Friday, January 2, 2015

Rosie Update

Rosie went to the vet this morning for an exam of her "bad eye" since it suddenly started to display severe changes, as I mentioned in my post yesterday. The vet does not believe it is glaucoma causing the issue, but instead it appears that Rosie's cornea (the transparent outer layer of the eye) is now almost completely absent in the central front portion of her eye. Due to this, her eye is on the verge of rupturing. That explains the significant discoloration and discharge.

More than likely, Rosie will have the eye removed on Tuesday (our vet does surgeries on Tuesdays and Thursdays, so that is the earliest it can be done). The vet gave us antibiotics, eye drops, and pain medication to administer to Rosie over the weekend. She was also sent home wearing an E-collar to keep her from rubbing and rupturing the eye when we aren't able to watch her. We have an appointment scheduled for Tuesday at 10 am. The vet will examine Rosie's eye first, and unless some drastic improvement is evident we will move forward with enucleation (removal of the eye) that day.

I'm trying not to be a nervous wreck in the meantime. Rosie does have renal disease, as well as a heart murmur, which both can increase the risk of anesthesia. She will be receiving intravenous fluids during the procedure, though, which aids the functioning of the kidneys during an anesthetic event. Rosie has otherwise been acting great, as she is eating well and cuddles and purrs plenty. Although now, due to her pain medication, she is staring off into space a bit.

I'll be doing my best to stay calm and remain optimistic, but I certainly would appreciate all the purrs and prayers you can spare for Rosie!

This is Rosie a couple of weeks ago. Her right eye has been discolored and slightly bulbous for quite some time, but it had not caused her any issues until this past day or two. I can't wait until the surgery is done and over with on Tuesday so that the eye can cease being a concern.


Annie Bear said...

I'm so sorry to read this about Rosie. I'll be praying for her. We cared for our cat Simba's CRF for well over three years so I know very well about that. I can understand your concerns for her eye and the surgery. I'm sure the doctors will be very careful knowing about her renal disease, age and heart murmur. I'm so glad she's eating and purring though!

meowmeowmans said...

We will most certainly purr and pray for Rosie, and for you. Hang in there. Hugs to you.