Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Tuesday Treat Time

My pup Astrid was the lucky winner of a grand EINSTEIN PETS treat package. This giveaway was hosted by our furiend Dakota and his mom! When we received the package in the mail the other day, we were ecstatic. It came not only with six bags of treats, but a lovely blue tote bag and two adorable stickers/badges!

Astrid could tell what was in the box right away. She tried to be patient and let her momma snap some shots of her and her loot.

Soon enough, though, she was rifling through the treats, trying to select which one she wanted to try first.

It was no surprise that the first one she was drawn to included peanut butter (as well as turkey bacon and banana)! This lucky winner was selected and opened...

...and poor Astrid waited patiently while her mom snapped even more pictures.

Finally, Astrid got a taste of the goodness.


With a little help from Toby, Astrid went about selecting her next flavor of choice.

Not surprising, the next one she picked out was PB&J.


With six whole flavors of treats sent to us, I told Astrid that we would space out the delicious goodness. What's better than knowing that we have even more deliciousness awaiting us?

"I want more! NOW!"

In a trial of patience, we set aside the rest of the amazing flavors sent to us, and I know Astrid looks forward to trying them out!

Thank you, Dakota and Caren, for hosting the amazing EINSTEIN PETS giveaway! And thank you, EINSTEIN PETS, for creating these amazing treats! Astrid loves them!

Happy Tuesday, everybuddy!

Our Tip of the Day:
Another photography tip? Set up "traps" for your furbabies, to lure them into a photo shoot. Set out a new cardboard box for your cat, or a new toy ball for your dog. When they come in to check out this trap of a treasure, snap away!


pilch92 said...

Congratulations on that great prize Astrid! Great tip- I am going to try that one.

Laila and Angel Minchie said...

Congratulations Astrid! That's quite a haul!

Hannah and Lucy said...

Concats on your great prize Astrid - Woo Hoo.

Marg said...

Wow, that is one terrific win Astrid. Looks like you are going to enjoy all those treats. They sound good to us. Great pictures of you too. Have a great day.

Fur Everywhere said...

Wow, six flavors to try - how exciting!! We are glad Astrid is enjoying the two flavors of treats she's tried so far.

The Swiss Cats said...

Concatulations on your prize, Astrid ! Purrs

The Island Cats said...

Oh Astrid! You lucky dog, you!

Melissa, Mudpie and Angel Truffles (Mochas, Mysteries and Meows) said...

What a fun prize! And Astrid is a very patient pup LOL

meowmeowmans said...

That's so cool (and delicious)! Congratulations, sweet Astrid!

Seville at Nerissa's Life said...

Someone say treats?


Seville at Nerissa's Life said...

Someone say treats?


Cat and DOG Chat With Caren said...

Oh I am soooooooooooooo happy that Astrid is loving her treats!!!!! You lucked out! I didn't get a blue tote bag with mine!! :( Love that color!!!!!!
Soooo happy you are loving them! xoxo DakotasDen