Monday, April 18, 2022

Mancat Monday with the Letter M

Hello and happy Monday, friends! I'm a tad bit behind where I'm supposed to be in the April A to Z Challenge, but that's okay. I'm just going to continue on and have fun with it regardless.

Shall I repeat myself for the gazillionth time? Yes? In that case, for this year's April A to Z Challenge, since I love to write and am working on a series of books, I'm sharing A to Z doodles relating to my stories. Much like my usual doodles and weekly poems, the stories I write are weird, wacky, and star lots of animals. Today I have for you the letter M. And what does M stand for?

M is for Mary

That there young lady is Mary. I ended up drawing the main stars of this doodle way smaller than I originally intended, so I already plan on redoing at least parts of this one in the future. That said, in case you can't tell, Mary's furry friend there is a three-legged dog. Because specially abled furbabies are awesome, among other reasons. And can you see the gnomes outside her family's home? On that first step there's also a feline statue that may or may not be attempting to eat a gnome. That's inspired by the fact that I myself have a statue exactly like that.


Now, on this Mancat Monday, Evan has just a little announcement to make.

He would like everyone to know that spring has finally, truly sprung in our corner of the world, and that makes this boy very excited. He's enjoying lots of naps in the window, and those window whiffies make him oh so happy. Also, the dandelions have suddenly taken over the yard, and the grass is quite tall now. It looks like mowing season is upon us. That honestly excites Evan, because he loves to sit at the door or window and watch this mom of his mow the yard.

Have a wonderful day, friends!

Tip of the Day
April is Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Month. For this reason, we're going to have a bit of a series of tips on how to recognize potential cases of cruelty, as well as what we can do to help. Today, we're going to start by giving a simple overview of what cruelty can look like. First, of course physical abuse toward an animal is cruelty. Neglect is another form of cruelty, and can include situations such as when an animal is left outdoors in extreme or unlivable conditions with no shelter, food, or water. In a similar line of thought is hoarding, which can include too large of an animal population for the space provided, extremely unsanitary conditions, and lack of nutritional, medical, and other basic care for the animals. Another example of neglect and cruelty to animals is abandoning an animal, such as in a vacated home or outdoors. Other examples of cruelty to animals include leaving an animal alone in a hot, or even cold, car, as well as any form of dog fighting.

There are, sadly, a great many examples of animal cruelty and neglect. Since animals can't speak for themselves, it is of course important that we all be aware of what cruelty is, and what forms it can take. Our vigilance and diligence may be the only way for some innocent, helpless animals out there to receive the help and care they need. So, do make sure that you are aware of the sad yet true facts of animal cruelty and neglect. This way, you can know it when you see it, and can thereby seek help for the afflicted animal or animals. Tomorrow, we will discuss some of the ways we can address situations of cruelty and neglect that we might witness.


pilch92 said...

Love the drawing, especially the gnomes. Evan is always adorable. I feel so bad for all abused and neglected pets. XO

Eastside Cats said...

Evan, we believe in Spring, but the snow falling now hasn't gotten the memo!

Melissa, Mudpie and Angel Truffles (Mochas, Mysteries and Meows) said...

Evan, that face is just too cute!

Robin said...

The drawing with Mary is fun! I love the cat eating the gnome. That is something I would have in my yard. Evan is so lucky to have spring finally entering his neck of the woods. It is snowing here today and we're expecting 4 inches. Blah. You are so right about animal abuse and neglect. We have to stand up for animals wherever we can. Laws are pretty archaic when it comes to animals and they don't always do enough to protect them.

messymimi said...

It's all about having fun.

Thank you, Evan, for posing.

Like your Mary, we have a 3-legged pet, but it's a cat.