Monday, October 27, 2014

Photo Shoot Shenanigans

I realize that I'm past due on giving a kitten update. Early this week I plan on sitting all four of the kittens down for a photo shoot. Easier said than done, though. The last photo shoot I attempted was of course full of much adorableness, but it was also full of kitten orneriness and chaos.

That being said, please be patient with me. I will do my best to get new shots of the kittens to share. But, if it's anything like the last photo shoot, it will take a lot -- and I mean a lot -- of patience.

To give you an idea of what I'm talking about (as if you fellow parents of furballs don't already know exactly what I'm talking about)...

I asked Thimble to pose for me. Instead, she decided to chase my camera's wrist strap.
Still chasing the camera wrist strap. While being absolutely adorable.
Still chasing it...
...and finally caught it!
I guess I was an un-fun Mom that day, because I took the camera wrist strap away. So, Thimble resorted to glaring.
When Talon's turn came up he followed his sister's example. It took him all of half a second to snatch the camera wrist strap from me.
Remember how Thimble had resorted to glaring after I took the camera wrist strap away from her? Well, Talon just decided he'd climb his way back to it, using me as a human ladder.
Trapper didn't try to steal the camera wrist strap. But, he did refuse to look at me.
This was after I asked him to "say cheese".
And then Toby simply refused to wake up from his nap. (See that white paw coming in from the right side? That's Talon helping me, trying to wake Toby up by sticking his paw in his ear. Toby didn't care. He'd just kept on napping.)
This winning shot was a joint effort between Thimble and Talon. Thimble's in the background, chasing the wrist strap again, of course. And that blurry, whiskered blob in the bottom right corner is Talon, biting my camera. At this point I just called it a loss and gave up.
So, I'll do my best to post some new photos of the kittens as soon as possible. Maybe I can get them to sit still and/or look at me this time around. After all, miracles happen every day.

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