Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Woof Woof Wednesday

A couple of you have commented that you haven't seen pup Astrid enjoying her usual window view lately. Don't worry, friends. Astrid's got you covered.

See? Astrid is still a perfectly pouty puppy in the window. This is, after all, one of her favorite things to do and one of her favorite places to be. And there is plenty more where this came from. After all, that up there is just one image achieved during a recent pouty puppy photo shoot.

Astrid and all of us here hope your Wednesday is wonderful and full of window views!

Our Doodle of the Day:

Despite the fact that my scanner is back up and running again, I'm actually sharing another old doodle with you all today. Just as was the case with yesterday's doodle, today's is another memorial drawing I created over two years ago. This one was again requested by a friend, for a woman who had just lost her beloved canine companion.

Since I am my usual, rambling self, I have a bit more to say before sharing the aforementioned doodle. To begin, one reason I'm sharing another old drawing is because on Wednesdays, pup Astrid's usual day to show off her canine self, I usually try to have a doodle to share that stars at least one pup. I tend to primarily draw cats, but for Astrid's day to shine, I try to include a pup just for her. I'm just weird like that, I guess. However, I somehow let this week's doodle planning go a bit haywire, and I realized that I have no new doodles to share that star dogs. Astrid was appalled by this revelation, and she insisted I find a dog doodle to post, or else.

Another reason I'm sharing the below doodle today is because it's one that, though old, I never forget. This is because this one really, really tested me. Want to know a perhaps fun, weird, and random fact about me? One of my greatest doodling downfalls happens to be furbabies with flat faces. That's right. I can never seem to master those furbabies with short snouts. I have found a comfortable method for drawing generic cats, as well as dogs that resemble Astrid. You've probably noticed that, with the somewhat lack of variety in my doodled furbabies. When it comes to other kitties and pups, though, such as our flat-faced furry friends, I struggle real hard. I especially struggle something fierce with flat-faced dogs. That's why the below memorial drawing that was requested of me over two years ago was all shades of challenging.

I remember spending a great deal of time trying to perfect that pug pup's face. I wanted it to look just right for this angel's mom, and I practiced drawing that face over and over and over again. In the end, truth be told, this doodle actually ended up more or less being my favorite memorial drawing I've ever created. I am still most comfortable with and far prefer drawing in my usual cartoony style, but it was nonetheless a true honor to doodle this sweet angel.

Our Tip of the Day:

Among other things, February is National Pet Dental Health Care Month. So, of course we'll be giving a couple of tips on keeping those pearly whites healthy and happy. Let's start with a quick discussion on at-home care and dental disease prevention. First and foremost, of course, is the act of brushing your furbaby's teeth, which can help remove food morsels, plaque, and other debris that could lead to tartar and other dental issues. Though this is not a job that every furbaby enjoys or even allows, if they are trained to accept it and it is done correctly, brushing can help keep those teeth healthy and happy. There are pet-friendly toothpastes and other oral cleansers out there, as well as pet-friendly toothbrushes and other similar tools for cleaning those teeth. There are even products on the market that more heavily focus on helping treat gum disease, such as for those furbabies with a history of gingivitis or stomatitis. Not all dental products are created equally, though, so if you are unsure what is safest or best for your furbaby, then most certainly discuss the options with your veterinarian.

There are also other types of products on the market that can potentially help teeth remain as healthy as possible. These of course include treats and food formulated for dental health. This is something that again can be discussed with your veterinarian, as he or she will best be able to guide you to products that are the most reliable and effective.

Dental care can of course start at home, but do keep in mind that it is still possible for tartar, gingivitis or stomatitis, and other forms of dental disease to arise even with brushing and other at-home care being used. Tomorrow we'll discuss some of the symptoms you might notice if your furbaby's oral health is in need of further assistance.


Marg said...

That really is a great doodle. Well done. Astrid, we are always glad to see you. You all have a fine day.

Eastside Cats said...

Your art evolves with you! Isn't that cool?

Cat and DOG Chat With Caren said...

boy are you hard on yourself! That artwork is amazing! You handled it perfectly! Oh and Cody is our "Astrid" he is in the window as I type this.

Catscue Cat Mom said...

That is really nice work, you've captured the essence of a precious friend perfectly! Astrid, you are darling as ever today.

World of Animals, Inc said...

Happy Woof Woof Wednesday, Astrid. We hope you enjoy the wonderful day looking out your window. Our little ones love watching those little squirrels and they go crazy for them. Thanks for sharing the doodle. Very cute. Have a great day.
World of Animals

Dash Kitten Crew said...

I love the pug and I am NOT a dog person!!

Melissa, Mudpie and Angel Truffles (Mochas, Mysteries and Meows) said...

Your pug doodle is precious! And whatever makes Astrid happy is all that matters :)

messymimi said...

Astrid’s love for windows is legendary.

You did a fabulous job on that memorial drawing.

pilch92 said...

Nice to see Astrid in her favorite pose. :) I think you did a fantastic job with that drawing. Excellent tips too. Joanie recently had a dental and brushing her teeth was suggested.

Kinley Westie said...

Enjoy your window time Astrid!

And da pug drawing are pawsome.

The Swiss Cats said...

We always love to see Astrid in her favorite pose ! Purrs

Pam and Teddy said...

Astrid always looks happy to be looking out "her" window! As for the doodle drawing of the pug - it's absolutely adorable. Love the eyes and there's all kinds of personality shining through - that's the part about drawing people and animals that always seemed to escape me when I used to draw. You did a WONDERFUL job.

Hugs, Pam

The Island Cats said...

Astrid, do you like looking out the window better than actually being outside?