Friday, June 25, 2021

Friendly Fill-Ins and Photo Fails

Happy Friday! We're ready for the Friendly Fill-Ins challenge, and of course you are more than welcome to join us! My co-host Ellen of 15andmeowing came up with the first two fill-in statements, and I came up with the second two.

1. If I were one of the 7 dwarves, I would be _________.

2. I think television is _________.

3. _________ is a rule that I regularly break.

4. I can't believe _________ isn't more popular.

My answers are below in bold.

1. If I were one of the 7 dwarves, I would be Grumpy.
(I had this answer in mind for myself for this reason and that, but I also asked my sister and one of those omniscient online quizzes for their opinion. Both of those sources immediately answered with Grumpy. So, hello, my name is Grumpy.)

2. I think television is a distraction.
(This can be both a good and a bad thing. Sometimes we all need a distraction from reality, and TV can be great for that. Sometimes, though, TV is a distraction that keeps me from getting important stuff done. Luckily I'm not much of a TV watcher these days, so I don't get too distracted, but it still happens here and there nonetheless.)

3. Follow the rules is a rule that I regularly break.
(Don't get me wrong. I'm not walking around breaking laws and turning into a criminal. If a rule is in place to legitimately keep people safe, I follow it, because I'm not a monster. But the older I've gotten, the more I realize that some rules really were meant to be broken, or at least to be bent. )

4. I can't believe common sense isn't more popular.
(I was certain I'd come up with some sort of physical item or something of that sort as my answer for this question. That was certainly my intent. As I was trying to rack my brain for such an answer, though, the concept of common sense not being popular enough just popped into my head, and so here we are.)

Now it's your turn!
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And now it's time for Pet Photo Fails Blog Hop, hosted by none other than Melissa and Mudpie of Melissa's Mochas, Mysteries, & Meows.

As always, our resident blooper queen Eddy is all ready for this event. In today's bloopers, Eddy refused to look at the camera, instead slowly but surely turning into a headless entity.

Have a fantastic Friday!

Flashback Doodle of the Day

Though we're technically in the middle of a series of bookish doodles, because of Friendly Fill-In #1 above, I just had to share this 2019 flashback today. It could be considered kind of bookish, I guess, since it does stem from a fairy tale.

Tip of the Day

Does your kitty every try to help you when you're using the computer? Does he or she make a bed out of the keyboard? Does your kitty take your computer chair right out from under you? If you truly need to use your computer, but also want to let your kitty hang out with you, try putting a cardboard box next to your work space. You could put it on the computer desk, at your feet, on a chair beside you, or anywhere near where you're working. As you all know, many cats live for boxes, and so that might be tempting enough to draw them away from the computer, so that you can properly do your work alongside a happy kitty. Of course, if your cat is not a box cat, near your work space you could instead set up for them a cat bed, a blanket, a piece of your clothing, or anything else they might enjoy. Believe it or not, it might be possible to have a happy kitty, and to also use your computer.


Eastside Cats said...

If there is one thing that I've learned during the pandemic, is that there are many variations of common sense!
And it's okay to think of 'rules' as merely guidelines...hehehe!

Yvonne said...

Great answers. I agree about television. Definitely people are lacking in common sense these days. Have a great weekend!

pilch92 said...

I enjoyed your answers, but you don't strike me as being grumpy. :)
I like to bend the rules too. :) Eddy is a cutie, great bloopers. And I love your Snow White drawing. Excellent tips too. XO

The Island Cats said...

The mom says most people have no common sense. :)

Melissa, Mudpie and Angel Truffles (Mochas, Mysteries and Meows) said...

Pawsome bloopers and art! Couldn't agree more about the common sense. I can't believe you would be always seem so cheerful :)

messymimi said...

Eddy, your bloopers take the cake.

Excellent answers, although i know you are not Grumpy all of the time.

Basil and The B Team ~ BionicBasil ® said...

Supurr fill-ins, and Eddy's blooper is epic! Happy Sunday sweeties xx