Saturday, October 31, 2020

Happy Halloween!


Wishing you lots of treats!

Wishing you lots of festive frights!

Wishing you lots of frightful fun!

Have a happy and safe Halloween, friends!

Tip of the Day

Our final Halloween tip is to use this spooky holiday as a chance to spend some quality time with your furbaby. Whether you're already staying tucked inside on Halloween night, or whether you wait until after handing out candy, do consider getting cozy and festive with your kitty or pup. For example, you can cozy up with your kitty or pup on the couch and read a spooky story, if that's your kind of thing. Another option is to of course watch a spooky movie or TV show, if that strikes your fancy. Of course, as we mentioned yesterday, do keep in mind your furbaby's sense of hearing and comfort when selecting a scary movie and volume level. For something more calm yet spookily festive, consider sitting down with your furbaby to watch It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown, or a certain famous orange tabby in Garfield's Halloween Adventure. Halloween night is of course also the perfect time to not only enjoy yourself some treats (of course without sharing anything toxic for your furbaby!), but to also give your kitty or pup any festive toys or treats that you got for them.

Halloween may sometimes be considered a night filled with tricks and terrors, but you and your furbaby can instead use it to spend some quality time together in a festive yet safe manner. So, cuddle up on the couch and spend some cozy and frightfully festive time with that furbaby! Happy Halloween!

Friday, October 30, 2020

Friendly Fill-Ins and Photo Fails

I hope everything in this post works okay and is visible, as I'm having all sorts of technical difficulties with it, especially when it comes to the images. Let's hope this all works out, and let's get right to the Friendly Fill-Ins. Ellen of 15andmeowing came up with the first two, and I came up with the second two.

1. I keep _________, but _________.

2. I don't need _________, but I want _________.

3. I would want _________ to be etched onto my tombstone.

4. If I heard something go bump in the night, _________.

My answers are below in bold.

1. I keep my furbabies' medical records perfectly organized, but I can't seem to manage to do the same for my own.
(I could whip up each of my furbaby's individual medical records in a matter of seconds if needed. When it comes to my own medical records, though, I'd probably be fumbling and failing to produce what's needed if they were requested of me. I do have an online account with most of my medical information, and the medical provider I use does have a network that allows different offices under that provider to access patients' files as needed. I guess I depend on my medical provider's system too much, since I don't even remotely have my own records sorted in my own filing system at home. And yet, each of my furbabies has a seperate folder with their records sorted by year. I have my priorities.)

2. I don't need a destination vacation, but I want a staycation.
(I've mentioned before that I'm not big on vacations, traveling, or just generally leaving my house and my furbabies. I'm a homebody. That's why I don't really enjoy traveling for vacations. I do love me a staycation, though, which involves not having to work but also not having to leave my house. That's right up my alley.)

3. I would want my love for my furbabies to be etched onto my tombstone.
(I have seen a lot of tombstones that comment on someone's role as a parent during their lifetime. I've seen this in the form of them simply being mentioned on the tombstone as a good parent, and also by the names of their children being listed on their tombstone. I would feel no shame and would not blink an eye at doing this but with regard to my furbabies. I have no children of the humanoid sort, but I do have furry children, and they mean a great deal to me and my life.)

4. If I heard something go bump in the night, I would not hesitate to blame the cats.
(My cats go bump in the night all the time. They go bump in the night, they go thunk in the night, they go crash in the night, and you get the idea.)

Now it's your turn!
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And now it's time for the Pet Photo Fails! Blog Hop, hosted by Mudpie and Melissa of Melissa's Mochas, Mysteries, & Meows!

You better believe our resident blooper queen Eddy has some photo fails to share today. And they're all frighteningly festive photo fails at that. We selected just a few of the bloopers from Eddy's Halloween photo shoots, and we hope you enjoy.

Happy Friday, friends!

Doodle of the Day

Today's technical difficulties include Google and Blogger not allowing me to upload images from my computer, so I can't get today's intended doodle to a point where I can upload it to this post. I'm going to keep trying and see if I can't upload it later this morning, but in the meantime I can at least access past doodles and so can share a flashback doodle. I don't know why this is an issue I occasionally have with the new version of Blogger. I can access images I've shared on my blog before, and I can access my photos I already have stored on my Google Drive, but sometimes all I get are errors when I try to upload an image from my computer. Sometimes it's Google in general that gives me issues, and sometimes it's just specifically Blogger. Does anyone else ever get errors when trying to upload photos to Google and Blogger?

Anyway. Here's a frightfully festive flashback doodle for now. If I can't get the new doodle to upload in a timely manner today, that means tomorrow's Halloween day post will have a grand total of 3 brand new festive doodles. I already have 2 Halloween drawings I'm sharing tomorrow, and now it might be 3. Though I'm frustrated about today's error, having 3 Halloween doodles to share on Halloween day would at least be wonderfully festive.

Tip of the Day

If you enjoy watching horror films or other similar movies for Halloween, keep your furbaby in mind when you adjust the volume. As you all certainly know, cats and dogs have impeccable hearing. A noise that sounds normal and tolerable to us might for them sound far more loud and uncomfortable. So, take into consideration your kitty or pup's heightened sense of hearing when watching movies, especially those with loud music, screams, and so forth. If you are watching a loud movie this Halloween, or any day of the year, be sure that your kitty or pup has a quiet area of the home, away from the television, where they can retreat should they wish to.

Thursday, October 29, 2020

Thoroughly Poetic Thankful Thimble Thursday

Sorry we're posting late yet again! Work has been some sort of nightmare lately. But, I'm off for the next four days, and so I plan on using a chunk of that spare time to get my own schedule back on track. I work best when I have a routine, and lately the chaos that is my workplace has really thrown off my own personal routine, so I'm ready to get back to it.

Anyway, we're finally ready for Angel Sammy's Thorougly Poetic Thursday challenge.

As always, our poetic host shared a photo prompt to help guide us. This week's prompt was this intriguing image here:

I most definitely took some liberties with this one. There is a flight in my rhyme, but nothing like the one seen above. If it's any hint at all, I tried to make this a Halloween poem as well. If you'd like to read it, here you go:

The Flight

Tilly's house looked spotless as she sat a broom beside the door.
She lit the pumpkin lantern on the parlor table and picked her cat Alistair off the floor.
Then, just like that, her friends arrived and burst into her house.
As always, Tilly was the quietest of the bunch, quiet as a mouse

She was barely able to speak over the ladies now in her living room.
She told them, "You all can go. I have my own way to arrive at our destination in a zoom."
One of her friends asked, "You didn't get a ticket for the same airplane as us?"
"Why wouldn't you want to fly first class?" another said in a bit of a huff.
"It's simply not my style," Tilly said
"Trust me, I'll be fine," she added with a nod of her head

"When will you arrive?" one of her less boisterous friends asked.
"I promise you," Tilly said, "I'll arrive faster than fast.
In fact, I bet I'll arrive before the rest of you."
Alistair the cat purred and, as if in agreement, let out a mew.

One of Tilly's friend sighed and said, "Fine, have it your way.
But, don't be late. We want to arrive at this Halloween attraction without delay."
"I promise I won't be late," Tilly told them. "In fact, I'll be the opposite.
I wouldn't dare miss Halloween. I wouldn't even think of it."

"You've always been such a strange girl," one friend told her.
Tilly smiled as she shrugged with a nonchalant raise of her shoulders.
Then she said, "Now, off you all go, or you'll miss your flight and be left stranded.
I'll be there in a flash, and see you all once you've landed."

Finally, Tilly's friends departed and she took a deep breath,
Feeling more relaxed after their chaotic energy had left.
She opened the bags she had packed and placed on the floor.
She made sure she had placed inside her elixirs and books, and some more.

Standing back up and again picking up Alistair the cat,
Tilly gathered up her bags and headed to the door just like that.
"Goodness me, I almost forgot our ticket out of here."
Laughing, she grabbed the broom that stood near.
She also grabbed her hat that hung there,
Which stood tall and pointed and with a bit of flare.

Outside, she said a few words and waved her hands,
In reply, the broom floated in the air, no longer touching land.
Reaching into one of her bags, Tilly pulled out a book not even remotely light,
Saying, "This will make for a wonderfully spooky read on the flight."

"Goodness me, how could I forget?" Tilly blurted and turned to her pumpkin-filled yard.
"Just because I won't be here doesn't mean I can let down my Halloween guard."
With another wave of her a hand a few more words from her mouth,
Pumpkin lanterns were lit in the east, west, north, and south.
"Perfect," she said.
Admiring the sight, she nodded her head.

Book still in hand, Tilly then hopped onto the broom that floated in the air.
Onto her lap immediately settled her dear cat Alistair.
She petted the feline and set her eyes on the book's open page.
As the broom began going up, up, and away,
In the story she was already engaged.

Tilly petted the snoring Alistair and read the tome's terrifying tale the entire way.
Her trusty broom flew fast and never once did sway or stray.
As she predicted, she arrived at her destination long before her friends,
And so Tilly enjoyed that Halloween's peace and quiet, for before long it would come to an end.


Now, how about some gratitude on this Thursday? After all, it's time for Brian's Thankful Thursday Blog Hop.

Thimble is always eager to share some gratitude. So, what is this tabby girl thankful for today? She's thankful that she found another someone to share some spooky reads with!

Don't mind the poor rocking chair off to the right that's drowning in blankets and pillows. I once put some warm and toasty laundry on that chair, and ever since that day Tonks insists that I keep blankets and pillows stacked on that chair for her to lay on. My cats run the house and I have no say in the matter.

Anyway. Doesn't Thimble's library patron look thrilled with the spooky tales she found for him to read?

Thimble enjoyed hanging out with this patron so much that she even decided to eat lunch with him, in her own headless sort of way. Joining Thimble is Winky, who is sleeping on Astrid's leash and thereby stalling the poor pup's walk. But that's beside the point.

We hope you all have as spooktacular of a day as Thimble's boney library patron!


Last but not least, how about we share the fill-in statements for tomorrow's Friendly Fill-Ins challenge? Ellen of 15andmeowing came up with the first two, and I came up with the second two.

1. I keep _________, but _________.

2. I don't need _________, but I want _________.

3. I would want _________ to be etched onto my tombstone.

4. If I heard something go bump in the night, _________.

We'll see you tomorrow, friends!

Tip of the Day

If you think it might be fun and festive for your furbaby to get in the Halloween spirit with a chocolaty treat, consider getting them some goodies made with carob. Carob is a chocolate alternative, and it can give items such as candy and baked goods an appearance and even flavor that is similar to chocolate. What's more, carob does not contain the component found in real chocolate that is toxic to cats and dogs. There are carob pet treats on the market, and even items such as cookies for furbabies are sometimes made with carob. So, if you think your kitty or pup might enjoy some chocolaty treats of their own while you enjoy some candy on Halloween, then consider the safe and festive alternative that is carob.

Wednesday, October 28, 2020

The Petrified Pup

Can you tell what Astrid thinks of her recent reading of "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow?"

Do you think she enjoyed it? Or do you think she's one petrified pup?

We hope you're all having a spooktacular Halloween week!

Doodle of the Day

Here's another installment in our Halloween week series of doodles.

Tip of the Day

We mentioned yesterday considering getting your kitty or pup a festive new toy as a Halloween treat and distraction, of course as long as said toy is safe for your furbaby to use. Similarly, you can typically find your furbaby some Halloween treats of the edible kind. Some companies come out with specialty holiday treats, for example. In addition, many pet stores will sell cookies, at least those for pups, and oftentimes such cookies will include those designed and decorated for certain holidays, including Halloween.

You don't just have to go for store-bought goodies in order to give your kitty or pup something festive and tasty on days like Halloween, though. There are a great many treat recipes available online, including those festively made with pumpkin or those simply cut into festive shapes. I've even seen people go for simple yet effective holiday treats that merely include cutting a wedge of paté canned food into a festive shape, such as a pumpkin.

Many of the options for festive treats are aimed toward aesthetics that humans rather than furbabies will appreciate, but as long as the ingredients are safe, your kitty or pup can enjoy a tasty Halloween treat just as well. So, check labels or recipe ingredients to ensure any treats you select are safe for your individual furbaby, and then let them chow down on a festive Halloween treat on Halloween night. Of course, if your furbaby has any ailments or you have any concerns about feeding your kitty or pup certain treats, do consult your veterinarian.

Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Twinky Tuesday

There are no kitties here named Twinky. There is a Tonks as well as a Winky, though, and sometimes this confused human fumbles her words and calls one or both of them Twinky. Today's post stars both Tonks and Winky, so why not call the post Twinky Tuesday?

Let's start with Tonks. Last week, this sassy little calico gave her book review of Washington Irving's "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow". She deemed it too scary and lacking cats, and so she quite literally threw it on the floor. She also punished the book by chewing on it. We didn't share that fact last week, but we will now.

Now, where does Winky come in on this post? On my chaotically decorated desk. I've shown this desk before, and it's something else. It probably looks like a downright nightmare to some of  you, but I love having it filled with decor and all sorts of bits and bobs that get my creative juices flowing. It's my art and writing desk, so that might explain that, or it might not.

Believe it or not, this desk looks a lot like this all year round. The skeleton and some of the other decor will get festive with some Santa hats and scarves come Christmastime. Oh, and yes, house panther Winky is in there. Can you spot her? Forget Where's Waldo? Let's play Where's Winky?

There she is! She's posing with my Headless Horseman statue that my sister recently got me. It actually arrived in the mail with the pumpkin head broken, but I didn't mind. After all, in "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow" story, the pumpkin head ends up shattered. So, we glued it back together and called it festive.

Happy Tuesday, friends!

Doodle of the Day

We're celebrating Halloween week with all brand new doodles. Here's one that took me forever to create!

This one took me a relative eternity simply because of that house. Drawing architectural structures is neither my forte nor my favorite thing. At the same time, I love the imagery of spooky houses. That's why I torture myself and constantly draw haunted houses this time of year.

Tip of the Day

Do you want to give your furbaby an extra fun treat for Halloween? We're thinking most of you already know that pet stores typically offer festive toy options around the holidays, including Halloween. Nevertheless, we're reminding you to consider looking for the pet store's festive holiday section, or for festive options in the general toy aisle. If necessary and feasible, you can even use such festive new toys to help distract a furbaby who gets anxious or excited by the sounds and overall hustle and bustle of Halloween night festivities, such as trick-or-treaters visiting the house. Of course, if you are handing out candy, festive new toys should be given in a safe area of the home, away from the door. And, yet another caveat is to always check new toys for any potentially dangerous parts and pieces. You know your kitty or pup best, so when picking out new festive toys for them, always keep in mind their tendencies to chew on or eat certain toys. It's fun to be festive, but it's also very important to be safe.

Monday, October 26, 2020

Another Ghostly Mancat Monday

First of all, we want to thank you all for the well wishes you so kindly shared for my parents' little mancat Flitwick over the weekend! For a few days he was having difficulty urinating, and he is therefore not only being medicated but also closely monitored by all of his humans at home as well as some wonderful veterinarians. With the help of quite an armory of medications and other treatments, Flitwick is no longer chronically straining to urinate. He is still not 100%, and he is going back to the vet's office this week to get a recheck of the bladder stones that were visible on some imaging last week, but as of right now Flitwick is feeling much better than he was late last week. Your purrs and prayers worked! Thank you!

Now, we have another mancat for you all today. That mancat is none other than Evan. Last week, Evan showed you all how he can sometimes get along with the resident ghost that haunts our home. This week, though, Evan went back to his old ways of having little to no patience for the little ghoul.

Sometimes, Evan just wants to throw that obnoxious little ghoul off a cliff. So, Evan did just that. Don't worry, though, because the ghost doesn't have any bones, or any nerve endings for that matter, so he didn't feel a thing.

Happy Monday, friends!


Doodle of the Day

We're finally sharing the first brand new doodle of Halloween week! We'll be sharing a brand new drawing every day of this spooky week, with two brand new doodles being shared on Halloween itself, because we just love this ghoulish holiday that much.

The other day, after a battle with Tonks over some freshly laundered blankets, I had a thought. The aforementioned thought led to the above doodle. Do you think there are any ghosts out there who get their spooky veils stolen by cats?

Tip of the Day

Today's tip in our Halloween series is one that we have given before on many different occasions. In case an unexpected escape happens on Halloween, such as if your furbaby gets out of the house when the door is opened for trick-or-treaters, be sure that they have ID on them. A collar tag and microchip with your contact information could potentially help a lost furbaby get back to you more easily and quickly. Of course, don't only make sure that your furbaby is wearing identification, but also make sure said contact info is up-to-date. If your address or phone number changes, do not hesitate to put the correct one on your kitty or pup's collar tag and to update their microchip information. No one ever wants to think about their furbaby getting loose and lost, but accidents can happen, especially on busy nights like Halloween. So, always err on the side of caution and have your furbaby identifiable in case of an escape.

Sunday, October 25, 2020

Sick Kitty Sunday Selfies

Sorry for another late post. If you saw our post from yesterday, you might remember that one of my parents' kitties is sick. I am very close to all of my parents' cats, and so when one of them is sick, it's almost like one of my own is sick. I've gone with my mom to the vet with the current sick kitty, and I also help medicate the poor boy.

The sick kitty, as mentioned yesterday, is 2-year-old boy Flitwick. As of today, he is still having trouble urinating. He has had multiple vet visits and rechecks through all of this, and so far he has not yet been deemed blocked, as he is passing enough urine that his bladder is not full. He strains to go every time, though, and there is usually blood in whatever he does get out. Flitwick is being treated as if he has a UTI, which he might very well have. Every time he is seen, though, his bladder is not big enough for the vet to collect urine, so a sterile sample for urinalysis has not yet been gathered. Another concern is that crystals were seen in an x-ray of Flitwick's bladder, so we're hoping and praying he doesn't become blocked due to said crystals.

Since poor Flitwick is in my mind, and in my presence, a lot these past few days, I thought it would be nice to share a couple selfies from him today. The shots we're sharing were him at the emergency vet the other night. He is such a sweet boy and gives the vet no trouble at all. These photos are far from good quality. But, with my amateur photography skills mixed with the lighting in the exam room, and mixed with the fact that Flitwick was being quite active and cute, this was the best I could do.

Is Flitwick downright adorable or what?

If you have some purrs and prayers to spare, could you send some to sweet Flitwick? I never thought I'd be so excited at the prospect of seeing a cat pee.

Happy Sunday, friends!


Flashback Doodle of the Day

I'm frustrated with myself to yet again say that we're sharing another flashback doodle today. I've been excited to share all brand new Halloween doodles the entire week of Halloween, and I even have a chunk of those doodles at near completion. But, I've been so distracted worrying about and helping my parents with their sick kitty that I haven't put the final touches on even one single of the nearly completed doodles. I'm still going to share all seven of the doodles I have planned for this week, though. I will be working on completing them today, possibly while sitting with sweet Flitwick during one of my visits with him. I will for certain start sharing our brand new Halloween doodles tomorrow, and since I have seven to share, I'll likely share my favorite two on Halloween itself.

Tip of the Day

We've been giving all sorts of tips related to pet safety during trick-or-treating and other Halloween festivities. And, today, we have yet another tip related to that. Then again, it is almost Halloween, so perhaps it's permitted.

Today's tip is to help your kitty or pup get rid of some extra energy by engaging them in some form of activity before any Halloween festivities begin. This way, your furbaby would have less pent up energy and therefore less anxiety or frustration while they are tucked away somewhere safe while you hand out candy or celebrate this spooky holiday in another way. Helping your kitty or pup use up that extra energy of theirs could involve playing a game such as fetch with them, or directing their attention to interactive toys. If your fubaby is one who needs or likes walks, then you can also drain and prevent pent up energy by taking them for a walk prior to trick-or-treat hours. This would again enable them to release some of their energy before being secured in their safe room while you hand out candy. All in all, pent up energy can lead to issues such as anxiety or frustration in a cat or dog. This is why it might be a good idea to take your kitty or pup for a stroll, or to play with them in the house, prior to locking them up somewhere safe and away from the door on Halloween night.

Saturday, October 24, 2020

A Sick Kitty With Festive Flashback Caturday Art on the Side

It's a late post and a change of my original plans for today. We've mentioned how we're going to be sharing brand new Halloween doodles every day next week, and the first one was actually supposed to be shared to today. I have a couple of those brand new Halloween doodles all but done, with just a couple of final touches needing completed. I wasn't able to complete those final touches on any of them before today, though. The main reason is that for the past two evenings I've been helping my parents tend to one of their cats, one evening even going to the emergency vet with my mom and her sick little kitty.

Don't worry, because this sweet little kitty is doing fine. The cat in question is actually Tonks and Winky's litter mate Flitwick, who owns my parents. What's going on is that Flitwick is a 2-year-old male cat and he's having trouble urinating. Us and the emergency vet, as well as our usual vet, are all trying to make sure Flitwick does not have a urinary blockage, or that he doesn't become blocked. So far, his urinary issues just appear to be a nasty UTI. Possible crystals in his bladder were noted on some x-rays, though, so we're keeping a close eye on him as well as medicating him with some drugs that will hopefully help him urinate and ideally prevent a urinary blockage. If you have some purrs and prayers to spare, Flitwick could use them. He's been acting like his usual sweet self, but the poor boy just can't get comfortable to urinate properly.

So, after spending time at the emergency vet and helping my parents tend to and medicate sweet Flitwick, I didn't get the final touches on the doodle that was supposed to be shared today. Now that it's wonderfully the weekend, I have extra time to have some Halloween fun in my sketchbook. For today, though, we're going to share two festive flashback Halloween doodles. The first one was the doodle we shared on Halloween day last year, and the second one, which stars my angel Rosie, was what we shared on Halloween day in 2018.

Happy Caturday, friends!

Tip of the Day

Today's Halloween tip is to know your local area's trick-or-treat details in order to be prepared, whether or not you are handing out candy or otherwise joining in on the festivities. Two of the important things to know are when trick-or-treat hours are, and what indicates whether trick-or-treaters should come to your door. Of course, this year there may be some other special instructions to learn, thanks to pandemic life. It's important to know these Halloween festivity details so that you can have your pup or kitty home from a walk before traffic increases, for example, or to have your black cats and other furbabies safely inside before people begin filling the streets in search of candy. If you are handing out candy, it's good to know trick-or-treat hours so that you can have your kitty or pup tucked securely away from the door before the first trick-or-treaters arrive. In many areas, a house with its post light on is one where trick-or-treaters can go for some loot. In the event that you're handing out candy, be sure to only have your post light on when you're furbaby is in a safe area of the home, again away from the door. If you are not handing out candy, it's of course still important to know the hours and other details of Halloween festivities in your area. This will ensure that you can have your post light off at the correct hours, in order to avoid knocks at the door or the doorbell ringing and scaring your furbaby needlessly. It's always good to be informed of the details of anything that might affect your furbaby, and that includes Halloween night festivities.

Friday, October 23, 2020

Friendly Fill-Ins

Hello and happy Friday! We're ready for the Friendly Fill-Ins challenge. Are you? If you'd like to join us but missed the fill-in statements yesterday, we'll share them again now. Ellen of 15andmeowing came up with the first two, and I came up with the second two.

1. I might _________.

2. I want to _________ before fall is over.

3. If my house were haunted, _________.

4. _________ is the scariest thing that's ever happened to me.

My answers are below in bold, accompanied yet again by far-too-long explanations.

1. I might dress up for Halloween this year.
(As much as I love Halloween, I actually don't usually dress up in a costume. I have some festive Halloween shirts, and each year I wear one of those on Halloween when handing out candy. This year, though, I'm actually dressing up in a costume. So what if I'm a grown adult? And can you guess what I'm planning to dress up as? A black cat, of course! I dressed up as a black cat as a child, and I believe I'll do it again. It's really quite easy. I ordered a giant black cat onesie on Amazon, complete with a hood that even has kitty ears. And since we're in pandemic mode, my mom is sewing me a black mask that will have a cat nose, mouth, and whiskers.)

2. I want to make a haunted gingerbread house before fall is over.
(Has anyone ever heard of or seen the baking competition called the Haunted Gingerbread Showdown? Or am I the only one obsessed with Halloween baking shows? I'm probably the only one, and that's totally. Either way, I watched that show and decided that this year I'll be making a haunted gingerbread house to celebrate the Halloween season. Except, since my family is full of chocoholics, I'll actually be making the house out of chocolate cookie parts and pieces rather than gingerbread. I'll be using royal icing to decorate it with spider webs and all sorts of other spooky goodies.)

3. If my house were haunted, Thimble would befriend whatever paranormal entity joined us.
(Thimble is known not only as the most social and friendly cat at our house, but also for walking around the house talking to walls, closet doors, corners, and all that jazz. Sometimes I wonder who or what she's talking to, and my family and I have before joked that she chats with beings in other dimensions. So, if my house were haunted, Thimble would have a new friend.)

4. Angel Rosie falling out of a window is the scariest thing that's ever happened to me.
(Most of the scariest things in my life have involved something unfortunate happening to one of my furbabies. I've had my kitties and pups fall ill, get diagnosed with scary diseases, and of course I've had to say goodbyes to beloved cats and dogs. For some reason, though, perhaps because of just how unexpected and sudden it was, Rosie falling out of a window and briefly disappearing is what first came to my mind for this answer. It was when I was a teenager that my calico angel Rosie, who many of you might remember, indeed fell through the screen of a window. My family and I didn't even know this had occurred at the time it happened. I remember walking into the room in which Rosie had been relaxing in the window earlier in the day, feeling more breeze in there than usual, and then noticing the screen of Rosie's window flapping all about in the wind. I panicked. My mom panicked. We all panicked. It was about to storm, the wind was picking up, the temperature was dropping, and Rosie was not in the house. We looked outside, and luckily it actually didn't take long for us to spot her crouched near a corner of the house, hiding behind a gutter downspout. I've been lucky in that none of my other furbabies have ever escaped the house or gone missing, so this one event with Rosie really sticks out for me.)

Now it's your turn!
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You are also welcome to complete the fill-ins in the comments below,
or in the comments on Ellen's blog, 15andmeowing.

Flashback Doodle of the Day

We'll be sharing all brand new Halloween doodles for the entirety of next week. Today, though, we're sharing a furry little trick-or-treater from last year. Who remembers this kitty hunting for candy?


Ready for a fix of Eddy? Last week, Eddy revealed that she had added both of reading teacher Evan's Halloween book suggestions to her personal little library. Eddy trusts her beloved Evan's opinion, so she found herself a copy of Washington Irving's "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow" and Ray Bradbury's The Halloween Tree. This week, Eddy promised to let you all know which of the two she decided to read first.

There was much deliberation. Picking a book to read can be a real debacle sometimes.

Did you catch that? It was with much consideration and a cheek rub that Eddy chose to read The Halloween Tree first. Perhaps she heard from Tonks how scary "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow" is, and how it stars far too few cats.

Eddy hopes you all have a happy Friday filled with good reads!

Tip of the Day

Today's tips is another one to help keep anxious or excitable furbabies calm and safe on Halloween night. This tip involves a couple more things you can do in order to help your kitty or pup from becoming scared or agitated when trick-or-treaters are active. For example, if your cat or dog is scared or becomes excited at the sound of the doorbell, then one option is to disconnect it on Halloween night. If you hand out candy on Halloween, you can also use options such as placing the candy dish outside for trick-or-treaters to grab some loot themselves, sitting outside to hand out candy, or simply staying near the door and watching for trick-or-treaters so that they won't need to knock or ring the doorbell. During this year of the pandemic, leaving candy outside and thereby reducing contact with others might even be the recommended form of trick-or-treating in some areas. As we've mentioned in previous tips, there are still ways to enjoy Halloween and its festivities while also keeping your kitty or pup as calm and safe as possible. This might mean taking some extra precautions and finding a method that works for you and your furbaby.