Friday, February 12, 2021

Friendly Fill-Ins

Happy Friday! Would you like to join us for the Friendly Fill-Ins challenge? If so, please do! Ellen of 15andmeowing came up with the first two fill-in statements, and I came up with the second two.

1. Years ago, I had a _________.

2. I used to want a _________, but now I don't.

3. I have just recently become interested in _________.

4. I wouldn't be where I am today without _________.

My answers are below in bold, accompanied by some painfully long explanations. Feel free to skip all the rambling.

1. Years ago, I had a negative opinion of ebooks.
(I used to be all pompous toward the concept of reading books that were digital and not physical. Then, a few years ago, my parents got me an Amazon Kindle for Christmas. I hesitantly loaded it up with some ebooks, and now I love reading them. Ebooks really are so convenient, as well as cheaper than physical books. Don't get me wrong, I still buy physical books, read them, and have shelves upon shelves full of them. But, I admittedly read ebooks far more often than I read physical books these days. I never thought I'd say that.)

2. I used to want a career as a veterinarian, but now I don't.
(I'm fairly certain I've mentioned this before. For essentially all of my childhood, I wanted to be a veterinarian. Then, as I approached my college years, I thought about it more and had to admit to myself that euthanasia and other devastating procedures were not something I wanted to fill my days with. I of course still love animals more than I could even put into words, I still studied animal sciences in college, and I still worked directly with animals in multiple jobs I've held as an adolescent and as an adult. One of my jobs right out of college was as a veterinary assistant, and after assisting with more than a few euthanasias, I was glad I had not pursued a career as a veterinarian. Helping animals is immensely rewarding, but I know that I would have eventually burnt out. I admittedly feel more of an emotional attachment to animals than I do to most humans, and so I believe dealing with sick and dying animals every day would have ultimately worn me down. Kudos to all veterinarians out there.)

3. I have just recently become interested in the true crime genre.
(I've always enjoyed reading and watching tales of suspense, thriller, crime, and all that jazz. That being said, I used to consume that type of thing only in the form of fictional tales. I've always been a fan of fiction above all else. Nowadays, though, I've discovered that I am highly intrigued by true crime stories. I have been binge watching crime documentaries of all types, and it's made me realize that I think I would have really enjoyed studying criminology and forensics in college. There's just something so intriguing about getting to the bottom of crimes. It's like they're puzzles to be solved, and putting all the pieces together must feel so rewarding. It also surely must be rewarding to seek the rightful form of justice for the victims and the criminals.)

4. I wouldn't be where I am today without my family.
(Both my human and my furry family members have impacted my life greatly. I'm not a social person and so I'm not close to very many people, but I am close to my parents, my sister, and some of my extended family. I was one of the lucky kids of the world who was raised in a safe home with a close-knit family, and of course I was also beyond blessed to have my unconditionally loving cats and dogs. Without my supportive family and without my beloved furry family, I don't know where I'd be today.)

Now it's your turn!
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Today, Eddy wanted to share with you all another view from her favorite window.

Wait a second. That's not what the view out the window looks like right now. Those trees aren't all dry and brown like when Eddy snapped that photo. These days, the trees look like this:

Is the world all white where you live, friends? We've gotten quite a bit of snow this week. It snowed all day at least 2 or 3 days this week. It wasn't always heavy snow, so we don't have feet of it on the ground, but we do have a decent amount nonetheless. It's also cold outside. We've had some days where the temperatures dipped below 0°F. That always makes us worry for kitties and other animals living outdoors, and we've been thinking a lot about those little critters lately. We have a shelter with food and a heat source in our yard, but we know there are animals all over having to endure the cold, and we purr and pray for them.

Sending you all warm wishes!

Flashback Doodle of the Day

Instead of posting one of our flashback wintry doodles, today we're sharing a Valentine-esque doodle from last year. I admittedly did not scribble up any new doodles for Valentine's Day this year, because it's really just not my favorite holiday. I was also too excited for some of the new doodles I'm working on to do any for Valentine's Day. So, today and Sunday, we're sharing a couple of the Valentine doodles we created last year.

Tip of the Day

We're continuing on with our tips for National Cat Health Month, today's tip being all about diet. As you all certainly know, not all foods are created equal. Always be sure to do your research and read labels, ensuring that you are feeding your kitty food that is as high-quality as possible. Also remember that cats are obligate carnivores, so make sure that their diet largely reflects this. In addition, when it comes to feeding your cat, it is of course important to take a number of other factors into consideration, such as their age and health status. For example, kittens do best on foods formulated for kittens, as these diets will include higher protein and fat content, which helps aid in their growth and development. As your cat ages, consider how their health will affect their dietary needs. For example, does your cat have kidney disease or diabetes? Cats with kidney disease should be on a diet lower in protein, in order to help their kidneys function as well as possible. On the other hand, cats with diabetes are often better regulated when on a diet higher in protein. Other factors that could affect diet include of course food allergies, dermatitis, arthritis, dental disease, and weight, just to name a few. The most important thing is to understand your cat's dietary needs based on their overall health status. Of course, as needed, discuss your kitty's dietary needs with their veterinarian, and make sure you understand what type of food would be best for them.


Pam and Teddy said...

Grand fill-ins.......We admire all vets but recognize it is not for the faint of heart just as it is for human doctors and nurses. We can all participate in our own way in keeping animalkind happy though. I have been a true crime fan for many years - I find it all very fascinating psychologically. I've always had an interest in pathology and what a big role that plays!

Hugs, Pam

messymimi said...

Being a vet would be far above my capacity, also. It is fun to try to get to the bottom of solving riddles and puzzles, so i can see how solving crimes would be intriguing.

We don’t have snow, but plenty of rain to send to anyone who wants it.

The Florida Furkids said...

Great Fill-ins. Mom is starting to get back to reading. Kindle books work well for her and were especially great when the library was closed.

No snow for us!!

The Florida Furkids

Athena Cat Goddess Wise Kitty said...

Mum loves ebooks, though maybe at the beginning she wasn't so keen x

Yvonne said...

Another great week of fill ins! When e-books first came out, I wanted no part of them. Then, I decided to give them a try and I haven't looked back. We knew we would be moving and I had way too many physical books to move with us, so I discovered how easy it is to have 1000's of books on my e-reader shelf and no one even has to know about them. It's also perfect for reading at night while my husband is asleep. Lastly, for me, as I get older I need larger print and I can make my e-reader have any size font I want.

I hope you have a great weekend!

Marv, Jo Jo, Komo, Cinnamon & Angel Nellie said...

We loved the photo of Eddy, the trees and your incredible doodle! Splenderifierous! We also loved your Fill-in! As a computer geek and a voracious reader and having to travel for work, our Mom was an early adopter of e-readers. She loves e-books and has discovered many new writers who's works are not mainstream. We thank-you for your weekly Friendly Fill-In hop and for your lovely doodles and for some of the badges that you have done for the blogosphere! Lorraine, you are AWESOME!

Timmy Tomcat said...

We like those fill ins. We have a friend now who wont even consider an ebook. We like them but also like real books. Eddy you are so good looking. Great Doodle

Sandee said...

Love all your fill-ins and I love fiction. Crime novels and who did it kinds of reads. There's some great books out there.

You'd make a great vet since you love animals so.

Thank you for co-hosting the Friendly Fill-ins. Always a fun meme to do.

Have a fabulous day and weekend. Happy Valentines Day. ♥

pilch92 said...

Great answers! I admire vets for what they do, but I am too squeamish and sensitive to have ever been one. True crime is most interesting. And I was the same about ebooks until COVID closed the libraries and I quickly converted. :)
Eddy is adorable. And the drawing is cute too. Excellent tips as well. Have a wonderful weekend. XO

Melissa, Mudpie and Angel Truffles (Mochas, Mysteries and Meows) said...

That doodle is too yummy for words! We've been having snow nearly every day too. I wanted to be a vet as a little girl too until I lost my childhood cat to a brain tumor. I felt much the same about e-books but they take up so much less room LOL, and I love true crime because I'm an ID addict :)