Monday, February 20, 2017

It's someone's birthday today!

Can anyone guess whose birthday it is?


Need a hint?

The birthday furbaby has four legs. Does that help? No?

Okay, how about another hint? This birthday furbaby is a little lady.

Except, she's not really very little. And the birthday baby, she isn't a cat.

Oh, did I just give it away? Well, it is indeed the birthday of the resident pup, Astrid!

To be honest, it's more like this girl's "maybe birthday", as we don't know her actual date of birth. But I digress. Today, we are celebrating Astrid's 4th birthday! And, yes, she sure did get a new chew bone to help her celebrate.

Now, feel free to join the party! Astrid let me know what she wanted served at her birthday party.

So, grab yourself a donut! That is, if Astrid has left any for our guests...

Happy birthday, Astrid! Your peeps and your kitties love you bunches!

Our Tip of the Day:
Do you know a pup with a birthday and want to make them a pup-friendly cupcake? It is possible! There are many recipes out there for puppy cupcakes (pupcakes!). These goodies for your dog can be made using peanut butter, pumpkin, banana, apple, carrot, and even beef. So, if your pup likes special treats such as those, consider looking up some recipes to make them an extra special treat for their birthday. Of course, the same can be done for your kitties, such as by using tuna or another safe goody to make a kitty cupcake. When looking up any such recipes, do of course be sure to select ones that are safe, without any unhealthy ingredients. Keep in mind that added sugar is less than ideal in your furbaby's diet, and that some dogs and cats may be sensitive to ingredients such as wheat flour. And of course also be sure to divvy out the goods in moderation. That being said, when your furbaby's birthday rolls around, perhaps consider trying your hand at making them their very own cake or cupcake. They'll thank you for it!


  1. Oh Happy Birthday Astrid. Looks like you are already having a great day and we sure hope you have many more. You all have a fantastic day.

  2. Happy Birthday Astrid! Hope you have a great day with lots of treats and cuddles!

  3. Happy Birthday Astid. We hope you have many, many more in your future. Enjoy every second of it as birthdays are speical - just like you.

  4. Happy Happy Birthday Astrid! Hope you have a pawesome day! DakotasDen

  5. Happy Birthday beautiful Astrid!!! Very cute drawing and great idea to make healthy pastry for furbabies. At the pet store in town, there are little cookies on the counter that look good enough to eat, but they are for dogs.

    1. Astrid's donut you see her eating in that picture is a cookie from our local pet store! It smelled like a gingerbread cookie, and I wanted to eat it myself. I made myself save it for the birthday girl, though. Astrid thanks you for the birthday wishes!

  6. Hooray! Happy birthday, sweet Astrid! We love you, and hope your day is as special as you. Seeing as how you got a donut, we'd say it's off to a pretty awesome start. :)


  7. Happy Birthday, Astrid ! We wish you a wonderful day ! Purrs

  8. Happy 4th Birthday Astrid!
    Looks like you got a nice birthday treat too ;)
    Have lots of fun and get spoiled lots!
    Purrs Georgia,Julie and JJ

  9. Happy Birthday, Astrid! Looks like you're celebrating well. :)

  10. Happy birthday, Astrid!!! Hope you have a purrfect day and that you get all your kitty companions to wait on you hand and paw :)

  11. happee bee lated two ewe astrid...hope yur day total lee rocked N ya had a sooooooooper grate mega N joy a bull day ~~~~~ heerz two a yeer a head filled with happee nezz & health ♥♥♥♥♥

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