Sunday, July 2, 2017

Smart Selfies and a Patriotic Pup

Today is Sunday, and we all know what that means. It's time for the Sunday Selfies blog hop, hosted by our good furiends over at The Cat on My Head!

Guess what? I, pup Astrid, get to take charge of today's post. Not that I gave my mom much of choice in the matter, though. If I want it, I get it. So, that's why I get to be the one and only star of our selfies for today. And that being said, I overheard my mom telling some stories about this past week, and with the help of my selfie, I wanted to be the one to publicly make fun of her share one of those stories with you.

See that there selfie? It has a lot to do with that story I heard my mom tell. You see, there are these things called smart phones. I think that's silly, because I can't think of any phone smarter than me, and no one goes around calling me Smart Astrid. But that's beside the point. Anyway, apparently smart phones are pretty popular these days, and pretty much everyone has one. If you ask me, pups are pretty smart, and so I think that everyone should have one of us. But, I guess that's beside the point again.

Okay, anyway, my mom never had a smart phone before. That is, until a couple of days ago. She caved, apparently, and went ahead and ordered one of those supposedly bright and clever phones. What a terrible idea. She's always walking around yelling at that thing. I can't tell if it's because the thing isn't really all that smart, or if my mom just isn't smart enough to outsmart it. I think it might be that last choice.

But, anyway, here comes my favorite part of the story. You see, my mom's previous phone was really small. I know that because it fit in my mouth really well. I put it in there once to throw it across the room, because she was ignoring me. Well, this new smart version isn't very small. That's the reason this story gets so good now. My mom used to put her old, small phone in her pocket, no problem, and take it with her everywhere. This new one, though, apparently it doesn't fit in her pocket all that well. Despite that, on the second day my mom had this oh so clever phone, she put it in her pocket, even though it had already fallen out of her pocket half a dozen times, and then she went about her business. Well, this business ultimately led her into the bathroom. And you know what happened next? That ginormous phone yet again fell out of her pocket, and right into the toilet.

BOL! Isn't that such a great story? My mom didn't seem too thrilled about it, but I sure enjoyed it!

Oh, and though I have no idea what it means, my mom says the rice trick totally works. Yeah, she put her phone in a bag with dry rice overnight. I don't like rice, and apparently neither does her new phone, because it didn't even eat any of it. But apparently the dry rice is good for something, because the next morning, that silly smart phone worked again.

Even so, I still think someone needs to protect that poor thing from my mom. I guess I will.

Step off, Mom. This silly smart thing never did anything to deserve a swirly.

Well, now that I shared my story of the day, I get to share the doodle I requested my mom scribble up. It's almost the 4th of July, and I'm feeling all shades of patriotic. So, here's the doodle I told my mom to make for me:

We hope everybuddy has a stupendous Sunday!

Our Tip of the Day:
Pups and kitties can sometimes get themselves into trouble with the things they might try to eat, as you all know. Don't forget that it's not just their own toys they might chew on and eat, and not just shoes or other items or clothing, or boxes or your homework. Some animals, some dog breeds such as Labrador retrievers being common, can have oral fixations, meaning that nearly anything and everything will go in their mouth. This being said, don't forget that even lying your cell phone aside for a short moment could be disastrous. Even a remote control lying on the coffee table could be at risk as well. You might not think that such items would be enticing, but oral fixations can drive a mouthy furbaby to try and consume just about anything. Furthermore, these items are not only choking hazards or at risk of giving your pup, or even possibly a kitty, a bowel obstruction, but they also contain potentially toxic parts and pieces. For example, the batteries in a remote control can be incredibly dangerous if ingested. Therefore, never underestimate the items certain furbabies might target for a chewing session. Especially if your furbaby has such tendencies, always make sure that any and every small or potentially dangerous item is out of reach, especially if you are away or unable to monitor the situation. As we always say, better safe than sorry!


  1. Oh, Astrid, that was such a great story. You're a terrific storyteller! We are sorry your mom's new phone fell in the toilet and got a swirly. We're also glad the rice trick worked.

  2. That was a funny story! I am glad the rice worked. I always keep a few grains in the salt pot to keep it dry.
    Ivor is the same with smart phones and forever shouting that it won't do what he wants. I bought him a JCB phone which is supposed to be indestructible but basic, not smart.

  3. Astrid that is a wonderful story and our Dad is heading to have the same problem with his kinda smart phone. Seems he has a pocket that it flops around and falls out of too MOL. We shall see if we get that same splashy trip
    Great Doodle
    Happy 4th of July
    Timmy, Dad and Family

  4. WOW! You have a phone that likes Chinese, that's brilliant.... I wonder if I can get the peep to swap ours for one that likes pizza? MOL
    Anyways, you have a most wonderful selfie this week, and I do think by the sounds of it you should look after that phone for your peep. More fun for you and less risk for the phone.
    Purrs, Erin

  5. Golden retrievers also have oral fixations. One of Dad's sister's dogs ate a spatula once. Emergency surgery followed. Astrid, we think you are adorable as an American flag and just plain adorable in your real furs as well. Thanks for hopping. XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, angel Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth, Calista Jo and Cooper Murphy

  6. You look so cute and patriotic, Astrid! And what a funny story about your mom's new phone. Another friend of mine did the same thing. When she realized what had happened she said, "The good news is I hadn't flushed yet. The bad news is I hadn't flushed yet." I don't have a smartphone yet either (mine fits nicely in my pocket though) and I'll probably have to upgrade at some point too.

  7. That is awful about the phone, I am glad the rice trick worked. My phone is dumb, it doesn't even have a camera :) You look adorable as always Astrid and I love the patriotic drawing of you too. Great tip!

  8. You look great!

    Purrs xx
    Athena and Marie

  9. We all want an Astrid phone, much smarter and cuter than the ordinairy no-phone😹 Pawkisses for a happy day🌞❤

  10. We love your patriotic puppy. How cool is that, although maybe not for real!!