Sunday, February 25, 2018

A Shiny Selfie and Fun Facts

Evan has a selfie to share with you all today. It's a bright and shiny one, certainly not the best of lighting. Evan's not complaining, though, because he loves his sunshine.

This is, of course, Evan's contribution to the Sunday Selfies blog hop, hosted by the pawsome Kitties Blue over at The Cat on My Head.

That's not all Evan has for you all today, though. Our stunning pal CK recently shared 18 fantastic facts about herself, and invited others to do the same. So, this week, the furbabies around here will all be taking turns sharing these 18 facts about themselves. Evan's up first!


Hello, friends! It's me Evan. As my mom just said, I have some things about myself to share with you all. So, here it goes!

1. Favorite smell – Butter! I can smell butter from a mile away. Well, at least from across the house. My mom doesn't eat butter (something about lactose and a porcelain throne?), but my auntie eats butter. I chase her around the kitchen for it. 

2. Last time I hissed A couple nights ago, actually. I don't hiss often, but when I do, it's usually because my little sister Eddy doesn't know anything about personal space. 

3. Favorite pizza Cheese. Give me all the cheese. 

4. Favorite flower Catnip. I would say more, but then I'd incriminate myself. 

5. Favorite dog breed Astrid! 

6. Favorite ice cream All of them. Give me all the ice cream. Please. 

7. Pet peeve When my mom leaves the house. Why would she do that? If I'm inside the house, there's no reason for her to go outside of the house. 

8. Shorts or jeans I'm a nudist. 

9. Color of your PTU green 

10. Color of your eyes green (with a hint of orange!) 

11. Favorite food Dairy. Anything dairy. Oh, and coconut oil. And Party Mix. Temptations, too. Mmmmm. Yum! 

12. Least favorite food Lemon. I hate when my mom eats lemon, and then her hands smell like lemon, and that's just not cool. 

13. Favorite holiday My mom says I'm a nice Halloween orange, so there's that. 

14. Night owl or morning person Um, morning? My mom is a morning person, and I simply have to be in bed when my mom is, and I get out of bed when she does. So, I guess that makes me a morning kitty. 

15. Favorite day of the week Saturday. That's the day when my mommy rarely leaves the house. I love my hermit of a mommy. 

16. Do you have a nickname? Yes, lots of them. There's Baby Boy, and Momma's Boy. Buddy and Buddy Boy. Evan Fergus, or just Fergus. Handsome Man. Orange Boy. The list goes on and on. 

17. Favorite music I like my original music. I sing to my mom all the time, as loud as I can. I'm sure it's her favorite music, too. I'm a soprano, in case you're wondering. 

18. Tattoos I'll never tell.

I hope you all enjoyed learning more about me! I sure had fun answering these. All of us here are really enjoying these fun Q&As that CK has been sharing. Thanks, CK!

Ta-ta for now, friends!

Our Doodle of the Day:

I guess we're doing a bookish series of doodles now. So, here's the second one in the series.

Our Tip of the Day:
Yesterday, as part of National Cat Health Month, our tip involved food allergies. Keep in mind, though, that cats can of course be allergic to any number of things, not just food. Symptoms such as itchy skin, hair loss, rashes, and so forth can also result from seasonal and airborne allergies, allergies to fleas, and any number of other allergens. A cat can even be allergic to fragrances and other components in items such as cat litter or laundry detergent.

That all being said, if your kitty has dermatological or even respiratory signs of allergies, try to pinpoint when it started, and discuss this with your veterinarian as needed. Keep track of if your cat displays symptoms year-round, or if the symptoms are new. Does your cat have scabs or bites on their skin? Is he or she on monthly preventatives for fleas? Did you start using a new kind of cat litter? What about a new kind of laundry detergent with which you've cleaned blankets and bedding? Think back to even weeks or months ago, as allergies can take time to manifest. If the onset of symptoms can be tracked down to exposure to a new litter or other removable or remediable environmental factor, then it might be an easy fix. If your kitty is diagnosed as having seasonal or airborne allergies, though, then you can discuss with your veterinarian what might be done to help your kitty stay as itch-free and comfortable as possible.


Erin the Cat Princess said...

Looking good Evan, looking mighty good! So many facts there but good to see the dairy and pizza get a mention. MOL
Toodle pips and purrs

Marg said...

Oh those are some great answers Evan. We liked those a lot. We love catnip and we like just about any kind of food.You all have a terrific day.

Mark's Mews (Marley, Lori, Loki, and Binq) said...

We react fast to bacon fat. And ham, And Nip. And other stuff...

Peaches and Paprika said...

We always enjoy your sweet selfies, Evan! We don't blame you for #2, hissing. Territories are important!

Sandee said...

You took a great selfie. Purrfect in fact.

I love all the cheese and ice cream too.

Have a purrfect Selfie Sunday. My best to you mom. ♥

The Swiss Cats said...

Great selfie, Evan ! Purrs

pilch92 said...

Great selfie Evan and nice to learn more about you. I definitely noticed a dairy theme in your answers. Nice that you have a lot of nicknames, that means you are very loved. Nice drawing and excellent tips. Have a great day!

meowmeowmans said...

Evan, you did a great job with you selfie! And we really enjoyed your 18 facts (we think your answer to #5 was the best of all ... so cute)! :)

Athena Cat Goddess Wise Kitty said...

Great selfie and we enjoyed reading your answers!

Purrs xx
Athena and Marie


Evan that is a fabulous selfie!

Melissa, Mudpie and Angel Truffles (Mochas, Mysteries and Meows) said...

Great answers! We're pretty excited that it's supposed to be sunny the next couple days :)

Memories of Eric and Flynn said...

That is a great list of answers Evan, and a lovely selfie too.

Valentine said...

Mew Mew hello Evan! I like your selfie & it is so fun that you answered CKs list questions. I would luv to hear your music. Chin rubs! -Valentine (& Mom) of Noir Kitty Mews

Lone Star Cats said...

Luv your selfie! I'm a big butter fan too.

The Island Cats said...

Evan! Excellent selfie, buddy! We love learning ore about you.

Anonymous said...

Hi Evan!
You look great! LOVE your selfie and I too LOVE butter!

Cathy Keisha said...

Evan, thanks for playing! You came up with some great answers. I have a wonderful woofie Twitter furrend named Fergus. Nice selfie too.

Eastside Cats said...

Oh my gosh, that happy kitty reading a book doodle! When Chuck was always constipated, we tried so many different things at once, that we never really figured out what was the best thing! But he was better, so that was good...