Thursday, February 5, 2015

Thankful Thursday

Good morning, bloggers!

This Thankful Thursday is brought to you by Trapper.
First things first, thank you for the purrs, prayers, and kind words for this little guy! Trapper is doing well!

He ended up not providing us with a stool sample before his vet appointment yesterday, so the vet had to manually retrieve a stool sample using what's called a fecal loop. Trapper was less than thrilled by this, but he ultimately let the vet do what she needed to do (although he did grumble the whole time). It was determined that Trapper has some bacterial overgrowth in his intestinal tract (possibly due to his sneaking dog and human food when we're not watching, naughty boy), which is in turn causing his loose stool and discomfort. So, antibiotics and probiotics it is for Trapper. He certainly does not like the taste of the antibiotics (Clavamox), but he's a good boy and begrudgingly allows us to administer it to him. And he already seems to feel much better!

It's a good Thursday to be thankful!

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Annie Bear said...

What a sweet picture of Trapper! He sounds like such a good boy accepting his yucky-tasting medicine and dealing with the indignities at the vet. Trapper is a trooper! That's great that he's already feeling better!