Monday, November 28, 2016

Holiday Helpers

For this Mancat Monday, Evan would like to expand on the selfie that he took for yesterday's Sunday Selfie blog hop. Remember this?

Let's be honest, it took a lot of work to get the Christmas tree to that point. You see, we have an artificial tree, and it has to be built up practically limb by limb. Disassembled, it fills up 2 large tubs, a little like this:

It can seem like a daunting task, building the Christmas tree, but I love it. It really puts me in the proper holiday mood. The only setbacks usually involve furry little helpers who, well, try to "help".

It's "help" like this that always earns the kitties around here an early Christmas bribe present. What's so wrong with giving the kitties just a bit of a distraction? Last year they got a new little cat tree. This year, they got this:

Since Evan is paralyzed in his hind legs, and also because he's one of my most adamant holiday "helpers" around here, I always make sure that this early gift is one he can utilize and enjoy.

Though I failed to capture his antics on camera, Evan has been enjoying going in and out of this little kitty cube. This ox of a mancat is also purrfectly capable of pulling himself right up there and sleeping on top of it. Thanks to his love for this cube, I was finally able to manage this:

Whew. Now we're all ready for Santa Paws to come to town!

We hope your week starts off wonderfully!

Our Tip of the Day:
Thanks to a comment made by our pals at The Cat on My Head, today's tip is an advisement that it is possible for our furbabies to be allergic to certain types of trees used as Christmas trees. Signs of such an allergy include respiratory issues, such as sneezing and discharge from the nose and eyes, as well as itchy skin or other dermatitis. In some cases, certain pine trees will spark a reaction, while other types will not. If your furbaby has started to show signs of allergies after putting up your Christmas tree, be sure to consider that as a potential cause. If need be, talk to your vet about what to do for such allergies. Especially in the case of significant symptoms that are indeed negatively affecting your furbaby, consider using an artificial tree that is less likely to cause any allergic or other negative reactions from your furbaby.


  1. Oh Evan, we are so glad that you got such a special present. What a great looking cube. You can go in or on top. Can't get any better than that. You all have a wonderful day.

  2. Aww ... Evan looks like a happy kitty ... he's a total sweetheart, isn't he?

  3. We love that comfy cube! And the tree is so pretty!!

  4. Oooohh.... that Cube is soooo cool! Neats tree. Giant Lady has been thinking about getting ones like that.
    Are they funs to play with?

    Rose ~the adult kitten

  5. Your Christmas Tree is so pretty and we hope it doesn't get knocked over.

  6. Oh, my gosh! I love your header! We are decorating, too...and George is loving it!

  7. Your tree is gorgeous! We don't have to worry about that because we are Jewish ;)

  8. dood....yur cat o man iz awesum !!!!! N joy....we noe ewe will...N ewe all did a soooooper grate job helpin mom with de tree....veree nice AND...burd free ☺☺☺♥♥♥

  9. Evan is a happy kitty ! Your tree is so pretty ! Purrs

  10. Oooo, that cube looks awesome! And your tree is beautiful! Thanks to your helpers, we bet.... *wink wink*

  11. I was going to suggest you check out Walmart a week or so after Christmas to find a really good deal on prelit trees that come in three sections vs individual branches, but if you enjoy putting it together, then there is no need :)

  12. What a beautiful, solemn Christmas selfie, Evan ! Great bribe, Mama !
    Another Christmas tree tip - be careful of what goes in the water for a real tree. Chemicals designed to keep the tree in better shape can hurt the furkids if they drink the water. ( Sadly, this happened to a friend of mine's kitty.)
    I stopped putting up a tree years ago, as we just enjoy the kitties year-round, but kudos to all who are brave enough to carry on !

  13. That kitty cube is just adorable! You're such a wonderful cat mom. And your tree is just gorgeous.

  14. How lucky that you have such good helpers. Our tree is artificial in 3 parts, but I leave it assembled in the attic with a cover over it all year. Your tree looks great. That is a great gift Evan got and how nice that he is using it. So many times I get stuff for my cats only to have them ignore it. Great tip too.