Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Cleaning Up and an Uncle's Kitten

Good grief, our blog posts have the weirdest titles these days. We'll get right to the first part of today's title. As part of the Chewy.com Blogger Outreach Program, we tried us a neat and clean new product this month. Well, one particular furbaby got to try it out.

We'll cut right to the chase. Evan tested out Burt's Bees™ waterless shampoo for cats.

The reason that Evan tested this out is because, due to his hind limb paralysis, sometimes his aim in the bathroom is a bit off. Though it is rare, he sometimes emerges from the depths of the little boy's room with urine or feces on his rear end and legs.

All of that being said, Evan hates baths. He hates water, he hates sinks, he hates bathtubs, and all that jazz. All of these reasons are why waterless kitty shampoo has become a staple in our home. All I have to do is spray it and wipe Evan down. To be honest, though, Evan doesn't necessarily like being sprayed and wiped down with waterless shampoo all that much either. But, despite his complaints, waterless shampoo can make for a quick and harmless cleanup.

Now, back to Burt's Bees™ waterless shampoo.

We have tested this product out. But, we don't have photographic evidence of our use of it. That's because Evan treats any and every bath, no matter how waterless and fleeting, like a visit to the guillotine. He squirms, he cries for help, and he tries to escape. I figured I wouldn't make him offer photographic evidence of his torture.

So, we'll just give our thoughts. Our thoughts are that the Burt's Bees™ waterless shampoo does its job well, allowing Evan to be spick and span no matter what happens in the toilet. It has a soothing scent, neither too bland nor too pungent. It is made largely of natural components, including apple and honey. What's more, Burt's Bees™ waterless shampoo for cats is formulated specifically with a cat's coat and skin in mind, and is also cruelty-free.

Are we pleased with Burt's Bees™ waterless shampoo? We sure are! Well, at least I am. Evan thinks I'm the most cruel lady in existence when I bring it out to play. So, I guess only my vote counts this time around, and I give it two thumbs up.

(Disclaimer: As members of the Chewy.com Blogger Outreach Program, we received Burt's Bees™ waterless shampoo for cats in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are our own. We only review products that we believe will be of interest to our readers, and we never recommend a product that we do not believe in.)


  And now we're on to the A to Z Challenge.

We're all the way the letter U now. Of course, we continued on with our theme of twisting classic story titles into animal-inspired doodles. How did we do that with the letter U? Well, we made use of Uncle Tom's Cabin by Harriet Beecher Stowe. Except, we gave it this weird twist instead:

I wasn't so sure about this one, but hopefully you all like it, or at least find it entertaining.

Have a terrific Tuesday, everybuddy!

Our Tip of the Day:

We're here with another Spring pet safety tip today. This one is another repeat tip, but it's also one that we think it's worth saying again. And that is, to please keep up with those preventatives! As the weather warms and the grass grows green, pests such as fleas, mosquitoes, and ticks will be out and about in full force. We very recently gave a series of tips on buggers such as these, what parasites they can harbor, and what diseases they can pass on to our furbabies. Tapeworms, heartworms, and Lyme disease, for example, can result if your furbaby falls victim to such pests. This can of course affect their health and happiness, and nobody wants that.

So, in short, please do keep up with preventatives for your kitties and pups. Discuss the best options with your veterinarian. And, of course, only give your furbaby a preventative that is formulated for their species, as well as their age and weight. Proper prevention indeed plays a part in keeping our furbabies as healthy as possible.


Marg said...

That Burt's Bees looks like good stuff. We think the drawing is terrific. We enjoy them everyday.

The Island Cats said...

We're glad the Burt's Bees worked well for Evan. And y'know...we don't like baths either...wet or dry. :)

Sandee said...

I'm glad you have something that Evan will tolerate. That's most important.

Have a purrfect day. My best to your wise peeps. ♥

Eastside Cats said...

Never heard of this product before, but I think I will look for it!
Wondering if Evan dislikes that spritz noise; have you tried pouring some into your hand or on a cloth?

World of Animals, Inc said...

Thanks for sharing the review of this product. We are glad that the shampoo is keeping him clean. Maybe soon he will get the hang of it without squirming. See you later Evan.
World of Animals

pilch92 said...

I am glad The Burt's Bees shampoo worked, despite Evan's protests. I like your drawing for the A-Z, very cute. I have never read the original. Excellent tip too.

Melissa, Mudpie and Angel Truffles (Mochas, Mysteries and Meows) said...

I didn't give that shampoo a thought when I saw it in the Chewy email, but I've seen some really good reviews of it and wish I'd chosen it. So glad it's keeping Evan nice and fresh!

Momma Kat and Her Bear Cat said...

Evan is such a character! I get more of a bath than my cats when I try to bathe them :)

Feline Opines said...

Evan, your fur is purrfectly wonderful after your Dry bath!
Purrs & Head Bonks,
Alberto & The Tribe of Five

meowmeowmans said...

Evan, we are glad that waterless shampoo worked for you, even if there's no photo evidence. :)

Angel, Kirby and Max said...

Mom needs to check out Berts bees to see if they have a doggy version for a friend!

Anonymous said...

Burt's Bees products are wonderful but I didn't know they made goodies for animals! How cool! Poor Evan - at least this is less horrible than a bath in a tub or sink.... I think your doodle is totally adorable as always....!

Hugs, Teddy