Sunday, February 13, 2022

Sunday Selfie

It's usually the kitties around here who share selfies, but this week it's a festive pup.

Do you see that there Valentine's Day ribbon pup Astrid is wearing? Her Gammy (this here human's mom) made it for her a couple of years ago, and she's worn it for every Valentine's Day since.

Happy Sunday, friends!

Flashback Valentine Doodle of the Day

Though I don't really celebrate the holiday, in the spirit of Valentine's Day, we decided that we'll go ahead and share a couple more Valentine doodles today and tomorrow. That said, yesterday we shared a Valentine doodle starring Toby and pup Astrid, because Toby has a crush on his pup. Toby isn't the only cat who has a crush on the dog, though. My parents' cat Trapper, who is actually Toby's as well as Thimble's littermate, also has a thing for Astrid. That's probably why I scribbled up this doodle a couple of years ago for Valentine's Day.

Tip of the Day

Our current topic of conversation stems back to the fact that it is National Cat Health Month. Yesterday, in our tip regarding diet, we made a comment on the fact that your kitty's weight will indeed help determine the best diet for them. Today's tip is a continuation of that topic of weight. If your cat is overweight, for example, then portion control is of course important, as is the type of food, frequency of feedings, and other such factors. There are weight loss cat foods on the market, these often focusing on high protein intake, but do be sure to discuss with a veterinarian your kitty's weight and the best diet to help them live a healthy, fit life. Similarly, if a cat is underweight, such as due to an illness, diet can play a large role in increasing their weight and overall health. Again, discuss with a veterinarian what type and quantity of food to feed your cat in order to achieve an optimal weight.

Moving on from diet, though, we'll now briefly discuss activity level. We'll primarily discuss this in terms of overweight cats, as activity level indeed affects this greatly. So, especially if your cat is overweight, engage them in various activities and games each day. You can grab a toy and play chase or catch with them. Wand toys, as you all certainly know, are often great at getting cats up and moving. You can also enlist the help of more advanced interactive toys, which can keep your cat busy without you having to do all the work. Anything that is safe yet that also keeps your kitty's interest and prompts them to move around and participate in daily activity can be a great benefit to their body condition and overall health.

The above being said, if your cat is in any way ill or injured, such as with asthma or an injury, do be sure to discuss with a veterinarian what types of activity are safe for them. Diet and activity level will both of course play a large roll in keeping your cat's weight in a healthy range, but not all diets and activity levels are suited for all cats. So, if your cat is overweight, or even underweight, perhaps do some research, discuss your individual kitty's condition with a veterinarian, and then remain motivated and optimistic about getting your kitty healthy and fit.


The J-Cats said...

The light patch on Astrid's chin/neck looks a bit like a heart! Or is Valentine's Day playing tricks on Our Imagination?

meowmeowmans said...

Astrid, that is a very pretty selfie. How nice of Gammy to make you that Valentine's ribbon! XO

pilch92 said...

Astrid looks extra pretty. Cute drawing and excellent tips.

Eastside Cats said...

Aww, how cute!

M Dawson said...

That is such a sweet brooch and it goes perfectly with her dark fur. I LOVE the owls too, they look so romantic.

The Island Cats said...

i love your Valentine’s ribbon, Astrid. So festive!

Melissa, Mudpie and Angel Truffles (Mochas, Mysteries and Meows) said...

You look adorable, Astrid!

messymimi said...

Very festive, Astrid! The doodle is lovely.