Friday, April 12, 2019

K is for...

Let's start this fun and fantastic Friday with the Friendly Fill-Ins challenge, shall we? In case you missed the fill-in statements yesterday, I'll share them again here. Ellen of 15andmeowing came up with the first two, and I came up with the second two.

1. I used to be able to _________, but I no longer can.

2. I just can't seem to _________.

3. I'm notorious for _________.

4. There's no use crying over _________.

If you'd like to know my answers, feel free to read on. My answers are in bold.

1. I used to be able to speak Spanish close to fluently, but I no longer can.
(I took six years of Spanish throughout middle school and high school, and I really enjoyed learning, speaking, writing, and reading Spanish. By the time I graduated high school, I was certainly not a native speaker, but I could do well enough. I intended to continue practicing and speaking Spanish after I graduated, but I sort of let that go by the wayside over the years. I've lost a lot of my Spanish-speaking skills, and I'm not happy with myself for that.)

2. I just can't seem to find a food that Tonks considers worthy.
(My little lady cat Tonks always loved any and every kitten food I fed her when, you know, she was a kitten. When I took her off of kitten food, as she is now 1 year old, she decided she is not much of a fan of adult cat food. With five other cats in the house, multiple of whom need to watch their weight, it's not all that feasible to put out kitten food. Tonks has thus far refused all adult dry foods I have tried for her. I do have far better luck finding canned foods she will eat, but I have to rotate through a large variety of them on a daily basis lest she refuse to eat a food that she just ate the day before. I finally have a decently long list of foods to rotate through in order to keep her hungry tummy happy, but this girl is giving me a run for my money.)

3. I'm notorious for misplacing things.
(Yes, I am indeed one of those who often can't find my keys, my cellphone, the TV remote, and all that jazz.)

4. There's no use crying over others' opinions.
(I once heard a saying that has always stuck with me, and it goes, "What others think of you is none of your business." I think that's a great way of putting it. Just be yourself, and don't worry what others think.)

Now it's your turn!
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Next on our list of Friday fun and games is today's installment of the A to Z Challenge.

As we've mentioned, our contributions to the A to Z Challenge this time around are a series of doodles starring my angel Rosie. In this series of doodles, Rosie is going throughout a more or less routine sort of day, doing this and that, A to Z style. So, what's Rosie doing with the letter K?

K is for...Kitchen Cleanup

Throughout this A to Z Challenge, we're also going to do our best to share furbaby photos that in some way correlate with angel Rosie's daily alphabetical adventures. We may have to make some stretches and take some liberties, and many of these will be flashback photos that fit in with that day's theme. To go along with today's A to Z topic of Kitchen Cleanup, Tonks is is showing off a napping spot she once found in the kitchen.

This is a little something we call Tonks in a pot. Do you remember when we shared this image the first time? It was right around Christmas, because nothing is more festive than calico stew.

Happy Friday, friends!

Our Tip of the Day:

Today's tip is yet again another one relating not only to our A to Z Challenge, but also to keeping your kitty or pup safe around the home. If you are cleaning dishes and have a sink full of water, be aware of your kitty or pup's proximity. If a cat is notorious for jumping on the counter or playing in the sink, for example, make sure they are monitored and safe when around a large amount of water and dishes. This is important to prevent drowning, of course, but also in the case that the water is hot, or if it contains anything else dangerous, such as certain soaps or detergents, toxic food debris on dirty dishes, or even items such as knives that are waiting to be cleaned. Similarly, keep your kitty or pup's safety in mind around the dishwasher. Just as when it comes to cleaning dishes in the sink, use of the dishwasher can include dangerous detergents, as well as potentially toxic food particles or dangerous items such as knives. Also ensure that your cat or small dog has not found their way into the dishwasher before closing or running it. Simply put, always be aware of your kitty or pup's safety in all areas of the home.


Elizabeth said...

Same here for Spanish....I can listen and understand if it is spoken slowly. :)

Have a great weekend.

Yvonne said...

Great answers for your fill ins - especially #4. I have to try and remember that. Have a great weekend!

Lola The Rescued Cat said...

Our mom used to speak Spanish, too. Now she's terrible at it.

Athena Cat Goddess Wise Kitty said...

Definitely agree with #4!

Purrs xx
Athena and Marie

pilch92 said...

Great fill-in answers. I took French despite my mom recommending that I learn Spanish and I have always regretted it.I can't picture you losing your keys, remote, etc as you seem so organized. I need to work on #4, I worry to much about what others think. I love the drawing and the photo of Tonks in a pot, too cute. That is funny that Tonks is picky now, I guess the others rubbed off on her. Great tips too. Reminded me of the time I had the water can almost full, but not quite and a poor chipmunk drowned in it. :( Have a wonderful weekend. XO

messymimi said...

Such great answers, my Sweetie is like you, he loses everything. It always turns up, though.

Melissa, Mudpie and Angel Truffles (Mochas, Mysteries and Meows) said...

Tonks, you sound as fussy as Mudpie! And I would love a bowl of calico stew :)

Cathy Keisha said...

If you lived around here, you'd still have mad Spanish skills cos you need to speak Spanish to shop in any of the bodegas. TW took 4 years of Spanish and graduated knowing "Baile usted la rumba?" HAH! She doesn't know much more now but somehow gets her message across.

Eastside Cats said...

The kitten-in-the-pot photo is priceless!

The Island Cats said...

The mom spoke Spanish pretty well too...she took 2 years in high school and 2 years in college. But now?? Not anymore. We hope Tonks didn’t become stew! :)

Dash Kitten Crew said...

I learned German and Dutch when I was 8/9 I can still understand a lot of it but not speak it.

Suzanne McClendon said...

The only thing I'm fluent in is confusion. :) I am also good at losing things. It is a good thing that our daughter is great at finding things.

Calico stew! That is hilarious. haha

Your kitchen cleanup doodle is wonderful. I love it!

Have a blessed day.