Wednesday, August 31, 2022

(Morbid) Adventures with Astrid

Today's edition of Adventures with Astrid is a bit of a morbid one. And that's very much so the fault of this here human. So, remember how Astrid has shown you different views of the creek in our neighborhood? Well, some of the bridges that cross over this creek are far less quaint and cute than others. Some of them lead to somewhat sketchy views, a bit like this:

The reason this is morbid is because I watch too many true crime documentaries, and too many episodes of things like Forensic Files. That's why this bridge always reminds me of the kind of place a poor innocent passerby might stumble upon a dumped body. This is a terrible thought, I know, but it's simply where my mind goes every time we go past this sketchy bridge. It doesn't help that sometimes Astrid acts like she's caught the scent of something down in the creek and acts far too intrigued for comfort. We've never found a body, though, so that's something.

So, there's Astrid's morbid adventure for today. Happy Wednesday, friends!


Flashback Doodle of the Day

Here's one of our last flashback doodles of a spooky summer sort.

Tip of the Day

I work in a chemistry lab with lots of random chemicals. If you want a fun tidbit of an example, I work with chloroform on nearly a daily basis. It makes for a great solvent, and sometimes I forget that's not a normal sort of thing. And that got me thinking about sharing a tip like today's. Always keep in mind that some job locations, as well as travel or other locations, could potentially bring you in contact with substances that might be dangerous to your furbaby. For example, if you work at a veterinary clinic or volunteer at an animal shelter, you can easily come in contact with various pathogens that could transfer to your furbaby, even on your clothes. The same might be said if you work at particular types of scientific laboratories, plant nurseries, or any other job or location that might land potentially dangerous materials on your clothes or possessions. For such reasons, try to always be cognizant of where you have been and what you have touched while away from home. If need be, change clothes prior to going home to your furbaby, or steer clear of your furbaby until you have cleaned up upon arriving at home. Of course, certainly not every job or location will cause you to be a potential threat to your furbaby's health, but it never hurts to think about where you've been and what you've touched before giving your furbaby a snuggle when you arrive at home.


Melissa, Mudpie and Angel Truffles (Mochas, Mysteries and Meows) said...

My mind would go to the same dark thoughts! Too many dog walkers stumble upon...things...

pilch92 said...

I can picture someone overdosing by that bridge. I LOVE the drawing. Great tips too. XO

Kinley Westie said...

There's been multiple bodies where momma and me used to go for bike rides when we lived in Plano in the last couple years - murders and overdoses.

messymimi said...

Astrid, i hope all you are smelling is some critter that lives in the banks.

meowmeowmans said...

Well, it is always nice to see our pal Astrid having a nice time. As for that bridge ... we watch those shows, too, and yeah, we can see what you're saying. MOL