Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween!

I hope all the furballs out there (and their people, of course) have had a spooktakular Halloween! I tried to get the furballs in my life as excited about this fun holiday as myself. As I expected, my success rate was not all that great.

I bought a costume for the family cats to all try and share. Cat costume success rate? 50%. That's about what I had guessed it would be, though. I knew that Evan would not tolerate being put in a costume, and the same went for Rosie and Talon. Toby, Trapper, and Thimble at least humored me, though.
I bought the cat costume (which I've been calling "Grizzly Adams") with Toby in mind. He's so laidback, he's the one I figured would be most amenable to celebrating Halloween with me. Toby was a very good model for the costume, although he did practically refuse to walk or in any way move while wearing it.
Trapper gave me no trouble while I was dressing him up, but once he was wearing the costume he was not so pleased. Just like Toby, he refused to walk while wearing it.
Thimble really showed off her glaring skills for this one.
Although I'm certain Astrid would have chewed and shredded any costume I put on her, I was still able to bring out her festive side.
I bedazzled Astrid's collar with a Halloween bow. She's accustomed to wearing cute little bows on her collar, so she was perfectly happy to appease me by wearing this ghostly adornment.
So, from my gang to yours...Happy Halloween!

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