Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Toesies Tuesday

Astrid was my only furbaby willing to participate in Toesies Tuesday this time around.

The resident pup was happy to show off her left foot, so long as she could do so while in her default pouty puppy pose.

Then, though, Astrid felt bad for her right foot. Not wanting it to feel left out, she allowed me another toesies shot, albeit only if she didn't have to look at the camera.

Happy Tuesday, everybuddy!

Our Tip of the Day:
This is the perfect time of year to keep in mind that many dogs and cats will grow thicker coats in the winter and then shed that thickened coat in the spring. This is especially the case for animal with access to the cold, winter outdoors. To help your dog or cat remove their winter coat, and to reduce shedding and rogue furs spreading throughout your house, be sure to regularly comb your furbabies. What's more, to further reduce the spread of dust bunnies throughout your house, you can comb your dog or cat in a particular room that can be easily swept and tidied up, or even outdoors for those animals used to that. Happy grooming


  1. Astrid, those are some mighty fine paws. That is so nice of you to share both paws. You all have a wonderful day.

  2. There must be something really interesting out there, Astrid! What a nice paw, by the way.

  3. Two gorgeous paw vieweings for the price of one!


  4. Very nice toesies Astrid. Thank you for showing us the right and left. Great tip and I really need to do that, we have a lot of dust bunnies and they multiply like rabbits :)

  5. Hey Astrid, those toesies of yours make for a great chin pillow!

  6. She has white paws like I do! Barks and licks and love, Dakota DakotasDen

  7. Looking good, Astrid. We love seeing your toesies, sweet girl.

    P.S.: Speaking of Astrid's toesies, how is her foot doing these days?

    1. Thank you for asking about Astrid's foot! You reminded me that I should probably give an update in an upcoming post.

      Slowly but surely, the tumor on Astrid's foot seems to be showing signs of healing. The tumor is still present, but is no longer growing in size and actually seems to finally be removing itself from her paw pad. It's definitely a strange thing, and certainly not all that pretty. But, luckily, Astrid couldn't care less and wears her protective bootie like a champ, and I think it's finally on the mend.

      Thank you again for asking! Astrid and I appreciate it very much!