Friday, April 5, 2019

E is for...

Today, we'll be starting the Friday fun and games with the Friendly Fill-Ins challenge. In case you missed the fill-in statements yesterday, I'll share them again here. Ellen of 15andmeowing came up with the first two, and I came up with the second two.

1. The highlight of my week is _________.

2. Only _________ more days until _________.

3. I believe I was born to _________.

4. Age is _________.

If you're curious how I filled these in, here you go. My answers are in bold.

1. The highlight of my week is hiking through a local forest tomorrow.
(To celebrate my birthday, my family is taking me to one of my favorite local nature reserves tomorrow. It's supposed to be clear skies and 70°F, so I am beyond excited. Nature is one of my favorite places to be.)

2. Only two more days until Tonks and Winky's birthday.
(On Sunday, these two little lady cats will be turning 1! That also means their brother, Flitwick, who owns my parents, will also be turning 1. Join us on Sunday for a bit of a birthday bash!)

3. I believe I was born to be a cat mom (and dog mom).
(I've admittedly never felt the calling to be a mom to human children. Instead, I've always felt heavily drawn to cats and dogs, and I always feel that I am meant to care for the furbabies who enter my life. I will always happily do so, and I hope I do it well.)

4. Age is just a number.
(I will be entering a new decade tomorrow, and I'm kind of surprised how little that bugs me. When I was a child, the thought of aging always had me fretting. These days, I figure that number can't tell me who I am or how I feel. I think this also goes for our furbabies. Their age can certainly affect them, but I've never seen any expiration dates stamped on any cute little paw pads.)

Now it's your turn!
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Next on our list of Friday fun and games is today's installment of the A to Z Challenge.

As we've mentioned, our contributions to the A to Z Challenge this time around are a series of doodles starring my angel Rosie. In this series of doodles, Rosie is going throughout a more or less routine sort of day, doing this and that, A to Z style. So, what's Rosie doing with the letter E?

E is for...Earning a Living at the 9 to 5

Throughout this A to Z Challenge, we're also going to do our best to share furbaby photos that in some way correlate with angel Rosie's daily alphabetical adventures. We may have to make some stretches and take some liberties, and many of these will be flashback photos that fit in with that day's theme. To go along with today's A to Z topic of Earning a Living at the 9 to 5, blooper queen Eddy is here to show you some bloopers that were snapped as she worked one of her favorite jobs. And what job is that?

Eddy works as her mom's IT Department! Eddy is so skilled in IT, that on more than one occasion she has turned her mom's computer screen display sideways and upside down with a simple stomp or two on the keyboard. Isn't that wonderful and amazing and all sorts of fantastic?

Happy Friday, friends!

Our Tip of the Day:

Today's tip is to keep your furbaby in mind even when you are at work. Some kitties and pups can get lonely or bored, or can even have separation anxiety, when left alone. Sometimes there are easy fixes for this. In some cases, leaving out a shirt of yours for your furbaby to snooze on or snuggle while you are away can help. A shirt that has been worn once or twice might even be ideal, as it will smell more like you. In the case that a furbaby simply gets bored when you are away, consider the option of leaving out safe interactive toys. For example, track ball toys can help keep cats entertained, active, and happy when you are away at work. Another great option is to also play with your furbaby before you leave for work, so that they can see you off when they are happy and tired out. All of the above being said, if your cat or dog is an only pet and seems lonely or bored, whether you are home or away, then perhaps consider whether a playmate would be a reasonable option for both them and yourself.

More severe cases of separation anxiety can be trickier to remedy than simple boredom. Some cats and dogs with separation can injure themselves, or destroy parts of the home, if they become anxious after you leave the house. If you think your furbaby might have separation anxiety, such as if neighbors inform you that your cat or dog vocalizes frequently when you are gone, or if they appear anxious when you leave or arrive home, then consider discussing options with your veterinarian. In severe cases, there might be medication to help your furbaby's nerves balanced out. In cases that could lead to injury or other destructive behavior, your furbaby might do best if kept in a safe room or other safe area of the home when you leave. Cats and dogs form attachments to their humans, which can make it difficult for them when their humans leave. You know your furbaby best, so watch out for signs of loneliness, boredom, and anxiety, and find a remedy that is safe and best for your furbaby.


Yvonne said...

We have similar answers for #3 of course. The same answer for #4. Hope you have a great weekend!

Cathy Kennedy said...


Parenting human babies isn't for everyone and no one should ever be one unless that's what she wants. That being said, I'm saying take preventive measures (birth control) to avoid an unplanned pregnancy but not killing an unborn child. I don't worry about my age anymore, either. As a kid I used to think, I want to die young so I won't be old in heaven. These days, I'm thinking I don't want to die because I'm too young. lol It's funny how your perspective changes on age.

I don't earn a living per se but the upkeep of my home and various tasks earns me a good feeling that I've done a good job. :)

Join me today for a look at my A2Z The Little Mermaid art sketch 'Eric'. Happy a2zing!

Sandee said...

I especially like your answer to #4. I agree. I've got a couple of years and I'll be 70. I feel like I'm 30. I like that.

Thank you for co-hosting Friendly Fill-ins. A fun meme.

Have a fabulous day and weekend. Scritches to your furbabies. ♥

Eastside Cats said...

Happy Birthday in advance, 'cause I know I won't be online tomorrow. My birthday a couple of weeks ago is one year off from a big one, but I feel like a kid (and maybe act like one...), and don't pay much attention to the old broad in the mirror!

pilch92 said...

Great fill-ins answers. I hope you have a wonderful birthday tomorrow. How cute that your kitties have birth dates close to yours.
I had similar answers for 3 and 4. Very cute bloopers of Eddy, she never disappoints. And I love the drawing of Rosie at work. Excellent tips too.

messymimi said...

You have a very talented IT department, and i wish you many, many happy returns of your birthday!

World of Animals, Inc said...

Eddy, looks like you can be a real help for some of us out here with your IT skills. Sounds like a great birthday hiking adventure tomorrow and the weather is going to be fantastic for you. Then you have a Tonks and Winkys birthday Sunday. What great fun this weekend for you. Thanks for sharing. Have a fun time.
World of Animals

Melissa, Mudpie and Angel Truffles (Mochas, Mysteries and Meows) said...

A year old already?!?!?! How is that even possible? And I guarantee in 10 years that new decade will bother you a lot more than this one does LOL

Elizabeth said...

Great answers....I agree with #4.

Thanks for sharing and hosting.

Cathy Keisha said...

Nice answers! Happy Birthday to you and the kittens.

You beat me to the separation anxiety stuff. We recently got a new neighbor who was here less than 2 weeks before they left their cat all alone for about 3 weeks. The cat vocalized night and day to the point that TW was as stressed as the cat. She hated leaving our apartment cos she couldn't rescue the little cat she heard crying. After trying to contact the woman and/or talk with the woman who came to feed the cat, she finally reached out to the property manager and finally the meowing stopped. She tried playing with the cat under the door and wanted to give them some Jackson Galaxy Separation Anxiety Spirit Essences.

Pam and Teddy said...

I love your fill-in answers and want to wish you a SUPER BIRTHDAY celebration. Age in NUMBERS is irrelevant - age in ATTITUDE is everything. I truly never thought I'd reach my 70th year and here I am beyond that and still ticking because I love life. I never let go of that magical feeling I get waking up for another day. I believe you are the same! YES you are a great cat/dog Mom as your crew would happily attest to if asked. Hope you have a great time on your walk through the woods. The best way to appreciate Mom Nature is to walk through her "home" - the great outdoors.

Love, Pam

Athena Cat Goddess Wise Kitty said...

My mum was definitely born to be a cat mum and not a human mum!

The Swiss Cats said...

Great answers ! Purrs