Monday, January 25, 2016

Mancat Monday: Pretty in Pink

I think I mentioned quite a while back how I got a pretty pink cat bed with my girl Thimble in mind. The truth, however, is that Thimble hardly even touches the bed. That doesn't mean it doesn't get used, though. Why's that? Because my boy Evan loves the pink bed!
 Evan sure is pretty in pink, and he knows it.
Have a great Monday, everybuddy!

Our Tip of the Day:
Sufficient water intake is very important in a cat's diet. In the wild, cats are carnivores, which means their diet of animal meat is heavily consistent of water. That's why, especially when fed primarily dry diets, our kitties may be prone to urinary tract health issues, especially those lumped into what's called FLUTD (feline lower urinary tract disease). Because of their particular urinary tract anatomy, male cats are especially prone to urinary blockages. Therefore, it's in large part for the purpose of promoting urinary tract health that sufficient moisture in their diet is very beneficial to cats. So, be sure that your kitty always has a bowl of fresh water. What's more, moist food is a great addition to a cat's diet (of course food portions and kitty's weight should always be monitored).


  1. Mes always says that real mancats love pink! And orange and pink look so nice together.

  2. You look great in that nice Pink Bed Evan! Real Man-Cats can wear or sleep in Pink! Fur Sure. Carmine you have that right. We are a trifecta of Orange Fellows

  3. Real mancats like pink! This one really shows off your cute pink nose, Evan! Too cute!

  4. Real mancats love pink ! Purrs, Zorro

  5. The pink compliments his orange fur! The pink and orange combination make me think of a tropical island and wouldn't that be nice right about now!

  6. Evan looks so happy in the pink bed.

  7. Evan, that bed looks so comfy! You're comfortable in your manhood that you can enjoy pink. You know, looking at you in the bed, orange goes really well with pink! You are so adorable, especially in that top pic.

  8. What a cutey Evan is in dat bed. We never had pet beds. Mommy had one a long time ago and never had a kitty use it. we sleep in da big bed wiff her so she saw no need fur one. Then one of our awnties got us one fur Christmas and me luvs da pet bed. Not at bedtime, but me likes it other times. Gweat tip by da way. Have a pawsum day.

    Luv ya'

    Dezi and Lexi

  9. Evan is obviously secure in his mancat-liness! And that bed sure does look comfy and cozy!

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