Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Tuesday Treats (#ChewyInfluencer)

Although Thanksgiving is now behind us, today we have a review that pup Astrid did for her special Thanksgiving treats as part of the Chewy.com Blogger Outreach Program. I wanted something special for Astrid to enjoy on Turkey Day, and when I saw Hill's® Ideal Balance­™ Soft-Bake Naturals treats, I was hopeful I'd found another winner.

To give you a brief reminder, Astrid pretty much only likes soft and chewy treats. If you give her a hard and crunchy treat, she might accept it from you, and she might even gum it a bit, but it quickly becomes obvious that she doesn't really enjoy the whole process. So, it's always soft and chewy treats for this pup.

That's why, when I saw that Astrid's beloved Hill's® brand had these soft-baked treats to offer, I knew I had to get them for her to try. This seemed like a good choice right off the bat, as I barely even got them out of that beloved Chewy box before she was breathing down my neck.

So I opened up the bag, and of course took a close-up shot of the treats themselves. Because that's what you do for one of these things, right?

They even have hearts on them! This was destined to be love at first bite.

Anyway, I made Astrid be a behaved little girl and lie down and wait for a treat. She always obeys, even if she looks downright pathetic doing so.

But don't worry, I didn't make her wait long. (Long enough to snap a shot first, though. Because I'm cruel like that.)

Long story short, Astrid loves these Hill's® Ideal Balance™ Soft-Bake Naturals treats! They're soft, chewy, and obviously quite tasty. I chose the beef version for Astrid, as that is just about her favorite thing in the world. These treats come in chicken and duck flavors, too, though. This beef flavor also has sweet potatoes as a primary ingredient, and even though Astrid won't eat plain potatoes, she'll happily gobble them up in this form.

She'll happily gobble them up indeed, and then ask for more.

And more she got.

A couple of other pluses? These treats are made from pure beef, which is in fact the first ingredient. They are also grain-free, and contain no corn, wheat, or soy. There are also no artificial preservatives, colors, or flavors. And they're even made right here in our USA. I guess these treats win all around, and they certainly get four paws up from Astrid.

(Disclaimer: As members of the Chewy.com Blogger Outreach Program, we received Hill's® Ideal Balance™ Soft-Baked Naturals treats in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are our own. We only review products that we believe will be of interest to our readers, and we never recommend a product that we do not believe in.)

Now, for today's art, we're still going all out Santa Paws around here. While the furbabies are loving them some Christmas (as in, the tree), this human is having her some ornament-making fun, like this:

I've got a whole series of little furry Santa doodles started. There's just something about furbabies in Santa hats that really gets me feeling festive.

Warm wishes to all!

Our Tip of the Day:
Today's tip is a reminder that I've mentioned at both Halloweentime and Christmastime in the past. And that is, please be respectful of your furbaby's comfort and preferences when dressing them up. Some furbabies may be more than happy to don a Santa hat or elf ears, whereas others might be perfectly opposed to the idea. Therefore, if you wish to try your furbaby in a festive costume, please always be watchful of their reactions and act accordingly. If your furbaby is trying to get away or looks unhappy during the experience, please be respectful of this and do not force it. Your furbaby trusts you and loves you, so please keep it that way!


Peaches and Paprika said...

Treats with hearts! How nifty can you get! Lucky you, Astrid! Enjoyed your review. These look like winners!

Marg said...

Oh Astrid, we are so glad you got those yummy sounding treats and they are good for you too. Love your drawing. That Santa hat looks good on you.

The Island Cats said...

So nice to hear that Astrid enjoyed these treats. Though nobuddy should have to wait for treats...not even for pictures! ;)

pilch92 said...

Astrid is a good girl to wait patiently for the photo. I am glad you found something she enjoys and is healthy too. Very cute Santa art. Excellent tip, I have some cats that don't want to be dressed so I use props near them instead for holiday shots.

Laila and Angel Minchie said...

What a great review, Astrid!

The Swiss Cats said...

Treats with heart, how cute ! Great review, Astrid ! Purrs

Melissa, Mudpie and Angel Truffles (Mochas, Mysteries and Meows) said...

Fur babies in Santa hats make me feel festive too!!! So glad Astrid found treats that she loves :)

Three Chatty Cats said...

I'm glad Astrid liked them!

meowmeowmans said...

That ornament is so cute! And we are so glad Astrid enjoyed those treats. #winner :)