Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Another Nosy Wednesday

So, that was the wordless part of this Wednesday. Now we move on to our art. Around here we love stumbling our way into fun little series of doodles. In the past, as you might remember, we've done series of furry foodie art, furbaby bookmarks, and of course some of our holiday doodles. Now we move on to a new series of doodles, and we're kicking it off with this hairy little hero:

Needless to say, Astrid requested that the first character in our new series of hairy heroics be none other than a pup. Don't worry, though, as this hound of a hero has plenty of furiends. To meet one of this pup's caped kitty furiends, check back in tomorrow!

Wishing everybuddy a happy and heroic Wednesday!

Our Tip of the Day:
Given that we're feeling heroic today, how about a some life-saving tips? Although we always hope it will never happen, it is always wise to be prepared for an emergency. That being said, it never hurts to know how to perform maneuvers such as the Heimlich and CPR, of course even for the furbabies in our lives. Today, we'll give a brief synopsis of how to assist a choking furbaby. A choking animal will display signs such as gagging and unproductive coughing. In the case that your furbaby is choking, remove any collars or other items around the neck, and then try moving your finger side to side in the back of their mouth to see if you can remove the object. That is, only if you will not push the object farther back, or get bitten. If that proves unsuccessful, you can try to elevate the hind legs of your furbaby, as there is a chance your furbaby being at such an incline might aid in the removal of the object lodged in the airway. Just as in humans, another option is the Heimlich maneuver, which involves wrapping your arms around your furbaby's abdomen and pushing upward. You can also try offering a sharp yet safe smack between their shoulder blades in hopes of propelling the lodged item out.

Though we just gave you a bit of summary, these such potentially life-saving methods might best be learned with visual aids. So, below is one that we quite like and that we hope will give you a better idea of how to save a choking furbaby's life, should the need arise.

(This infographic was created by Kurgo™. Please note that this is not an endorsement, and we are not being compensated by Kurgo. We simply find this infographic helpful and so wanted to share it with you!)


  1. Great nose picture Astrid. And we love your cape. Wonder if you can fly with that. Also thanks for the advice on choking. Good post. Have a great day.

  2. We love your nose, Astrid. And that's some great info to share with all of us. We hope it never has to be used.

  3. What a lovely nose, Astrid ! And great info on choking, thank you for sharing. Purrs

  4. Mommy's had to do CPR on a doggy befur. She says at dat moment it's so scary. Great share. Big hugs

    Luv ya'

    Dezi and Raena

  5. Astrid is a cutie. She makes a great super hero. Excellent tip- I too hop to never need it.

  6. You've got such a cute snout, Astrid! I saw that Cornell University is offering online CPR courses and have thought about taking it.

  7. Irresistible nose shot, Astrid! THank you for sharing the choking pet infographic ... hopefully we'll never need it :)

  8. You nose we just love that photo!

  9. Oh, Astrid, we love that nosey picture of you, sweet girl. :)

    Great info about what to do in cases of choking, but we hope we never have to use it!

  10. Age before beauty, Astrid. MOL! Useful tip TW hopes she'll never have to use.