Friday, November 27, 2020

Friendly Fill-Ins and Photo Fails

We hope all of our friends in the US had a happy Thanksgiving! Now that we're all stuffed, how about we take a break with the Friendly Fill-Ins challenge. If you missed the fill-in statements, we'll share them again below. Ellen of 15andmeowing came up with the first two, and I came up with the second two.

1. Why is _________ so expensive?

2. On holidays, I always have a second serving of _________.

3. I'm eternally grateful for _________.

4. 'Tis the season for _________.

My answers are below in bold.

1. Why is fruit so expensive?
(I love fruit, especially fresh fruit, but a lot of fruit costs a pretty penny. I know it takes expertise and resources to grow fruit, but those price tags are still painful nonetheless.)

2. On holidays, I always have a second serving of cranberries.
(I prefer the jellied cranberry sauce, and I always have more than my fair share of it. That's okay, though, because I'm one of the only members of my family who actually likes cranberries.)

3. I'm eternally grateful for my furry family.
(I'm of course grateful for my humanoid family, but on this here blog about my four-legged furballs, I'll take another opportunity to say how much my kitties and pup mean to me. They mean more to me than I could ever put into words.)

4. 'Tis the season for giving.
(This festive season is the perfect time to give to those in need, and to the ones you love. I'm not sure that I'm necessarily the best gift-giver, but I do enjoy giving gifts regardless.)

Now it's your turn!
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And now it's time for the Pet Photo Fails! Blog Hop, hosted by Mudpie and Melissa of Melissa's Mochas, Mysteries, & Meows!

Our blooper queen Eddy of course has some bloopers to share. These come from one of Eddy's recent photo shoots, in which she showed how much she loves to snuggle with Evan in bed. Some of Eddy's favorite bloopers involve every part of her being in focus, except for her head. The blurry head is one of her specialties. See?

Happy Friday, friends!

Festive Flashback Doodle of the Day

With Thanksgiving behind us, we are now all about Christmas around here. Our Christmas decorations are going up today, Christmas music is playing at our house 24/7, Christmas movies are constantly playing on our TV, and all that festive jazz. To kick off this Christmas season, we thought we'd share the Christmas card we scribbled up for last year.

We've been working on this year's Christmas card, as well as a plethora of other new Christmas doodles. Our first new Christmas drawing for 2020 will be shared tomorrow, which will also serve as the illustration for our weekly poem for Angel Sammy's poetry challenge.

Tip of the Day

We had enough Thanksgiving tips to go all the way through the end of November, so the Thanksgiving tips will continue on for a couple more days. If you're anything like us, though, you have lots of leftovers that make these tips still relevant. So, let's talk more about food!

We've previously mentioned sweet potatoes and green beans, and how these vegetables are safe when fed plain, but are best left out of your furbaby's diet if prepared in a casserole or with other added ingredients. Today, we're here to remind you of some of the other vegetables that could make for nice Thanksgiving treats for your pup or kitty, of course as long as they are fed plain. One common and nutritious vegetable is carrots. This orange vegetable can provide a large variety of beneficial nutrients, such as beta-carotene, vitamin C, vitamin K, potassium, and others. Other veggies that are generally safe as a snack for a kitty or pup include broccoli, celery, cucumbers, spinach, and peas. So, if your pup or kitty wants to be included in the Thanksgiving feast, go for a safe and healthy option, such as a plain vegetables. Of course, though, even when it comes to veggies, it is still best to feed them to your kitty or pup in moderation. And, as you've heard us say many times now, always be aware of any ingredients that are added to foods prior to feeding them to your furbaby. If a veggie dish has been topped with onion, garlic, excess salt, or other similar seasonings, then it is no longer an ideal or safe treat for your kitty or pup.


Yvonne said...

Great fill ins. I love the Eddy pics! Hope you had a great Thanksgiving.

Basil and The B Team ~ BionicBasil ® said...

Supurr fill-ins and epic foto fail!!! Happy Friday guys xx

Eastside Cats said...

I'll admit, cranberries have never been a favorite, but I do love pomegranate, which is red, sour, and juicy too!
Having cats in our lives is so special; we are thankful for them daily.

pilch92 said...

Great fill-in answers, we had pretty much the same for 3 and 4. And I agree, fruit is expensive. Cute photo fails, I love how close Eddy likes to be with Evan, so sweet. Nice drawing too. And excellent tips, as always. Have a wonderful weekend. XO

violaetcetera said...

My family wouldn't be complete without furbabies, and I'm glad we are not the only ones.
Have a great weekend!

The Island Cats said...

Those are good bloopers!

Melissa, Mudpie and Angel Truffles (Mochas, Mysteries and Meows) said...

Pawsome fails! Thanks so much for joining us. I never used to be a cranberry fan but they've been growing on me the past few years.

Marvelous Marv said...

Most excellent fillins! And around our house, your fails would would be pretty good shots! And what can we say...your doodle ROCKS!
Marv, jo Jo, Kozmo, Cinnamon and Mom Barb

messymimi said...

Food is expensive, except for the cheap things that are not healthy. It's a dilemma.

Love the bloopers and i hope you have a fabulous weekend.

Cathy Keisha said...

Great Eddy bloopers! What is this "giving" you speak of in #4? TW says you can never have enough cranberries. The supermarket just stopped stocking the cranberry Great Grains cereal and she's in mourning. HAH! She prefers the jellied also. This year she bought some sides from Lorraine including cranberry/orange relish with zinfandel but didn't quite like it. Too high-brow for her.

Timmy Tomcat said...

Great fill ins and the cost of food seems to be an across the board thing. Yeah it is nuts. Great blooper of Eddy. We really liked that flashback when we first saw it so thanks for the memories

Sandee said...

Love your fill-ins. Such a wonderful thing to do each week and I look forward to the questions posed.

Thank you for co-hosting the Friendly Fill-ins.

Have a fabulous day and weekend. Scritches to the kitties. ♥