Sunday, December 4, 2016

Sunny Selfies and Santa Paws

Thimble decided that she hasn't snapped enough model shots lately, so she asked to be the star of our post for today's Sunday Selfie blog hop, hosted by our Kitties Blue pals over at The Cat on My Head.

It's not like I can say no to Thimble, so of course I let her snap away with those selfies.

Hmm. There's something just a tad bit glaring and blinding about that one. And, my goodness, what is that pumpkin decoration doing back there on the door? It's Christmastime, for goodness sake! Thimble says this certainly calls for a redo.

There, how's that? Thimble hopes that's up close and personal enough for you.

Of course, Thimble also asked that today's art be largely inspired by her. Given that this human is still in a bit of an ornament-making phase, I hoped this would meet Thimble's standards.

This tabby of a Santa Paws sure looks excited, just about as excited as the kitties around here. You see, today we're in the process of making the final touches to our Secret Paws package, so that it can head out on its way to its new home tomorrow. And for the kitties around here, wrapping gifts ranks right up there with harassing the Christmas tree, so we're having lots of fun!

A happy and festive Sunday to all of our furiends!

EDIT: It is with a heavy heart that we learned that one of the Kitties Blue, dear Fiona, gained her angel wings. Please do visit Fiona's mom and dad and brofurs and sisfurs over at the Sunday Selfie blog hop, and offer them your condolences and fond memories of beautiful Fiona. Fly high, sweet Fiona.

Our Tip of the Day:
This tip may be a bit different than our usual one, but we just wanted to remind everybuddy to be sure to get all of their Christmas packages and cards to the post office before the last-minute holiday craziness ensues! The postal system can become a bit chaotic this time of year, with people exchanging well wishes and gifts all over the world. So, in order to make sure that your furry furiends and two-legged friends receive all their cards and gifts on time, be sure to mail them out as soon as possible. If you're participating in this year's Secret Paws gift exchange, or even if you're not, our furiends over at Sweet Purrfections organized a page with important shipping information, which gives great advice on when to ship out the goods in order for delivery by Christmas.


  1. Thimble, you take great selfies. That second one is a winner. :)

    We are just waking up and heard the news about Fiona. We are so very sad. Too many of our furiends have left us this week. *tears*

  2. Thimble, that's a lovely selfie even with the pumpkin in the background. That made me giggle. We have finally taken our Halloween decorations down. My human assistant is so slow!

    Hope you entered our special giveaway for kitties. It ends at midnight tonight.

  3. That's a beautiful close-up of your, Thimble. That Santa Paws is adorable!

  4. Thimble, you sure are skilled at this selfie thing. We are so sad about Fiona going to the Bridge. It's been a really rough week in our blogging community...

  5. That's a stunning closeup selfie, Thimble! Resting up for the days events? ;)

  6. I like cats. You look fantastic with sunbeams.

  7. Your selfie is beautiful, Thimble.

  8. Hi Thimble, you look so hugable in your selfie this week, but also so very at ease, so I think you deserve to just enjoy the sun. purrs ERin Ps love the YOU inspired artwork, would make great tree decorations too! purrs

  9. Beautiful little selfie, Thimble. And I love that ornament! Something tells me you should watch the mail carefully, as there may be something coming your way soooooon!

    Jean from Welcome to the Menagerie

  10. Great selfies Thimble. I like the way the first one came out. I love the art too.. This has been a sad week.

  11. I love your ornament!

    Thimble takes excellent selfies.

  12. Thimble is so lovely we can't help but fall in love with her :-)

  13. OMC! I love the Thimble ornament. Don't worry. TW will save her trip to the post office to the last week. We just ordered the cards and the stuff we ordered a week ago for Secret Paws hasn't come yet.