Thursday, March 3, 2016

Thimble Thursday: Snoozies and Seuss Shenanigans

Thimble is probably my best snoozer. Except for when she mills about in search of snuggles and food bowl replenishments, and of course except for her wild shenanigans between 9 and 11 o'clock each and every night, Thimble is a professional napper. She loves to curl up in one of her favorite cozy couch spots, always near a window, and just snooze away.

She even seems to enjoy it when she starts sinking down in between pillows, and is often oblivious of when her head starts to loll back into what I would think to be very uncomfortable positions.

Often, when Thimble is awoken, she'll let out the most adorable chortle, and then she'll stretch backwards as far as she can. So far, often, that she'll fall off the couch if you don't catch her. Needless to say, I have no photographic evidence of this, as I'm usually too busy nose-diving to catch her before she hits the ground. Don't worry, though, Thimble has never injured herself, and in fact seems to think my frantic scrambling to come to her aid is quite amusing.

Of course, Thimble isn't always napping. Guess what woke her up yesterday? When I started opening our Dr. Seuss giveaway package from the amazing Ellen and her kitties over at 15andmeowing. Yep, we received our goodies on Dr. Seuss Day itself! We wasted no time in opening it. I was able to snap one picture of the whole lot of goodies...

...before Thimble invaded the scene and helped herself:

Ellen must have some spectacular nip at her disposal, because Thimble and all the kitties went mad over these goodies. Above is Thimble having her way with the catnip mat and, although you can't see it, a crocheted red fish toy. At this point, Evan and Toby had run off with a green fish toy and the famous red and white hat, and Eddy was having fun with none other than the envelope all of these goodies arrived in. And, moments after this picture was snapped, Astrid ran off with the dog toy Ellen sent just for her!

Thank you, Ellen and kitties! Needless to say, we all love these goodies very much! I'll leave you with one last piece of evidence of this:

Happy Thursday, everybuddy!

Our Tip of the Day:
Another cleaning tip? If your cat or dog urinates out of the litter box or in the house, such as on a piece of furniture, consider using an enzyme spray when cleaning the area. Even if you've cleaned up the urine and you can no longer smell it, often your cat or dog can still smell it, and that can tempt them to urinate in that same spot again. This is when enzyme sprays come in handy, as they use enzymes to break up and neutralize that odor and therefore help to eliminate inappropriate urination.


  1. Napping and playing with cool toys is the best!

    Rose ~the Adult kitten

  2. Concats on that goodie bag! We were so happy when we'd heard you'd won!

  3. Thank you posting about your winnings. I love the video- Thimble definitely likes that mat. We grow our own nip and dry it. I am glad everyone-including Astrid liked their prizes.
    Great tip about the enzyme spray.

  4. Oh Thimble, that nip toy is just the best. And for sure you did enjoy it. Love the pictures of you sleeping Thimble. And that is a great tip. I sure am going to get some enzyme sprays. I have some bad boys that like to spray around the house and if I can get rid of the smell, maybe they will quit.

  5. Concatulations ! That's a lot of cute stuff in that bag ! Purrs

  6. Concats on winning! That video is so cute and made me and my mum laugh.

  7. That was such a fun prize! And Thimble looks so purr-fectly blissful while napping!

  8. Thimble, you're a girl after Annie's heart with your naps near a window and food bowl. :) These snoozey shots of you are adorable. Wow, you can really relax!

    What a wonderful prize! You look so happy in the video! Ellen is so kind and generous. I'm so happy that the whole gang enjoyed everything so much.

  9. Those are some cool prizes you won.

  10. guys...conga rats on winnin de seuss day give a way !!! phoebe & crew make de best toyz & stuff dont they !!! N joy....we noe ewe will ☺☺☺

    heerz two a king oh de herrings kinda week oh end ♥♥♥

  11. Oh I just die over Thimble's sweet face! So precious! Congratulations on winning that most pawesome prize!!!!! xoxo catchatwithcarenandcody

  12. What great stuff from Mom Ellen! It's always a pleasure watching a professional (napper) at work, Thimble. :)