Thursday, January 19, 2023

Thankful Thimble Thursday

It's Thursday, which means we're ready for Brian's Thankful Thursday Blog Hop.

As always, a little tabby named Thimble is here to share her gratitude.

Today, Thimble is indeed grateful for those great big sun puddles she finds. They come in very handy on winter days.

Warm wishes to all!


And now we're ready to share with you the fill-in statements for tomorrow's Friendly Fill-Ins challenge. My amazing co-host Ellen of 15andmeowing came up with the first two, and I came up with the second two.

1. _________ makes me feel old.

2. _________ makes me feel young.

3. Recently, _________ came in very handy.

4. I think that _________ is the most useless _________.

We'll see you tomorrow, friends!

Flashback Doodle of the Day

Tip of the Day

Today's winter safety tip regards none other than frozen water. If you and your furbaby go out for walks, be careful of frozen ponds, lakes, and so forth. If you live or walk in an area where there is any sort of body of water, be very careful that you are aware of its location. Snow and ice can easily camouflage the frozen surface of water, beneath which danger awaits. To be better safe than sorry, simply avoid walking in areas where you know or think there are ponds, lakes, or any body of water. It is of course also safest to keep your walking pup or kitty on a leash and near to you, so that they cannot stray far and inadvertently find themselves on or in frozen water. A white winter scene can be beautiful, but it also holds many dangers. Be aware of these dangers, and plan walks and other activities with your furbaby accordingly.


Eastside Cats said...

Thimble, we need some of this!
Even though I posted about sunpuddles recently, we haven't had any in a long while.

Melissa, Mudpie and Angel Truffles (Mochas, Mysteries and Meows) said...

They're pretty scarce this time of year too!

pilch92 said...

Thimble is a cutie. I love the drawing and your tips are great. Xo

messymimi said...

Sunpuddles are the best.

Basil and The B Team ~ BionicBasil ® said...

Thimble, sun puddles are epic. Smooch found a really good one yesterday too!