Monday, August 22, 2016

Mancat Monday: Ambush

Over the past couple of weeks, Evan has shown off a number of his skills. Snoozing, bathing in the sun, posing pretty, overall front door exhibitionism. Evan is a Jack of all trades. Now, today, he has a new skill to show off. The art of ambush.

Start by lurking in the shadows.

But be sure to stay alert. A kitty must always be ready to pounce.

Hmm, maybe a crouch to prepare for pouncing?

Don't forget to look scary!

We're wishing all of our furiends a wonderful Monday!

Our Tip of the Day:
Today's simple tip is to always be aware of your furbaby's location when shutting doors. Kitties especially are very fast and like to dart, so never slam doors, so that you never risk serious injury with the momentum of a hastily shutting door. Cat and dog legs, paws, and tails can easily be injured in a closing door, so always make sure that these furry little appendages are clear of a door before closing it. Should your kitty or pup have a run-in with a door, assess the situation, and get them to a veterinarian in the case of potential sprains, breaks, or any serious injury.


  1. You really are one talented cat, Evan!!

  2. Sounds like you have the art of the ambush mastered, Evan!

  3. Sorry Evan, you are too cute to be scary :) Great tip, I know my cats always try to get inside of closets when the doors are open. One time Lucy got in a drawer and I couldn't find her for hours.

  4. Oh Evan, you are doing such a good job of ambushing the other cats and anyone else that comes around. You are protecting your door which is your domain. Nice going Evan.

  5. Evan, you are a multitalented mancat! Excellent lurking ability. And you look very handsome while you're doing it!

  6. I bet Evan could write a whole book about that, for sure!


  7. My mum says you can ambush her any day, Evan.

  8. Evan, fiquei com os pelos em pé! Ótima emboscada.

  9. Great form, Evan. TW once cut the tip of Nicky's tail off in the front door. He was always escaping. She didn't know it until the next day when she touched his tail and it was wet. She looked outside the door and found the little piece (but it couldn't be reattached). MOL!

  10. Good job, Evan! We can see you're a master of the ambush!

    Your tip today is so important, Lorianne. We are always very careful about doors here ... cats are so, so quick, and we definitely don't want them to get injured.