Wednesday, April 20, 2022

Woof Woof Wednesday with the Letter N

As I've mentioned, I'm a tad bit behind where I'm supposed to be in the April A to Z Challenge. Even so, I'm going to continue on and have fun with it.

Shall I repeat myself for the gazillionth time? Yes? In that case, for this year's April A to Z Challenge, since I love to write and am working on a series of books, I'm sharing A to Z doodles relating to my stories. Much like my usual doodles and weekly poems, the stories I write are weird, wacky, and star lots of animals. Today I have for you the letter N. And what does N stand for?

N is for Nazgul

Does anyone know what the term Nazgul is actually from? Any other Tolkien fans out there? I acquired from my dad a love for the fantasy genre, and that of course includes J.R.R. Tolkien's The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings. Nazguls are also known as Ringwraiths, or Black Riders, in Tolkien's world known as Middle-earth. In short, they're servants to the Dark Lord Sauron. I'm sure this makes tons of sense, right? Anyway. As strange as it might sound, that there black kitty's name is Nazgul. You can call her Naz for short, if that's easier. Oh, and sorry she's hissing. She's simply a tad bit, well, cantankerous. She isn't evil like her namesake, but she also isn't much friendlier. And that's totally fine.


It's now time for the Woof Woof Wednesday part of this post. Unfortunately, though, pup Astrid fell asleep before her photo shoot could even begin, and so what you get from her today is this:

We've shared lots of kitty toesies on our blog, so how about a closer shot of some pup toesies?

Happy Wednesday, friends!

Tip of the Day

Yesterday's tip for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Month offered suggestions for reporting animal cruelty that you might witness. To further that, did you know that some areas have cruelty prevention programs or task forces? These are often part of the local animal control, humane society, or other similar organization. Therefore, if you wish to further assist in the prevention of animal cruelty in your area, do your research and see if your area offers a program such as this and inquire as to how to join. If your area does not offer such a program, there are still ways you can help when it comes to preventing cruelty. Over the next couple of days we'll be going into detail about some the ways you can help prevent animal cruelty, so stay tuned.


pilch92 said...

Cute drawing. I am not familiar with Lord of the Rings other than what I heard about it on Big Bang Theory. :) That is a cool name though. Astrid is a cutie. And your tips are always excellent.

Eastside Cats said...

Astrid, I'd fall asleep in a sunpuddle too, if there were any to be had!
Not a LOTR or Harry Potter fan, but if you mention "Outlander", I"m there!

Melissa, Mudpie and Angel Truffles (Mochas, Mysteries and Meows) said...

You have precious toesies too, Astrid! I'm not really into fantasy either but your doodle is adorable.

meowmeowmans said...

Sleepy Astrid's toesies sure are adorbs. And we love that drawing of Nazgul!

messymimi said...

Love Astrid's photos.

Naz, well, some kitties are just a little cranky and that's fine.