Saturday, June 24, 2017

Cupcakes on Caturday

Who doesn't love Caturday? This lovely day not only means the weekend is just beginning, but is also the day of Athena's Caturday Art blog hop.

Now, we have found out that this week, Athena is unable to host the Caturday Art blog hop like she typically does. We were still up for some artsy fartsy fun, though, and so we still created a bit of a doodle.

EDIT: Never mind! The Caturday Art blog hop is up and going, so be sure to visit Athena and join in!

We've had cupcakes on the mind lately, it would seem. So, feel free to grab one and enjoy!

Happy Caturday!

Our Tip of the Day:
How about a bit of a fun tip today? Some restaurants, and other business, actually offer special treats for the furbabies in your life, so perhaps look into where in your area you might find such places. Dairy Queen, for example, will prepare a "pup cup" for you if you ask, which is a small cup of ice cream for that puppy in your life to enjoy. Then again, there are certainly some kitties out there who might enjoy a little lick of ice cream as well. This "pup cup" is typically free of charge. In many areas, there are other businesses that will also serve treats to dogs and perhaps even cats who are accompanying their humans. For examples, many banks will send a treat out for a pup waiting in the car with their human in a pull-up lane. And then there are stores into which your furbaby is even allowed to go with you, including pet stores, of course, as well a variety of home and farm stores, or some hardware stores. So, if you're interested in treating your pup or kitty, or taking them on an outing with you, do some research into pet-friendly locales in your area. Of course, though, only allow ice cream and other treats for those furbabies who can tolerate them, and only take a furbaby out on the town if it is reasonable and safe to do so.


  1. Those cupcakes sure do look yummy. We will take one. Thank you so much. Have a fantastic day.

  2. Oh yes! Those cupcakes look delish alright - pass one over please??

    Hugs, Teddy

  3. Very cute drawing, I am sure those are no calorie cupcakes :)
    I have seen lots of goodies for dogs at drive-up windows at banks, but never for cats. There are treats for both on the counter at the vets.

  4. Those cupcakes sure do look tasty. Such an adorable drawing, too. :)

    We hope all is well with Athena and her mum. We'll go and check on them now!

  5. Those cupcakes look so yummy. My kitties think so, too.
    Yael from

  6. Do those cupcakes have nip in them? ;)

  7. Hope Athena is all right - and Hicks too. Is the street construction still going on ?

  8. Yummy cupcakes. They remind me of the latest kitty to join Sometimes Cats Herd You!

  9. Love your art as always!

    We are sorry for the panic we caused over our Caturday Art earlier. We are back up and running now. Mum has sorted her computer out!

    Purrs xx
    Athena and Marie

  10. We can't resist a cupcake topped with sprinkles!