Saturday, February 11, 2017

Will you be my Valentine?

As I'm sure you're all aware, Valentine's Day is coming up next week. Although we may not go all out for this holiday around here, we nevertheless do like to have a little fun with it. One way we do that is by creating Valentine art. Of course, most of this is of the furry sort, like this:

Although sometimes our art is nothing short of random and makes next to no sense at all, other times there's actually a meaning behind it. That one you see up there actually falls into the latter category. The pup, as I'm sure most of you know or guessed, is none other than pup Astrid. And who knows which kitty in the family that's meant to be?


Did you take a guess?

Well, the answer is Thimle's brother Trapper! This big boy owns my parents, and you got a recent glimpse of him just a couple of weeks ago (to see this post starring Trapper, just click here!).

Now, to explain this Valentine art, the long and short of it is that Trapper really, really loves Astrid. Thimble and her brothers came to our family after being abandoned by their mother at 3 weeks of age. While us humans bottle fed and hand reared them, pup Astrid watched over them like a canine hawk. She was fascinated by the tiny kittens, but what's more, they immediately fell in love with the giant dog who constantly stared at them.

Although Thimble and her three brothers all still love Astrid, Trapper takes the cake. He is infatuated with this big pup, and he chases her around and rubs and rolls and loves on her every time she visits my parents' house. So, Trapper asked if Astrid would be his Valentine. Trapper insisted, a lot, and Astrid said yes.

This bit of Valentine art is our contribution to this week's Caturday Art blog hop, hosted by lovely Athena.

Wishing all of our furiends out there a lovely Caturday!

Our Tip of the Day:
I'm sure that I'll sound like a broken record with this tip, and certainly most of you are already aware of this, but keep in mind that Valentine's Day can pose the same kind of threats to our furbabies as other holidays. If you've given or received a box of chocolates, keep them out of reach of those furbabies so that they don't poison themselves by eating it. Also be careful not to leave any sugar-free candies in your furbaby's reach, especially those containing the dangerous ingredient xylitol. For those of you that find yourself with a bouquet of flowers, keep in mind that though beautiful, some plants can be extremely toxic to our furbabies. For example, many types of lily are highly dangerous and can lead to kidney failure, and also steer clear of flowers such as daffodils. Feel free to show your love this Valentine's Day, but do so with your furbaby's safety in mind!


  1. That is such a cute drawing. When we had our Ande dog, all the kitties especially Orange Boyzo just loved her. She was such a good dog with the cats. Astrid, you are such a good doggie to be good friends with the cats.

  2. That is so cute! It's sweet that Trapper is such good friends with Astrid.

  3. Astrid is such a sweet pup and how cute that Trapper loves her so much. I love the drawing you made to show their love. Excellent tip too, my hubby knows to NEVER get me flowers. Chocolates though are a definite, but I keep therm away from the kitties.

  4. This so touched my heart...both your drawing and the story of Astrid and Trapper. We humans can learn a lot from them. I think you could make Valentine cards out of these and sell them. Hugs, Janet

  5. Very cute drawing <3 We also loved the story, it reminded Granny of her doggie and her Angels *wipes tear*. Pawkisses for a Happy Weekend :) <3

  6. I have such a love affair at my house. As my new rescue kitty, Buffy, can't get along with my other kitties, we have had to keep them separated. That leaves only Izzi (our little girl mini Aussie) to play with. Izzi is not all that playful, but she tolerates Buffy's approaches and that suits Buffy just fine. Happy Valentines to you as well ... and thank you for the reminder about our furbaby safety :)

    Andrea @ From The Sol

  7. That's so sweet! I hope they get to see each other in purrson for V's Day :)

  8. What a cute pic and wonderful story to go with it.

  9. Sweetest artwork ever! We love the story behind it, and it's so cute how much Trapper loves Astrid. Big hugs!

  10. That's so cute ! We're happy for Trapper that Astrid said "yes". Purrs

  11. How cute that Trapper loves Astrid so much. We hope the feelings are returned. :)