Saturday, June 17, 2017

Caturday in the Library

The only thing better than the weekend are the fun blog hops that it brings with it. Today, of course, we have the Caturday Art blog hop, hosted by lovely Athena.

There isn't a whole lot of explanation for the piece we're sharing today. Really, we just hadn't drawn anything bookish in a while. And since we quite enjoying creating a bookish piece here and there, that's what we went for today.

We are wishing everybuddy a beautiful Caturday! And hey, if it's hot outside, what a perfect day to stay inside and read a good book.

Our Tip of the Day:
Don't forget that, especially if you're running low on space, you can give your kitty a special place to snooze by using shelves you already have. Leaving a bit of space on one or two shelves of a bookcase, for example, can allow a kitty to use their instinct of utilizing vertical space and resting up high, all while saving floor space. As long as the shelf is deep enough and safe, you can even put a favorite blanket or kitty bed on the it for your kitty's comfort. If you use this method, though, always be sure to take into consideration your cat's size as well as their typical behavior. For example, if your cat is large, be sure to leave them enough room so that they can feel comfortable and so that neither they nor other items on the shelf fall. And, if your cat is known to bat at items, ensure that nothing fragile or dangerous is kept on the shelf for their enjoyment. And if your kitty is a chewer, again, don't leave any sentimental or potentially hazardous items near any shelf space reserved for the kitty. All in all, remember that, even if you're low on floor space, there are still easy ways to allow the feline in your life to climb and snooze up high.


  1. Nothing better than a good book. Great drawing. Sure looks like those two are enjoying their books. Have a fine day.

  2. That drawing is adorable, every library should have a framed copy of it. Excellent tips to create kitty space. I never thought about vertical space until Jackson Galaxy came along. Have a great day!

  3. We love your artwork! And yes, when it's oppressively hot outside, ebing inside with a good book and our furkids is the best. :)

  4. How lovely!

    Purrs xx
    Athena and Marie

  5. Nothing goes together like books and cats. So cute!

  6. Lookit those cute pink toesies! Cute art.

  7. Can I just say how much I love your library/bookish posts? Gee, I wonder why? This is SO sweet!!!

  8. That is such a cute picture of kitties in the library.
    Yael from