Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Toesies Tuesday Suspects

We have for you today a bit of a Toesies Tuesday. It's different than our usual Toesies Tuesday, though.

Instead of cute toe beans, it's like we're sharing with you some sort of evidence. I wonder if we can match these paw prints to any of those we have in our system. We even already have a couple suspects.

Look at them all, just loitering around the scene of the crime. It's going to take a relative eternity to dust for all of those toe bean prints and run them through our system. Do you think we'll find any criminals in our search?

Have a terrific Tuesday, friends!

Our Doodle of the Day:

Guess what? My scanner is acting up again. Do you think it's time for me to get a new one? Actually, I've discovered it's not even the scanner's fault that I keep having issues. It's the fault of the computer on which I have it installed. There is an easy fix to that, since I already have a new computer on which I've been meaning to install the scanner. The problem is that sometimes that whole process confuses my less than tech savvy self, so I haven't climbed that mountain yet. Obviously, though, I'll be needing to do that very, very soon.

Anyway, since I scribble up all of my doodles with old school pen and paper, a non-functioning scanner means that my options for sharing my latest doodle are very limited. So, though I have a couple more doodles to share in my series that relates to my belief that the Harry Potter book series I have always enjoyed needs more kitty stars, I'll instead be sharing a much older doodle today.

There are a couple of memorial drawings I created over two years ago that I never shared here on my blog. I've actually been meaning to share them on here for quite some time. After all, did you guys know that there are essentially no drawings I create that I don't share with you? If I doodle it up, it pretty much always ends up here on this blog. Why am I rambling so much? 

Long story short, since my scanner is yet again not cooperating, you guys now finally get to see at least one of the memorial doodles I scribbled up over two years ago. This drawing is not really in my usual, current style of drawing. It is based on a photo, which a friend requested I draw for a woman who had just lost her beloved calico cat. In this photo, the woman was petting her cat, and I was asked to try and capture that moment in a drawing.

If I'm being totally honest, drawing in the above style brings me a tad bit of anxiety. When someone asks me to draw a memorial drawing intended to look like a particular kitty or pup, I have to step away from my more cartoon-like doodles, which are my favorite as well as my comfort zone. Truth be told, drawing in even a slightly more realistic style, like in the case of the calico kitty above, is not my preferred method of doodling. The perfectionist in me rears its ugly head when I try to tackle realism. Nevertheless, I hope this angel kitty's mom found some joy in this doodle. I hope you all did, too.

Now, excuse me while I go wage war with my technological devices in hopes of having a functioning scanner again.

Our Tip of the Day:

Our last tip related to Spay/Neuter Awareness Month is to make sure that you know and follow the proper pre-op preparation and post-op treatment for your furbaby's operation. Just as with any anesthetic event, there are some rules that will need to be heeded for your furbaby's health and safety. To begin, a cat or dog's food should be withheld well in advance to going under anesthesia. Ask your veterinarian how early to pull your kitty or pup's food, as their age can affect this. For example, adults may need their access to food cut off at 10 pm or thereabouts the night before surgery, whereas young kittens or puppies may need to be allowed access to food until the early hours of the morning of their surgery. Of course, also ask your veterinarian if there are other requirements prior to surgery.

The at-home care will continue after the surgery as well, of course, so also be sure that you follow these instructions from your veterinarian. For example, make sure you know how much and how often to give any medications that are sent home with your furbaby after surgery, which may include pain medication or antibiotics. It is also of course important to keep spayed or neutered furbabies calm and as least active as possible, so that they can recover safely and quickly. This is especially important for females, so that their abdominal sutures remain intact and their incision heals properly. If necessary, a kitten or pup can be secluded to a safe area of the house, where they can recover and heal as needed. Spaying and neutering is incredibly important, but so is the care required before and after the surgery itself.


Carry Loves Cats said...

Hmm see my first suspicion was that they looked quite dog-like and suspected Astrid. Now i'm not so sure.

Catatopia said...

Not a criminal in sight. Just several adorable kitties who can do no wrong.

Eastside Cats said...

I'm thinking you need some DNA evidence! When Angel was spayed, I slept with her each night, because I was concerned that she would hurt herself by jumping too much. This was almost 15 years ago, and she wore a cone for a week, with old-fashioned sutures. Nowadays, they use glue to seal the wound, and don't shave as much belly fur or open up as big a incision, so kitty can heal up faster. Yay!

The Swiss Cats said...

We don't think you'll find any criminals, rather cute kitties ! Purrs

World of Animals, Inc said...

There's a lot of suspects to look at. This is like an episode of CSI. It will be too hard to identify who it was. Thanks for the share. We can't wait to see who it was. Have a great Toesies Tuesday.
World of Animals

messymimi said...

Plenty of suspects, and none of them are talking — i suggest simply declaring them all too cute for their own good and dismissing the charges.

If you can’t scan a doddle, can you take a picture of it and post it, the way you post animal pics? Being that i’m a tech dunce, i often have to figure work arounds, and that one comes to mind.

One thing i know about kitties coming out of surgery is that they are ravenously hungry most of the time, and you have to watch because they will eat too much too fast.

The Island Cats said...

Looks like it could be any of those culprits! Cute drawing too...you are so talented.

Melissa, Mudpie and Angel Truffles (Mochas, Mysteries and Meows) said...

That memorial drawing is beautiful! You are so incredibly talented. And you know how we love a good mystery! Love those paw prints :)

Momma Kat and Her Bear Cat said...

So many sketchy suspects! Maybe time to ask for alibis?

pilch92 said...

I bet you can find the guilty :) That drawing came out great. Isn't your sister tech savvy? I say delegate the job to her to hook up the scanner to the new computer. Excellent tips too.

Cat and DOG Chat With Caren said...

I think your drawing is superb! You and I are total opposites. I think because my father was a cartoonist I completely went to the "other side" I always preferred drawing extremely realistically and the style you did above is MY "comfort zone", being cartoony, isn't my comfort zone. I think your drawing is wonderful and I am sure the woman cherishes it. Also, the kitties on the table was hilarious!

Lone Star Cats said...

Reasonable doubt I says!

meowmeowmans said...

Hmm, we think that's going to be a tough mystery to solve. Your drawing is fabulous! So different from your other drawing style, but equally great!