Wednesday, June 9, 2021

Woof Woof Wednesday

On this Woof Woof Wednesday, we are yet again sharing with you a certain puppy pouting in her favorite window. Except this time it's from a slightly different angle.

Happy Wednesday, friends!

Flashback Doodle of the Day

Roughly this same time last year, we shared a series of library doodles. Of course, those library doodles starred not only books but also some library cats. The next new series of doodles we'll be sharing also involves lots of books and cats. First, though, how about one of the library doodles from last year to kick off our bookish kitty doodles?

Tip of the Day

Today's summer safety tip is about your furbaby's care in the event that you are traveling this summer. We'll begin with if your furbaby is staying behind while you travel, in which case it is important to plan well in advance for their care. If your furbaby would do best being boarded, then be sure to schedule this well ahead of time, to ensure that they can stay at a veterinary or other boarding facility that you trust.

Another option is of course having your furbaby stay home and having a trusted pet-sitter come in to care for them, or for your cat or dog to stay with someone you trust. No matter what route you take for your furbaby's care while you are away from them, be sure that whoever is looking after them has all of the resources and information they might need. Make sure that your furbaby's food is stocked up, as well as their medications, litter, and anything else of importance. Ensure that their caregiver knows the details of their care, including what, when, and how much they are fed, as well as any medication administration instructions they might need. Don't forget other resources a pet-sitter might need, such as any pertinent details of your furbaby's medical history, as well as the contact information for their veterinarian.

Then there are the times that our furbabies travel with us on vacation, and it is also important to plan accordingly in this case as well. To begin, make sure that you pack all that your cat or dog might need. This would include food, treats, water, medications, leash, carrier, and anything that is significant for their daily care. It is of course also important to plan in advance for pet-friendly lodging at your travel destination. Are you staying at a hotel? If so, is that hotel pet-friendly? Or, are you staying with family or friends? If so, do they have a pet-friendly home? Are there other animals at this home, and if so, will it be safe for the animals to interact? Be sure that any such details are ironed out well in advance.

With all of the above planned out, there is then the actual act of traveling with your furbaby. If you are traveling by plane with a pup or kitty, this will of course require you to learn of the airline's requirements, and that you do so with plenty of time to spare. A veterinary visit and a certificate of health may be required by some airlines. Regardless of whether a certificate of health is required, it is important to discuss with a veterinarian whether your furbaby is safe for travel by plane, especially if they are sick, geriatric, or if they do not travel well. If it is by car that you are traveling, ensure that your cat or dog has a cage or seatbelt for safe restraint during travels. Make sure that your furbaby has a chance to eat, drink, and bathroom during long trips. At the same time, make sure that they are safe from escape anytime you stop and open any car doors.

Summer is a time for travels for some people, and perhaps even their furbabies. Whether you leave your furbaby home or take them with you, always plan well in advance. Always keep in mind your furbaby's health and happiness, and discuss any concerns with a veterinarian.


Eastside Cats said...

Astrid, you and Sweetie!
With the high heat and humidity, we've added window A/C units, and closed the rest of them.
Sweetie cannot sniff the outdoors, and I can tell she's bummed.
Sorry, baby doll...when the humans can breath again, we'll turn the noisemakers off and open the windows again.

pilch92 said...

Nice shot of Astrid and I love the drawing- books and cats go together so well. Great tips too. I am glad I don't travel though. :)

The Island Cats said...

Astrid looks so wistful.....

Karen C. said...

Hello pretty Astrid!
You know, people always think of books and cats together, which seems like it would work just fine. HOWEVER, we happen to have two (Cocoa and Beeb) who will put the bitey on each and every book corner they happen to encounter. Don't ever leave a borrowed book anywhere near them and especially not a college textbook rental. Nope. You've been warned.
Midnight & Cocoa
Mini & Fluff
Tyler & Marty
Beeb, Beanie & Bella

Melissa, Mudpie and Angel Truffles (Mochas, Mysteries and Meows) said...

Love that doodle! Happy Wednesday, Astrid!

messymimi said...

Books, cats, and a pouty pup, what more could you ask of a blog post?

meowmeowmans said...

What a great doodle. We love it! And Astrid, you are beautiful from every angle, it seems. ;)