Friday, April 24, 2015

Another Rosie update!

First things first, when I went to visit Rosie at the vet last night she already looked better! The IV fluids, antibiotics, and overall TLC she's receiving at the vet had already left a brighter look in her eye (remember, she only has one eye). She was very affectionate and purred the entire time I was visiting with her. It pained me to leave her, but I know she is receiving the care she needs.

Rosie's awesome vet called me with a new update this morning. She said that Rosie did great on her fluids overnight and is doing well this morning. The vet informed me that Rosie looks and acts even brighter today, and she is now much more receptive to the attention and affection she's receiving at the vet.

Per the vet's request, I took them some of Rosie's favorite food last night. They did offer her some this morning and said that she was very interested in it, but that she still ultimately turned away from it without eating any. The vet asked that I come visit her again tonight (which I'm more than happy to do!) and see if she'll eat for me. I don't know that she will, though, as Rosie has a history of going on hunger strikes when away from home. Nevertheless, I will see if I can coax her to eat.

The vet will more than likely send Rosie home tomorrow. The vet will do a recheck pancreatic SNAP test first thing tomorrow morning, and if it comes back normal she will most definitely get to come home tomorrow, probably early in the day. If the bloodwork is still abnormal, the vet thinks that she'll still send Rosie home tomorrow, although she'll wait until later in the day so that Rosie can be on IV fluids for a bit longer. The vet hopes that once she's back in her familiar home environment she'll improve exponentially.

On another note, the vet boosted this momma's pride yesterday by saying that not only does Rosie hold the record for their oldest patient, but she also is the most robust geriatric feline patient they have. She indicated that their other feline patient runners-up are 18 and 19 years old, and they both weigh 5 lbs or less. At 21 years old, Rosie currently weighs in at 9.25 lbs.

Now, just to get this tough old cookie back home for some cuddles...
Thank you for all of the purrs and prayers thus far! I can't put into words how much Rosie and I appreciate it!


Annie Bear said...

I'm so happy to hear this wonderful news! It sounds like the fluids did the trick. I can only imagine how happy you both will be when she's finally back home. Rosie is awesome!

meowmeowmans said...

That's such great news! I'm so glad that Rosie did so well with the treatment she's received at the vet's office. Now, we'll just keep purring and praying that she's back home with you tomorrow.

P.S. - we are so impressed by Rosie! 21 years old AND 9.25 lbs. AWESOME. Must be all that love you're giving her. :)