ and more about _________.

4. I want to make the world a better place by _________.

Below are my answers, in bold.

1. I have been contemplating which book to read next.
(My to-read list looks something like Mount Everest, so my options are endless. I'll soon be ready to start a new book, so I definitely have a lot of contemplating to do.)

2. I want to talk an ear off about my cats.
(I'm not a very talkative or generally social person, I'll be the first to admit. That being said, when I find someone who likes cats as much as myself and wants their ear talked off about my furbabies, I'm game. That's very likely why I appreciate this community of cat bloggers so much. None of you judge me for rambling on and on about my furbabies.)

3. People should worry less about what others think of them and more about what they think of themselves.
(I recently heard someone make a comment very much like this, and I thought it was such a profound and true statement. All that matters is that you're happy with who you are, and that you know and embrace what makes you happy. If others don't appreciate you for who you genuinely are, then there's no need to give those people your time or worry.)

4. I want to make the world a better place by being a voice for the voiceless.
(I often feel so hopeless and helpless when I think of all those in need, both four-legged and two-legged. I feel like I can never do enough to help the plight of the homeless, hungry, and all those generally in need. One thing that gives me even an ounce of solace is realizing that even if I can't physically make rounds helping all those in need, at least I have a voice with which I can speak for them. This is one reason why I appreciate the Remember Me Thursday movement that aims to raise awareness for animals in shelters by being a voice for the voiceless.)

Now it's your turn!
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Today's shots of Eddy are yet more of her posing in the window. After all, that's one of the few places she'll actually sit still.

Have a fantastic Friday, friends!

Doodle of the Day: Flashback Friday

Today's flashback doodle is from March of 2018.

In truth, I've only ever seen The Sound of Music once ever, and it's not my most favorite thing in the world. Can you believe that I'm not really a fan of musicals at all? That fact drives my sister nuts, because she loves musicals.

Regardless of the fact that musicals aren't 'my cup of tea, I remember why I doodled up the above drawing last spring. The reason was, plain and simply, because I had a hankering to scribble up something that fell like spring. We were having us a lot of snow still last March, and I wanted to create something that didn't feel like winter. For whatever reason, the scene that came to my mind was the one with Julie Andrews dancing and singing in a field of wildflowers, so I doodled up the above. The title of the doodle is, of course, The Sound of Mewsic.

Did you know?
Did you know that the musical Cats is based on a collection of poems by T.S. Eliot, and that it was almost based on dogs instead? Indeed, the musical Cats is based on T.S. Eliot's cat-centric collection of poems titled Old Possum's Book of Practical Cats, published in 1939. Originally, T.S. Eliot had considered writing that very poetry collection about dogs. That being said, T.S. Eliot is reported to have been a fan of both cats and dogs, but his love for cats won out. It's been said that, regarding his decision to write his collection of poetry on cats instead of dogs, T.S. Eliot declared, "Dogs don't seem to lend themselves to verse quite so well, collectively, as cats." He was also reported to have said, "It would be improper to wrap [felines] up with dogs." Those very thoughts ultimately led to the creation of Cats.

Thursday, July 18, 2019

Thoroughly Poetic Thankful Thimble Thursday

Whew. We've made it to Thursday. Shall we reward ourselves with a tad bit of rhyming?

Indeed, today is the day of Angel Sammy's Thoroughly Poetic Thursday challenge. As always, our host shared a photo prompt to inspire the poets hiding inside all of us. The prompt of the week is this cute albeit slightly messy one here:

The first thing this image reminded me of was, believe it or not, Lady and the Tramp. There's nothing like a good ol' serving of spaghetti to bring to mind the most iconic scene in that animated film. I decided to use that general concept to do a little play on words and to inspire some semblance of a poetic storyline. What resulted was this strangeness here:

Baby and the Champ

Baby loved nothing more than sitting in the highchair.
After all, that's when and where food appeared out of thin air.
There was just one problem with those times of good food,
And that was the visitor who always showed up to ruin the mood.

When food appeared in front of Baby,
Brought over by the household lady,
Baby could do nothing but smile,
Especially since dinner was spaghetti that went on for miles.

But then Baby remembered the risk,
The creature that might show up quite sudden and brisk.
The man of the house called this creature the Champ.
That name was really quite an accurate stamp.
This Champ never failed to win himself a plate of food,
Whether it belonged to Baby or those of the Champ's own brood.

Baby moved to dig a hand into the plate of spaghetti,
Knowing good and all things would get delicious and messy.
But before Baby could taste even one little bite,
The highchair moved and gave Baby quite a fright.

Baby knew exactly what that meant.
Baby knew that the Champ had made the ascent.
Onto the highchair that Champ had made the leap,
Without as much as even the quietest peep.

That's exactly how the Champ had earned that very name.
That is, Champ knew that winning was a stealthy, silent game.
Baby slowly turned around and looked up.
Indeed, hovering above was Champ, clearly ready to sup.

Fuzzy and orange, the one known as Champ eyed the plate of spaghetti.
Whiskered and with a long, flicking tail, Champ was ready.
A paw of orange fur buzzed past Baby's head,
Snatching up a meatball and eating it deader than dead.
Then Champ did the same to a clawful of noodles,
Gulping them down in a manner quite graphic and brutal.

Baby tried to cover the plate of delicious food.
It sure would be nice to eat without an interruption so rude.
The household Champ didn't take the hint,
Or didn't care, because that seemed more like it.
Ignoring Baby's request for a quiet meal,
Champ reached in another paw and continued to scrumptiously steal.

Baby huffed and squealed, "Really, now, enough is enough!"
The resulting look on the opponent's face made Baby feel far less tough.
"Can't we share?" Baby more politely babbled to the orange Champ.
Tomato sauce clung to the whiskers of the furry, thieving scamp.
"Hear me out," Baby babbled in another plea.
"I've devised a plan for us both to have some, you see."

Champ hissed and let out a grunt.
At least the fuzzy fiend then mewed a little less blunt.
Baby sensed that the time to explain was short,
And so sorting words and food became its own timed sport.

Baby said, "See that lady over there in the kitchen?
With me, she seems really quite smitten.
If I scream and holler and pour tears down my face,
She'll run right on over and adjust what's on my plate."

Baby then gave a grand demonstration,
And the lady in the kitchen scurried over without hesitation.
Baby squalled and blubbered until the woman got the hint.
It was when more food was heaped on the plate that Baby stopped the fit.

Indeed, on the plate was now a great big meal fit for a king.
There was enough food for Baby and Champ to share equally.
Believe it or not, that became the daily norm.
Baby would pitch a fit and a storm,
Until the plate was heaped with more and more.
From that day on, Baby and Champ lived and dined in harmony,
Their meals filled with good food, giggles, and a side of purring.


Now, of course, it's time for Thimble and her Thankfuls.

Can you tell what Thimble's thankful for? She's quite fond of her favorite windows in the house, the summer views they currently provide, and of course her adorable face.

What's more, and as always, we're all beyond grateful for all of you! This blogging community is like none other. A special thank you to Brian of Brian's Home for hosting Brian's Thankful Thursday Blog Hop each week!


And now we have for you the fill-in statements for tomorrow's Friendly Fill-Ins challenge. Ellen of 15andmeowing came up with the first two, and I came up with the second two.

1. I have been contemplating _________.

2. I want to _________ a _________ about _________.

3. People should worry less about _________ and more about _________.

4. I want to make the world a better place by _________.

We'll see you tomorrow, friends!

Did you know?
Did you know that the creator of cartoon cat Garfield, Jim Davis, bestowed upon Garfield his very own fondness for lasagna? Most of us probably know a thing or two about the famous orange cartoon cat known as Garfield, including the funny feline's chronic desire for lasagna. Jim Davis has said in at least one interview that he himself is a fan of lasagna, and so he thought he'd share that with his cartoon cat creation. Jim Davis also commented in an interview that many people have expressed to him that their own cats like lasagna as well.

The above being said, whether cats show an interest in lasagna because they smell meat or for a different reason altogether, it's important to remember that lasagna probably isn't all that healthy for a kitty to consume. Tomato sauces used in lasagna very likely contain garlic and other potentially dangerous ingredients. The acidity of tomato itself could potentially also pose a problem, just to name one more lasagna concern for kitties. So, though the one and only Garfield might enjoy lasagna, it's likely best to find another treat for your kitty to enjoy.