Sunday, July 16, 2017

Desk Work

Hi, furiends! I, Thimble, get to post all by myself today. What's especially great is that means I get to be in charge of our post for the Sunday Selfies blog hop, which is of course hosted by our Kitties Blue furiends over at The Cat on My Head.

So, guess what? I snapped a lovely selfie.

Guess what else? I snapped another lovely selfie.

Don't I have the cutest little nose? My mom says I do.

Anyway, cute nose aside, can you guess what I was doing when I snapped those selfies? Can you? Well, I was helping my mom with a bit of desk work, of course!

Mom got our her sketchbook, so obviously that meant she needed my help. It's hard work, keeping an eye on Mom and making sure that I help with whatever desk work she has going on that day. If she brings out any books, or those bills and that checkbook (which always means there will be a pen involved to slap around!), or that fun trampoline computer, and especially if she's in my library, I simply can't let her work unattended. Can you imagine? If I let my mom do all that by herself? MOL! What a silly thought.

Anyway, I hope you liked my selfies! I know I'll like all of yours!


P.S. Since I was helping Mom work in her sketchbook anyway, I told her she had to draw this while she was at it:

It's certainly not as good as the real deal, as Thimble in the fur, but it's okay. My mom does her best.

Purrs again,

Our Tip of the Day:
How about a common sense tip today? We're sure all of you smart pals of ours already know this, but always be sure to take your kitty's or pup's habits and preferences into play when deciding what you pull up on that computer screen when they're nearby. And what do we mean by that? Well, are you about to sit down on the couch where your furbaby always enjoys attention and lap time? Then perhaps don't use that time to open your laptop to your banking account or start browsing to make purchases online, so that no paws will accidentally use that keyboard against you. Though it is of course possible to train our kitties and pups to stay off of computers and other such devices, sometimes their enthusiasm to see or snuggle you outweighs the training. So, if you're planning to do some online banking or shopping, perhaps have a specific space in the house designated to such tasks, a space your furbaby cannot reach. Or, use a smaller or more mobile device that your furbaby is less likely to step on or otherwise bother. Sometimes our furbabies just can't help but demand some attention or some cozy laptime, no matter what your laptop is open to. So, take this into consideration and always plan accordingly in order to keep those paws from transferring funds or purchasing an ugly sweater.


  1. You are a beautiful girl Thimble. I like the drawing of you too. And that is a good tip, I never thought of that. Joanie always ends up on the keyboard, she won't take no for an answer when she wants on my lap :) Have a nice day!

  2. Thimble, you are such a helpful and thoughtful feline. I'm surprised that humans get by without us to being order to their lives! Anyways I loves your selfies, and the portrait by your mom is spot on, well at least how I perceive things around here!
    Purrs. ERin

  3. That's a good tip, and one our mom never thought about. Now if your mom has figured out how to keep you all off the keyboard, that's the tip mom needs. Thimble you did a great job with your selfies. You do have an adorable nose. And we think today's sketch is quite adorable as well. Thanks for being a hopper. How's that new toy woking out? XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, angel Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth, Calista Jo and Cooper Murphy

  4. Thimble! You did a wonderful job with those selfies. And we know your mom appreciate your help with that desk work. :)

    Gracie tries to "help" if we use the laptop while on the couch.

  5. Those are lovely selfies, Thimble ! Purrs

  6. You are the best little office helper, Thimble. I think you'd be happy at house too...just sayin'! (Love the artwork and your mom's sketchbook too!)

  7. Thimble, you did great with your selfies. What a great helper you are.

  8. You are the cutest cat!


    YouDO have a cute nose, we agree!!

  9. You are very good at those selfies Thimble! And this is the first time we've been here and we wanted to let you know your Mom's artwork is pawsome!

    Teaghan and Tommy