Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Toesies Tuesday

I'm always a happy camper when my furbabies allow me to snap some toesies shots. This week, it was Thimble and her brother Toby who made me very happy with these shots:

Did any of our furiends take toesies shots this week? We sure love us some furry toesies around here!

Happy Tuesday to all!

Our Tip of the Day:
Please always keep in mind that declawing a cat is not just a removal of the claw, but also a removal of part of the actual toe itself. This means that, since it is missing part of the digit of each declawed toe, a declawed cat has to learn to walk in a manner at least slightly different than cats that are not declawed. Declawing and the resulting altered method of ambulation can lead to pain, which could potentially lead to aversion to using litter and other such issues in life. What's more, the affected cat may very likely develop significant arthritis later in life. If debating whether or not to declaw a cat, please keep these effects of declawing in mind, as they will affect the cat for the entirety of its life.


  1. Thimble,we love that look on your face, like there are my good looking toes. Toby, your toys sure are good looking too. Well done you two. You all have a great day.

  2. It is so funny that your Thimble looks like my Lucy and Toby looks like Hannah! Just hope I've got their names their pictures the right way round!

  3. Those are such cute toesies. I think declawing should be illegal everywhere. If someone wants to declaw a cat then they shouldn't have a cat.
    I know someone who adopted 2 cats that had their tendons cut so the could scratch which is supposed to be less invasive than the declawing, but I think anything like that is awful.

  4. Those are some very cute toesies.

  5. Adorable! Seriously, what's cuter than kitty toesies? :)

  6. grate toez shotz thimble & toby !!! happee wednesday two ewe all ♥♥♥