Tuesday, August 9, 2016


Tuesday is always the purrfect day to show off some toesies!

In his post from yesterday, Evan showed off his skills at bathing in the sun. From that very same same photo session came the following picture, which he wanted to save for today's toesies post.

There's nothing like the warm sun on your toesies!

Thimble's also been doing her fair share of sunbathing. You know, because that's what cats do. In between sunbaths, she allowed me to snap a shot of her cute little toesies.

Do you like how Thimble also snuck in a bit of tail, tummy, and stink eye?

If you want to see more sunny shots, you would be wise to give Madi a visit, as today she is hosting the Sunpuddle Napping event for the Blogville Pawlympics! Sun-loving Evan is competing, and he'd love to hear you cheering on him and all of the snoozing athletes!

Happy Tuesday!

Our Tip of the Day:
Yesterday's tip related to keeping an eye on the frequency of your kitty's grooming habits, as an increase or decrease in grooming can indicate potential issues. In line with this, today's tip is to remember to also keep an eye on the actual state of your cat's coat. A change in fur or skin quality could potentially be one of the first signs of an ailment. This is because, in terms of wellness and survival, the skin and fur are perhaps considered less important systems to the body. If one or more of your kitty's internal organ systems, such as the kidneys, are struggling, the skin and fur will be one of the first things to be neglected by the body so that the other systems can get more attention and care. That being said, if you see on your cat fur that is excessively dry, oily, dull, or spiked or feathered (rather than sleek and lying flat), or if you notice excessive dry skin and dander, a trip to the vet might very well be in order. It always better to be safe than sorry, so in case a change in coat or skin is indicative of a more significant issue, have your kitty examined.


  1. I've always loved kitty toes.

  2. Great Toesies for sure. Love that stink eye Thimble. You all have a great day.

  3. Our Mum goes wild for kitty toesies.

  4. Evan and Thimble both have cute toesies- I would kiss them :) Thank you for another great tip too.

  5. Sun puddles sure have been plentiful this summer! May as well take full advantage :)

  6. Such cute toesies. Thimble, you look a mile long!

  7. We saw Evan in the competition, and he was a standout. That's another event we cannot believe our Mom didn't enter us. PFFFT! Our mom is crazy for cat toes so she loved these photos. XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo