Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Toby's turn with Santa!

We mentioned yesterday that, since our Secret Santa Paws (Jean and her fantastic furbabies!) sent us so many fantastic goodies, The furbabies here are going to use this entire festive week to show it all off. Each furbaby wants a turn, and today the turn is Toby's.

Toby, for those who might not know or remember, is our housemate. He is the kitty master of this human's sister, but also happens to be Thimble's biological brother. Let's just suffice it to say that our family tree has a lot of branches. That aside, though, our Santa Paws certainly didn't forget our house bro Toby in their gift to us!

And what was inside that bag of goodies!

If you can tell in the midst of that mess we made, Toby got him some sparkly crinkle balls! Toby tends to love anything that is bright and shiny, and anything that is, well, a ball. So these are purrfect, Santa Paws! Thank you bunches!

In between bouts of play with his crinkle balls, Toby also helped the rest of the crew here test out the oodles of other goodies.

But, Toby's going to stay mum about what all else he helped test out. After all, Astrid, Thimble, and Eddy all still have plenty of goodies to show you this week. So, the festivities will continue tomorrow!

Before we head out, though, here's today's art:

The only explanation I can offer for this doodle is that I wanted to draw something inspired by Toby. Since Toby is a black little mancat who also happens to be a grabby kitty and a thief of items like socks, the above is what came about.

We hope everybuddy is having a very merry week!

Our Tip of the Day:
Despite common belief, cats and dogs are not truly color blind. Research has shown that, although they certainly see the world differently than us humans, both cats and dogs can see at least some colors. That being said, some cats and dogs might show an awareness of or even a preference to the color of certain objects. This is perhaps something to keep in the back of your mind, since this could potentially affect certain furbabies' daily habits. For example, some cats or dogs might show a preference to bowl coloration, such as if they dislike drinking out of a bowl that is dark in color, or eating out of one that is bright or shiny. There are also those animals that might show a preference to the color of certain toys. So, always remember that, like us, our furbabies can be unique in their preferences, and this may very well include coloration.


  1. Oh Toby, good choice on the sparkly ball. Those treats look good too. Get those stockings Toby. We know you can. Have a Merry day.

  2. You got lots of different goodies in your parcel Toby and bet you are enjoying yourself making sure you got something good to play with and have fun.

  3. That is so sweet that Toby got a gift too, he does seem pleased with those sparkly balls. I love the drawing, very cute. My Lucy used to love red toy micem she is the only one that seemed to have a preference.

  4. Dat's so sweet. Glad you enjoyed your shiny crinkle balls Toby. Big hugs

    Luv ya'

    Dezi and Raena

  5. Toby looks happy! I always forget that cats see colors differently ... I've read from a couple sources that cats see blue and yellow best ... yet I always forget to take that into account when I buy Bear toys.

  6. I am in love with today's drawing! Not only the artwork but the whimsical idea of kitty trying to reach for the stockings!!

  7. That crinkle ball looks like a lot of fun ! Purrs

  8. Those sparkly balls are lots of fun, Toby.

  9. I love your little stockings, Toby! And those sparkle balls look like loads of fun! I have one or two of those around here...somewhere!!! MOL --Mudpie

  10. Yay! You had noted on your worksheet that purple was a favorite color, so I dug through the toys in our local shop and cleaned them out of everything purple. I'm glad it worked!

    Jean from Welcome to the Menagerie

  11. How nice that Toby got the purrfect present!

  12. Toby, you got just the right gift. How cool is that? :)

    And we love the drawing -- luckily, we don't have any grabby kitties here (most of the time, anyway).


  13. Oh, Toby, those crinkly balls are so fun! My kitties like them too. I don't think I've met you, so it's very nice to meet you now!

  14. ummm...who is Toby? He doesn't show up in your header. Is he a foster?

    1. Hello! Lorianne (the human of a mom) here! Toby is my sister's cat, and they currently live with us. Although he is not technically part of my own crew, Toby loves to be involved and makes the occasional appearance in posts. That can certainly get a bit confusing at times, but we love him!

      A very merry Christmas to all of you!

  15. Toby you really have a nice haul buddy