Friday, December 5, 2014

Check-Ins and Promises

I'm trying to get back to checking in and making more frequent posts (as in, at least once or twice a week, if not more). So far I'm not doing so well with that, but I promise I will do my best to get back to checking in more frequently!

One reason I have not been on here much lately is that this is of course an especially busy time of year, as I'm sure you all know! I love Christmas, and I love Christmas shopping, especially for my four-legged furballs. Lately, a lot of my hours after work have been spent Christmas shopping, and I've spent a lot of time in pet stores lately. Soon I will post pictures of what I have gathered so far for my furry babies' Christmas.

Also, I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving! My feline furballs spent it scarfing down cans of turkey and giblets Fancy Feast, and Astrid spent it begging for and of course earning some scraps of my turkey (shame on me, although I was sure to keep her share to a safe minimum). Sadly, I was not able to get any pictures of their Thanksgiving because my camera was acting up. But I promise you, they were adorable.

In other news, Evan has a vet appointment this afternoon for his annual exam and vaccinations. It's his first trip to the vet in about a year. The last time he was examined and vaccinated he was a kitten, and much smaller. My Evan was feisty back then, and although he has made huge strides in his behavior and demeanor, I am curious how he will do now that he is older and full grown. Exams and vaccines are always difficult for him because, due to his hind limb paralysis and scoliosis, too much handling makes him uncomfortable. It will also be his first time seeing a new veterinarian. Hopefully all goes well, though! (As a side note, Evan is not the biggest fan of my camera and for whatever reason he sometimes gets stressed by the sight of it, so of course I will not be taking any pictures to share of him before or during his appointment. However, he is long past due for a photo shoot, so this weekend I will get some new shots of him and will let you know how his vet visit went.)

I apologize that this post lacks pictures! I hate to do that, but I am on break at work and currently don't have access to my furballs' digital photo albums. That being said, I intend on posting an Awww Interlude tonight and then making an additional post or two this weekend.

Until then, have a great day!

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