Friday, February 3, 2023

Friendly Fill-Ins

Hello and happy Friday, friends! We're ready for the Friendly Fill-Ins challenge, and we'd love for you join us. My wonderful co-host Ellen of 15andmeowing came up with the first two fill-in statements, and I came up with the second two.

1. I enjoy making _________.

2. I can't stop _________.

3. I need to figure out _________ before _________.

4. I may not _________, but I do _________.

My answers are below in bold.

1. I enjoy making new worlds.
(I love drawing and writing, and when I do both, I'm in some way able to bring to life the little worlds inside my head. I don't know if that makes me sound unhinged or not, but I'm okay if it does.)

2. I can't stop worrying about Evan.
(First and foremost, this orange boy of mine is actually doing incredibly well these days. Evan just has me extra on edge ever since his urethral obstruction the day after Christmas. I watch him and and his urinary habits like a hawk, but despite my worrying, he's doing great right now. He abhors the meds he's on, but they do him lots of and good and so I force them down his throat anyway. Sorry, buddy.)

3. I need to figure out a lot before I can balance all of my passions and goals.
(This is a years long battle for me. Over the past few years I have gotten busier and busier at my full-time job, and this has affected my personal time and what I have the energy and mental capacity to do when I'm home. Every time I think I've found a solution to give more attention to my hobbies and passions, the balance teeters again. I've mentioned before how I am the kind of person who is willing to work to live, but I will not live to work. I have a lot of passions and goals in life that I have a stronger desire to pursue more and more every day, not to mention I admittedly want to spend more time with my kitties and pup, and so I admittedly am in the middle of sorting out what I do and do not want for my ultimate full-time job situation. Typical adulthood troubles, as I know I'm not the only person in this boat.)

4. I may not like coffee, but I do love hot cocoa.
(I know it's a controversial thing to say, but I'm not a fan of coffee in any form. I'm pretty sure I've mentioned this before. I've tried all different kinds of coffee drinks, and I simply don't have a palate for it. Hot cocoa, though? Yes, please and thank you.)

Now it's your turn!
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Today, your Eddy fix is brought to you by cuddle time on these cold days.

I love that face so much. Just look at that adorable snaggletooth! Eddy was also actually asleep when this picture was taken. As the result of a neurological issue she had as a kitten, she has right-sided facial nerve paralysis that causes her right eye to never fully close. Her third eyelid, also known as the nictitating membrane, usually comes up when she's sleeping, but in this photo it hadn't made its appearance yet, which makes her look like she's staring right at you when she's actually asleep. Absolutely adorable, if you ask me.

Happy Friday, friends!

Flashback Doodle of the Day

Tip of the Day

Today, our Spay/Neuter Awareness Month tip is all about behavior. Yesterday we gave some examples of how spaying and neutering can benefit a cat or dog's health, and the same can be said for their behavior. For example, a cat or dog who is not spayed or neutered will often be more inclined to escape outside, such as to run off and find a hot date. Nobody likes the scare of a loose or lost furbaby, and especially not if they come back with news of a surprise pregnancy. So, to reduce any hormonally-induced escapes, of course have your furbabies spayed or neutered. This is not the only behavior affected by hormones and spaying and neutering, though. Cats and dogs who are not spayed or neutered are also often more likely to display aggression, also often due to their hormones. In addition, there is the chance that they will spray or mark their territory, as well as the chance that they will be more vocal and might yowl, such as at windows or doors, especially if they are in estrus and therefore instinctively calling for a mate. These and other potential behavioral concerns can often be reduced or eliminated altogether if a cat or dog is spayed or neutered. So, in case you didn't already have enough good reasons, please spay and neuter your cats and dogs!


Meezan said...

Eddy is so cute and I love the artwork! I'm glad Evan is doing well. I tried giving my former cat pills, but she wasn't interested (to put it, so I ended up crushing it and putting it in her food. She ate it that way with no problem. I like coffee, but I can't drink it because of the caffeine. Even decaf bothers me. For some reason hot cocoa doesn't bother me as much, but I rarely drink that too because I limit my dairy and sugar intake. Rooibos is my hot beverage of choice. It's naturally caffeine free. I add my own spices to it. Happy Feline Friday! Have a great weekend! :-)

pilch92 said...

Great answers. I am sorry your work is cutting into the things you want to do- you are an excellent employee so maybe you can work something out with your company. It is impossible not to worry about a furbaby. That is an adorable shot of Eddy- that deserves to be on a canvas or framed. Cute drawing and great tips too. XO

Eastside Cats said...

Just cannot get enough of Eddy!

messymimi said...

I'd worry about Evan, too.

Eddy is beautiful always.

Melissa, Mudpie and Angel Truffles (Mochas, Mysteries and Meows) said...

Eddy is ridiculously adorable. I love coffee! That's a rare way we differ :)

Athena Cat Goddess Wise Kitty said...

Eddy is so cute! Love the doodle.

Basil and The B Team ~ BionicBasil ® said...

Looking epic Eddy! And supurr fill-ins, the P.A. really relates to #1, and to #3 & #4! Happy Funday sweeties!