Monday, February 13, 2017

Mancat Monday Morning

Evan found out that Thimble recently boasted about her role as an alarm clock. Remember that? (If not, you can read about Thimble's morning shenanigans here.)

Well, Evan wants all of his furiends to know that he, for one, is not a kitty alarm clock. Evan enjoys his beauty rest, and he wouldn't deign to wake up early enough to serve as his human of a mom's wake up call. No way. Evan loves to sleep in, and he especially loves when the sun rises and gives him a sun puddle in which to bask.

Ah, good morning, sunshine.

That sun sure is glorious, but sometimes you just have to cover those eyes from it and snooze on. Zzzzzzzzzzz.

And now, for today's art. Since tomorrow is Valentine's Day, Evan of course wanted to share a little art from the heart.

We hope everybuddy's week starts off with a magnificent Monday!

Our Tip of the Day:
How about a fun tip today? Are you still looking for something to give your kitty or pup for Valentine's Day? How about a game of bubbles? Certainly some of you have already thought of and tried this with your furbaby, but perhaps this is a new idea for others of you. Blowing a few bubbles can make for lots of fun for the kitties in your life, and even those pups. Of course this is best done in an open room or outside, but so long as precautions are taken, many kitties and pups enjoy chasing or watching bubbles. This can make for an extra special play session on a special day, like Valentine's Day! Of course, there are other special gifts that you can give that furry love of your life. Perhaps you could cook up some homemade treats for your furbaby (as long as only pet-friendly ingredients are used, of course!). Or you can even make an extra special cardboard box castle for that furry Valentine of yours, or do something as simple yet also significant as give extra attention and snuggles, or have a few extra play sessions to show your love for them. There is also the option of donating to a shelter or rescue in your furry love's honor. Valentine's Day isn't just for humans, so don't forget to spoil those furbabies!


  1. Oh Evan, we love that picture of you with your paw over your eyes. And that drawing is just the best. You all have a great day.

  2. Evan, we don't blame you. Spending time in bed in a sun puddle? It's heavenly!

  3. Evan is so adorable, nice to see him on the bed for a change instead of by his door. Very cute how he covers his eyes, he needs some shades :) I love the drawing, especially the little hearts coming from his eyes- so cute. Great tips for gifts for our pets too. Jinx is our only bubble lover, he likes to pop them-everyone else runs away from them- strange cats.

  4. Evan, you're so cute with your pawsie over your eyes ! Purrs

  5. You are too cute, Evan! The sun really brings out your handsomeness too :)

  6. Evan, we agree with you 1000%! Sleeping in is what life is all about :)

  7. I'm with you, Evan. When TW wakes up to go potty, I stay in bed. I wait till she gets comfy before I get up and demand breakfast.

  8. Yin agrees with Evan, plus if you let your humans sleep they wake up in a better mood.