Friday, February 13, 2015

Throwback Friday

I'm feeling a bit nostalgic today, so I've decided to share some throwback pictures. So, here you go...
This is Rosie about two years ago. The story behind this picture is that my family drove to Michigan to visit my uncle, and since Rosie doesn't like many people besides us and won't eat for anyone else, we took her with us. She did great, and this is a picture of her sleeping on my lap in the car (I know, shame on me for letting her out of her carrier in the car, but on my lap was where she was happiest).
This picture of young Astrid was taken on the night of her spay. I promise, she wasn't sad at the time this picture was taken, she was simply drugged.
Even though it's blurry, this is one of my absolute favorite pictures of Evan. This was taken the night I brought the little guy home.
This is my little baby Thimble at I believe just under twelve weeks old. She still loves that scratching post, only she's not so dwarfed by it nowadays.
This is itty bitty Trapper at about six weeks old, I believe. As a tiny little kitten Trapper was Mr. Active, and this is a rare immortalized shot of him snoozing.
Although blurry, this is Talon showing off his inquisitive side at the ripe old age of twelve weeks. We've always considered him our little professor, and this is why.
And here's Toby at about twelve weeks of age. See those whiskers, how they're all broken off? Well, Thimble's to blame for that. Little Thimble was slow to give up her suckling ways when she was a youngster, and we caught her on more than one occasion suckling her brothers' faces. She managed to suckle all of Toby's whiskers right off. Don't worry, Toby, the stubble was adorable.
I hope you enjoyed this little bit of nostalgia! Have a great weekend!

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Annie Bear said...

Oh, these are great! It's like seeing your family album. :)

Toby's stubbly whiskers are beyond cute!

When we moved here to PA, we flew in to Washington DC and had to drive to PA. This was with Annie. This is terrible, but we let her out of her carrier and she was sort of halfway under the front seat. She was so upset and that was the only thing that was somewhat comforting for her.

How fun to know a little more about Thimble, Evan, Talon and Trapper. Astrid looks so sweet.